Lets start Wednesday out with a little light stretch (25 Photos)

  • jlive1234

    #7…my love for asian women just grew so very much

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #5 #8 #20 Dirty, illegal thoughts

  • Paul

    Naked, leaving kisses on the floor is the only thing that could make this any more awesome than it is now…
    I can only imagine what it would be like to fool around with someone so flexible… bet that would be AWESOME too…..

  • LastPlaceNiceGuy

    #1, #8, and #21. Legs that long MUST be explored! The other 2, well I caught myself staring with my mouth open.

  • Stoffel

    #24 BlouBulle bly nogsteeds kommen…
    (Blue Bulls, one of South Africa's Super 14 rugby teams, remain common)…

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #9 this and all the other pics are hawt! need moar!

  • B Man

    #13 your pizza is ready

  • Tony

    please find moar of #8

  • Armando

    It was on the ground at the top of the free throw line, why does eveoyrne say it was between his legs the whole time? He tumbled all the way up to the free throw line and as he went over the ball he picked it up between his feet without missing a beat in his tumble and during that tumble let go of the ball as it went up and into the basket! This never really happened though because it was photo shopped right from the start. I’m guessing what the 5 relies plus the original post before me saw was the first PShop of the video and since the last reply, before my reply, they changed it up to where the ball was no longer between his knees the entire time but was moved to the free throw line where he supposedly picked it up between his feet as he tumbled over it .NOT! Does this sound about right to the guys that replied before me?

  • KAG

    To much hot

  • gordo54

    #8 – wow, what a body… and a superb ass…

  • Jake

    #24 Those are cheerleaders from my country's local rugby team, I'm from South Africa.

  • Ed Jones

    #6. #9. #14. #22. All examples of why I used to teach ballet in my youth. It's a target rich environment for a straight male, and it's a lot of fun hanging with, going with, sleeping with a woman who can put her leg over her head without help. 😀

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