Wendy Fiore and her gorgeous smile (26 photos)

Answers: Yes, they are real. 32 J.

  • macrda


  • Dick LeGrande

    She got some big ass titties #9…I'll give her that!

  • T.Dot

    #1 #2 #5 #8 #11 – Beautiful either way but she looks better in the non-modeling pics.

  • EJK

    yeah… smile… that's exactly what I was looking at.

  • mr. me

    I didn’t see any smiles in any of those pics all I saw was boooooobiessss

  • jaydub

    yes theyre real…real big…no such thing as too small when youre a tit man…you less than a d-cup fans just need a cup of shut the hell up

  • hiol

    That make me puke.
    Nice face though.

  • Milk Man

    fake boobs suck, and i refuse to adopt them. this is a wastoid post frat boy. #17

    • Tarkus

      Not much of a Milk Man (if you can't even recognize real bewbage when you see them).

  • Atavachron217

    438 thumbs up (and counting) for the guy who said they're way too big…I did not know that the CHIVE had such a large gay following. Good for you.

  • Damian

    She's 1 of 3 a triplet

  • Steven

    Smile? she was smiling?

  • its_forge

    Again, giant (ugly) breasts do not make up for the fact you have a face like a (male) Brooklyn cabbie. I prefer women who look like women and not cartoons of women.

  • MWK II

    This looks like a challenge. I think I'll accept it.

  • 100window

    I wish I had more hands… so I could give those tittes 4 thumbs down! aahahah naww i'm just playin though.

  • andrew

    what smile?

  • Woody1

    Way too big for my liking, if she got them down-sized she'd be hot.

  • fernando gorresen

    the chive está cada vez melhor , no que concerne as mulheres, cada vez mais bonitas e menos vestidas.parabens. cotinuem melhorando.

  • AnnaR86

    #11 #15 #22 #25
    I'd hate to spoil the fantasy but if those were natural I think they would touch each other, especially when pushed together by a bikini…hers don't.

    Anyway, if they are real good for her but if they aren't she should get smaller ones, she's beautiful enough not to need a distraction from her face.

  • BonerPatrol

    She needs to x-fer some of that rack to her ass, cause apparently she wasn't born with one ….. –> http://twitgoo.com/2jcyhc

  • guest

    She does have an enchanting smile. But there's also something else about her I find awesome. Just can't put my finger on it…

  • snocone90

    ever heard the phrase more than a handful is a waste?

  • Dazza

    Believe it or not, too big for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Eder.Paz Eder St Cool


  • Alister

    gotta be honest, didn't see the smile till i went over the pics for like, the 20th time…

  • http://www.fvisajobs.com toobigithurts

    WOW what a great rack- opps I mean smile.

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