That’s one way to sell your product (30 Photos)

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  • addams013

    For everybody asking: it doesn't help that the thing being advertised is often squeezed into the corner.

    #9 is an ad for Wonderbra. How do you suppose the dog is staying dry?

    #10 is an ad for Wonderbra. How do you suppose the woman with her hands full is holding the umbrella?

    #17 is an ad for lubricant. Where do you suppose that post went?

    #23 is an ad for a *wide-angle photographic lens*. You don't think that photographer is *really* taking a picture of that bird, do you?

  • Brent Verwymeren

    #16 is just tasteless

  • KalEl24

    #11 sand is not a lubricant… but #17 is…

    • Djack80

      you missed the joke…..his dick is dragging in the sand……his dick knocked over the hurdles……and then the sick one…. she is sitting on the tieoff…takes a lot of lube to do that

      • KalEl24

        what made you think I missed that? I'm just saying, I know, from experience, that sand is not a lubricant. I also know that 17 is.

  • Kyle Shubert

    #16 Finally! Been needing some of these for a while now.

    • Kyle Shubert

      Well fuck, read the 6 as a 9 😦
      Meant #19

  • CaracasChiver

    Durex ads…. Freakin´ Brilliant!!! LMAO so much…

    #16 That´s one cruel, f´d up ad in my opinion

  • NicoleBree

    #5 Haha.. I used to walk by this all the time. And some of these ads are truly genius.

  • whatever

    The vast majority of these ads are not real. They're either student ads or spec work – done without the companies actually knowing and not intended to ever run. Still – funny.

  • SPC Oldboy

    #4 St Peter's College in Auckland, NZ is the school in the background. AWESOME to see my old high school on The Chive!

  • Canadian

    Lost a huge amount of respect for you chive… you should be ashamed #16

    • KalEl24

      why? I'm sure Fox is not.

      • Canadian

        He's not ashamed of himself no.. but anyone making fun of someone of his stature who has an incurable genetic disease should be

        • KalEl24

          what I'm saying, is that he not only gave permission… but sat down at a photo shoot and got paid…

  • zoo

    #12 just a pair of saggy balls

  • GreyGhost9

    #22 thats the reason i buy them

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  • Citizen_Pa1n

    #8 Take the dirt road home. Sponsored by durex,

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  • Jessica Eaves

    I don't care how good that lube is, that should just not happen x)

  • samas

    i don't get #9

  • El Burro Blanco

    #16 Can we just let people get a joke??? Nothing else got spelled out.

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