Ray… It’s Looking At Me (2 HQ Photos)

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Madison Gregory, the Chiver who painted 'Go West, Lloyd' sent me his latest painting last night, 'Ray... It's Looking At Me'. Couple Madison's amazing talent with Bill Murray and you get a unique kind of awesome.

Check out all of Madison’s work here.

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  • egon

    I wouldnt bother addressing the people knocking on this painting – if you don't get it now, you won't ever get it!

    • therealtruth

      it's a print. nothing to get. not making a statement of any importance.

      • egon

        It is a painting. A print is the recreation of it. Besides that point, stop looking for importance in everything you see, much less on a website devoted to maxim styled photos and funny pictures of cats.

      • You're a hater!

        Actaully its a painting, and whether it is important or not is up to the viewer. Apparently it is "important" enough for you to make multiple comments about it.

    • holla

      egon is gay.

      • KJSFD


  • Jack Idoff

    I once blew a load into Bill Murray’s mouth then he snowballed it onto a painting of himself. Does that count?

  • Coldzilla

    Freakin AWESOME!!

    "Ray. If someone asks if you are a god, you say, "yes!"

  • sasquatch

    That shot with the quote would make a great t-shirt.

  • Mountainscout

    MOAR!!! How much?

  • Reinvention89

    very nice, keep them coming! more bill murray plz, prints would be great!

  • jaumf

    how bout some prints?

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