Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • jon

    #14 so hot

  • Wayne

    #41!! Moarrrr!!

    • jon


    • Bryan_W


  • El Jefe

    I will trade places with the bear # 45, and we NEED MOAR of # 41 NOW or we will die! Chive on

  • George

    #14 – Nice Grouping.

    P.S : I love you.

  • Chivoso

    Scientific fact: #38 is ALL THAT. MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Batman

    Want to see the rest of #3 but afraid it will ruin what is already perfect. (Hesitantly) MORE PLEASE

    • dave

      shes hot fear not!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.newman William Newman

    #1 must be going 88 miles an hour

  • TX_Dude

    #38… your body is a wonderland!!! Wow!!

  • Bryan_W

    #18 Nope. Not at all. In fact, it saved me the trouble of scrolling back up 🙂

  • Dr.Science

    #40 is a toad – yes i'm a scientist and a nerd

  • DickHammer

    #6 Thanks Chive! been waiting for some brown sugar…..mmmmmm good!! Wanna put that in my oatmeal.
    who says the Chive never puts pics of black chicks on here? Cop better wash that light bar REAL good

  • Matt

    #39 – I hate to tell you this, but Locks of Love is not considered a reputable "charity" anymore. Turns out, they have a warehouse FULL of donated hair, but only make a few wigs with it per year, and charge the recipients. The Better Business Bureau maintains an "unsatisfactory" rating for them, and even Oprah has pulled her support.

    • Big Pillow

      Agreed. I sent my hair to Pantene.

      • Jackhole

        I sent Locks of Love my shaved pubes. Then I saw a woman who I think was the recipient of my donation wearing my pubes on her head… oh no, that was just the skank I finished banging.

    • edie

      Doesnt really matter. your heart is in the right place!!

  • bristol city

    Somewhere there is a camel missing their hoof – try asking #38…..

  • SCH

    I'm kind of curious how all of these get here. I assume people send them in. My son is in #12 and I've never seen that photo.

    • SCH

      OK, I'm thinking it is not my son. That seems to be in New Zealand, which is a ways away from here. I guess all those blonde kids look the same from a distance.

  • Gene

    #2 she has been posted before, can we get MOAR?
    #33 OHMY
    #38 She looks great, we want MOAR

  • Matt

    #2 – Hey Chive, just an idea. Don't post a .gif near the top. Put it lower, so it has time to load as we scroll toward it. Otherwise, it's like a speed bump up there.

  • The Dude

    #18….hot, but not your friend. Douche.

  • Herb

    Porno Spread!!! My Favorite #33

  • http://twitter.com/robotinside @robotinside

    #48. Lauren just made my whole weekend.

  • squirrel

    #14… will you marry me?

  • https://www.facebook.com/jayrey81 Jason Reyes

    #48 FTW! Thanks again Lauren & Chive for helping end the workday on an uuuuber positive note 🙂

  • TsumeFang

    DUDE!!! #9 WINS!!!

  • Kyle d

    #14 find her!

  • DDV


  • Dr.Awesome

    #41 needs MOAR! Chivette of the Week next week!

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