That’s one way to sell your product (30 Photos)

  • b-ry

    Durex ads are genius

    • Dude

      #11 Now the rest of you know what its like to be me! ; )

      • Jen

        i just now got that.

        • andy

          fucking stupid shit…never by their shitvomit

          • big daddy

            Little B=>

  • Christine Gorayeb

    #29 i LOL'd xD

    • Rug

      It's like the quote from the baby (spoken by Bruce Lewis) in Look Who's Talking … "lunch!"

  • lemurfart

    #8 this one made me lol when i figured it out

    • R-Dub

      I dont understand. Do they mean anal?

      • back door


      • absolutcarcrazy

        You must be "the catcher"

    • ellenD

      At first i was like =/
      And then I was like o.0
      Then I was all 😮
      Then I was was like xD

      • Special_k


        B=> )*(

  • evan

    #30 love

    • evan

      also first

      • FLHomesteader

        Wait, did you post… then reply to yourself that you were first?

        That's a pretty hard fail.

        • hatefirsters

          As if wrestling couldn't be more gay

  • @KayTeeBee276

    #8 is freaking hilarious

    • Z_b

      pretty much all of them are!

  • trey

    #10 brilliant

    • Ben Muirhead

      OHHH, how she's holding the umbrella, just got it 😀

      • the elusive

        damn, thanks for that… just wasn't sinking in.

  • CarTuned

    #22 Made me laugh

    • maxis

      this was originally a Burger King ad. It said real big burgers and had BK logo at bottom right

  • Terry Burke

    #15 that's one way to test it

  • medtxpack


    i make a Marty McFly joke and the internet turns on me! then a few weeks later, Chive posts a shot like this….dont even know what to think now….

    • Ezee

      Funniest ad ever.

    • Buford_Justice

      I lol'd the most at this one,

    • downfall616

      he had to have signed off on this. so, he's got to have a sense of humor about his situation.

    • Sadly

      Maybe its just you then?

    • Nicnac

      Notice all the scolding posts about this picture? And how many thumbs up they have received? People mostly think this is in terrible taste but what does TheChive care as long as it elicits clicks and comments?

    • dubs

      Maybe you should think less about what "the internet" thinks of you and go outside every once in a while

  • Bryan_W

    #6 is awesome
    #16 thats just wrong
    #23 the only one I dont really get

    • Mr_Rob

      Taking a picture with a "wide angle" fish eye. He gets the girls in frame without they knowing…

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      #23: "Wide Angle Lens" = he's taking a photo of the girls.

    • koelkastmagneet

      Wide angle lenses.

    • sniggi

      it's advertising a wide angle lens. he's able to appear to be taking a picture of the pigeons but also get the cleavage in the shot

      • specv44

        Exactly! So why was my comment thumbed down? 😦

        • sniggi

          probably because "FIND HER" demands are usually saved for better looking girls than those two, or at least girls that we're better able to assess. You can't really tell much about these two. Not to mention they'd be incredibly difficult to identify.

          Unless you were referring to the pigeons, in which case, I don't know what to say.

        • really

          Better question: Why the fuck do you care?

    • Bryan_W

      Thanks guys. Yeah it's kind of obvious now haha

    • Mo'Phat

      #23 – Wide angle lens advert. He's getting the girls in the shot, too.

    • b-ry

      has anyone said it's because he's shooting with a wide angle lens, and therefore capturing the girls yet?

    • Obviously Right

      The pigeons are actually shape shifting sluts, and his wide angle camera reveals their true identity.

      • Jen

        its a wide angle lens. DUH!

  • specv44

    #23 Find them!

    • Ben Muirhead

      I dont get this one…

  • Pat Overton

    I see ads sometimes and wonder if there are any clever people in that business. Then I see posts like this. The answer is a resounding "yes"! #21 – Like.

  • absolutcarcrazy

    All of the Durex ads are great.

  • drewdeze

    #15 had me crying laughing, thats what we call 4much

  • Carlos Garcia

    #13 just awesome..

    • the elusive

      yep, had a true LoL with this one.

  • Bud Ugly

    Not sure why, but Mr. Clean made me laugh. #6
    #16 – Hehe, image stabilization… cute.

    • the elusive

      because, 6 is clever

      the more I think about 16 though, the harder I laugh…

  • Hich


    The sand looks just horribly, horribly painful.

    • Master_Rahl

      imagine walking over concrete… ouch road rash anyone? gotta admit, the knocked down hurdles are funny.

    • Bud Lee

      You get use to it …

      • Pat Overton

        Damn you! I leave for an hour and lose the best reply opportunity of the day. Well done sir! B)

        • No Worries

          Even if you were here an hour ago, i still don't think he was going to show you his dick.

        • poboy

          you look at the Chive comment section 23 hours a day? Why don't you shut the computer off and go outside for a few minutes…….there's some pretty cool stuff out there.

    • Average to Less than

      My first thought too. Thank GOD for my narrow 5 inch penis.

      • Paula


        Hugs, Paula
        The one who's a cu**

    • KalEl24

      Sand is not a lubricant…

      • Vagina Jones

        But on Meth it is…. Meth: Not even once.

  • dalexmu

    #13 so true

  • Raph

    #7, why i'll never go swimming with dolphins or anything that can eat me

    • Yeah

      Because everyone knows how many people dolphins eat every year

  • caleb

    #16 Poor taste, dick move.

    • newscot

      For all we know, Michael J Fox is being paid for his endorsement.

      • newscot

        And I just looked it up…. He didn't endorse it, and neither did Canon.

    • hMMMM

      Can't believe he agreed to that…

      • Ha.Ha.

        they probably thought he was nodding yes….ZING!

        • too much?

          permanent bobble head….zing!

    • max

      He accepted doing this add, he knows what he has, he makes fun of himself a lot of times and he got a ton of money doing this, so…he is a genius

      • Coldzilla


        " June 09 2011
        Advertising & Branding
        81 490 Share 4

        Topics: Award Shows

        (Note: The ad above was not approved by Canon.) The Chip Shop Awards are advertising's free-for-all award show. The work doesn't need to have run—in fact, the agencies don't even need to represent the clients they're advertising. It's basically one big piss-take. Here are two of the "winners" from yesterday's show in London—the Canon ad above with Michael J. Fox promoting a camera's image stabilization (best use of bad taste),"

    • Master_Rahl

      it's called satire – have a sense of humor fer cryin' out loud. Plus, we all know MJF is a good sport and is more than willing to get a laugh.

      • Dark

        Sometimes he can't even stop laughing.

    • Hows the dick taste?

      Are you talking about the picture or your mouth?


    Durex ads are awesome!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #16 Wow, that's kinda sad. Michael J. Fox rocks!

  • saltygary

    #16 that's f'd up.

    • the elusive

      yet, funny.

  • Bob

    #16…I don't know how I feel about this one, but it is deffinitely funny.
    #17…It took me a solid minute to get this one, and when I did, I fell in love with this girl.
    #23…What is the point of this??
    As for the rest, I don't get the durex ones. Are they advertising big condoms, or big cocks, or are they implying that somehow the condoms make your dick bigger??

    • Plunker

      The Durex ads are trying to position their XXL condoms and the go to rubber for dudes with really large penises. Maybe guys will buy them to imply they have a huge cock. Maybe chicks will think "Oh my, he buys XXL condoms, he must be huge!"
      Me? I buy XXXL condoms. They're 4 feet long and have a 2 foot diameter. Now if I can only find something to do with them.

      • b-ry

        they'd be great for capturing midgets…

        • the elusive

          I sure wish I could 'thumbs up' more than once on that comment sir.

          • DaddyD

            Me too. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.

            • b-ry

              i was in tears typing it…picturing a midget in an XXXL condom thrown over my shoulder.

              • William Richardson


        • hug me paula!

          best comment ever!

      • The Guy

        Im sure the girl in #17 would be a good fit..

  • bull1123

    anybody else think #16 is kinda jacked up?

    • ????

      considering that he had to approve the ad i think it is awesome!

      • Charles

        I'm thinking way too many people on here are overly sensitive little girly men. other than that no. not really.

    • faemaochasiubao

      Not at all! Michael J. Fox has a sense of humor about his condition, why shouldn't we laugh?

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