Mind blowing CGI by Alex Roman

None of what you are about to see actually exists, it is all computer generated.

This is a project that artist Alex Roman worked on for over a year in his spare time, meticulously wire-framing, texturing, lighting and coloring each layer in various 3D programs to create this masterpiece.
Making of here, and check out Alex Roman’s website here.

  • An Architect

    The only problem is that almost none of it was CGI. Most of the video seemed to be different lenses used on actual buildings. The only parts that could have been CGI are added in like the pages of books flying, water orbs, and floating lanterns. However, I think I could do the pages and lanterns with a cheap camera, and the even for the water orbs I have seen similar sculpture/art in an airport. If any of it was CGI it was a waste of time to spend a year in software for something most home video cameras could shoot.

    • Go shoot yourself

      Solar system

  • Garrett7292

    excuse me sir, do you have a mind i can purchase? mine was just blown.

  • Da Sandman

    i find it hard to believe that all this is CGI.. if it is: god damn!! °_O

  • Hilo

    HD !

  • 420

    this guy should be a level designer for vidya games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1237344300 Charles Quinn

    It's not shopped I don't see pixels…

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  • Wataru

    a lot of those buildings actually exist… like that first one is a museum by Tadao Ando.. then the Barcelona Pavillion by Mies van der Rohe… then the theater by Frank Lloyd Wright… and then L'Auditori by Rafael Moneo… then the Milwaukie Museum of Art by Santiago Calatrava… then the chair and ottoman infront of the circle window are the Eames Lounge 670 and 671 by Charles and Ray Eames… then the Phillips Exeter Academy Library by Louis I. Kahn… then i think the LA symphony center by Frank Gehry?… then it goes into some recap of the previously mentioned and then shows some windfarms and then some more Tadao Ando buildings… then a house in Japan which i dont remember the name of… then some more recap and then books explode in the Exeter Library and then he ends with a tease of the National Assembly Complex in Bangladesh by Louis I. Kahn… a lot of these buildings are actually extremely important works of architecture… especially the ones by Ando, Mies, and Louis Kahn… so yes.. you actually can go there… this is a very very good CGI representation of those buildings though.. I've seen a video on the layers it took to make it so i know its excellent work… he had to have gone and taken thousands of pictures of these places to do it…


    some more incredible videos
    thank you

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that was gay

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