• paula's man

    hey paula get off the internet and make me a sandwich!

  • JGBallard

    One day i will get one of these. Madison you are a true chiver!

  • John


  • Tokabwl

    Don't cross the streams Ray!

    • Blumpkin

      Nothin' like a good 'ole piss joke!

  • metalcool36

    Nice work!

  • K5MO


    Are there prints of this??????????

  • dOOb

    Fucking AWESOME!

  • justin

    "Have you seen Elvis and how is he?"

  • EdWood

    I wanna play golf with " Bill Freaking Murray."
    Also, I just wanna play with Paula.

    • Paula_

      One doesn't play with Paula,
      Paula plays with you.

      – tickling you where you can't stand it

  • lando

    Dr Ray Stantz: Symmetrical book stacking. Just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947.

    Dr. Peter Venkman: You’re right, no human being would stack books like this.

  • byron

    i think i'm going to need a print of this

    • Hepster22


  • a fan

    Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back.

  • yo yo ma

    The Internet is trying way too hard to make Bill Murray the coolest thing ever.

    • danny

      we're not trying, Bill just is the coolest thing ever

      • NebraskaGuy

        Bill F. Murray IS very cool … and so is Rick Moranis – can't wait for his return to awesomeness either! So much talent out there you never hear much from anymore. Let's get these guys back in the game!

    • he's not that cool

      agree 100%. well said.

      • Zoom

        also 100% agree.

  • Edward

    I want this painting!!

  • Petar Đulabić

    Bill F*cking Murray!

  • Buster-in-training

    Ray: He's an ugly little spud, isn't he?
    Venkmenn: I think he can hear you, Ray.

  • stingy

    i'm surprised theChive isn't selling them on here….for a markup of course.

  • Brett

    "I'll take Miss Barrett back to her apartment and check her out."

  • specv44

    Bill F*cking Murray!

  • meh

    looks like something a kindergarden student painted. i'll pass.

    put this in the dust pile with Banksy pictures.

    • feh


    • Foosbah

      agree(especially about the banksy pictures).

    • Awesome

      wow, aren't you just a bundle of sunshine? Why don't you just enjoy a painting and shut your mouth unless you're gonna say something useful.

      Plus it's Bill F@CKIN Murrary, how can you not like it?

  • therealtruth

    the title line said 2 hq photos. i only count one. wtf

  • Tonight... you.

    Bill Murray is very much overrated, I've said it before and I'll say it again, until you stop trying to make him cool, something he isn't.

    • John Jenkums

      Do you know Bill personally? Maybe he stole your girl?

    • KJSDNV

      agreed. if people need to TRY to make something cool, it ain't.

  • Sarcasm

    Wow, you painted a celebrity. How very original! Really pushing artistic boundaries there.

  • john jenkums

    This is awesome!!! Where can we buy prints?????

  • therealtruth

    ever think the ones asking "where to buy the prints" in this posts comment section are chive employees trying to create demand for prints they will eventually be selling?

    • yep

      then selling them on their own site…..brilliant yet unbelievably stingy.

      • THINK

        Dumbasses….creating false demand would in no way benefit thechive. That is a basic fact of all economics. If the employees falsely suggest being able to purchase prints, being their own supplier of these would obviously prove ineffective. Fake demand does not make money.

        • K5MO

          yes, i work at the chive!!! and here we like to create fake demand, then produce products based off that fake demand, then we buy the products back from ourself for a profit!!! genius!

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