The ‘Golden Proportion Girl’ revealed… sorta’ (24 Photos)

After the photo above appeared in yesterday's DAR, one of our Japanese Chivers sent me these photos. Unfortunately, he didn't give her name. She's not a conventional beauty but she certainly has a unique look. Chiveworthy?

  • Bigdog-77


    • Soon

      Very attractive, but not yet legal – soon! Saaya Irie

    • r@f

      People below me are gay.

      • Straight Johnny

        Hey, I'm not gay!

        • Justin Hall

          WTF, John. Not a conventional beauty?

          If that's an unconventional beauty, then I have an unconventional erection.

          • Apollo

            You saying you've got a really weird boner right now?

    • Bdamg

      I rike this very much actually.

    • BudHa

      does conventional mean white? cuz i dont see any other way this girl wouldnt be considered beautiful

    • ghhjk

      Irie saaya is her name

  • Sean


    • jDong


      • the elusive

        not impressed

        • Tyrone Shulaces

          What the hell are you talking about, she's a gorgeous girl, just because she doesn't have a spray tan and a thong?

          Beautiful Asian women are definitely under-represented, and come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I saw a black girl on the chive. F'in racists.

          • the un-Tyrone

            Racist?? Really. Why do you have to go there? What are you hiding? People have different tastes without it being racists. I know you simpletons think everyone has to be "the same", but that's just not reality pal. Recognizing different tastes and needs does not make one racist. You should think before you prove your own faults so publicly.

          • amazed at the idiots

            Who are the fellow immature dumb-asses agreeing with this douche? please…

            Oh and tyrone, if someone said all black girls were hideous because they were black, that would be racists. Disliking any particular person is not. You are generalizing.

          • ...

            i am racist for liking white girls.
            now thats standart nig.. black man logic

            • bro

              preach on bro

        • Zoom

          also agree.

    • KeyserSoze

      double meh…

    • Xsoldier2000

      Meh girl is…. meh.

    • FreddyStylez


    • RayBoogs

      FUCK YOU!

      • truth

        nice, intelligent retort. MENSA candidate are you?

  • Seldi84

    She's cute.

    • Birdhaus32

      But does she have an ass?

      • sully23

        Nope I looked

      • brian

        Of course she has an ass, it just may or may not be suitable to your tastes.

        • andfukyamoms

          ide pee in her butt

    • Penrath

      She is like the Asian "Girl Next Door".



    • itsAman

      This is a ladyboy FOR SURE

    • hisfan

      do you fuck

  • JD Marsh

    #8 100% chive-worthy

    • Joe

      I'd do her. Is she legal??

      • max

        nope, she is 17

      • Lee

        In the uk 🙂

        • Seldi84

          Never been happier to live in England. haha.

      • Lobo

        if i want to fuck, then she's legal. fuck the law.

    • sully23

      Just letting everyone know. She turns 18 in November. Pedobear approves!

    • alkoholik

      no good ass shots? fuck this we have no clue what kinda hump this bitch has, it could be flat as a pancake.

      • alko dates models

        wow, at least try to mask your douchbaggery chivers, chivers turning into douchbags 😐

    • Korrie

      I'm definitely not into Asians but theChive has shown me, to this point, two extremely gorgeous Japanese women. FTW. Thanks for broadening my horizons.

    • Peach

      I really want to thumbs-up but it's at +420 right now…

    • Pawan Sarkar

      hello hi you looking so good….

  • Brian King

    I tink I am Ruv!

    • Jon L

      haha… awesome

    • Grifo

      Yeah, whatever she's selling, I'm buy'n… (please be selling weed, please be selling weed, please be selling weed!)

      • Just Sayin'

        (or boobies or boobies or boobies)

  • VJ_1

    Agreed. 100% Chiveworthy!

    • slackers....

      so is mind the gap, burn your bra….what happened Chive?

      decide to post a creeper thread instead?

    • moving on....

      this site is getting old…..FAST.

      • Zoom

        100% agree. same shit. different day. rinse, wash, repeat.

  • etc4779


    I am out of the contest Jerry

    • b-ry


      • b-ry


        • faggot


          • b-ry

            wow.. you're a fag? not shocking

    • jpp407

      Master of your domaine.

    • Nitish

      You must thank her:

  • Meh....

    Meh…solid 6.5

    • Christine Gorayeb

      …you're an idiot.

      • Meh.....

        No I'm not….

      • yup

        tits too big

      • Meh.....

        Hipster chick…..what do you know?

      • LDSVM

        lady, shut up. people's taste varies. grow up.

    • Anthony

      on what world is that a 6.5???? 10 Body 8 face hopefully a 7+ personality 😉

    • Ray

      Haha "Meh…solid 6.5"? Not that she's my type but let me see a girl you've dated that is better.

    • 6655321

      My 6.5 is solid. Can't believe no one said it, yes. Really though, you're a massive idiot. She's amazing.

  • yoham

    i'd do her.

    • brian

      but she wouldn't do you

      • yoham

        she wouldn't have a choice.

        • brian

          touche and well played

  • OGMrWhite

    #6 Sexy

    She also kinda looks like the Chinese girl from Kill Bill

    • Rodd Hungwell


      • dOOb

        ummm… all Chinese girls look like that Chinese girl from Kill Bill…

    • Chazz_B

      Gogo Yubari? not really (only if you are stereotypical)

    • OGMrWhite


      She definitely looks like gogo

      • just sayin

        her side profile is hideous.

        • Grotesque

          HIDEOUS?! please just use descriptions that make sense and then people might take your criticism seriously.

          • just sayin

            she looks like an alien from the side…or as us humans say….hideous.

            do you need a Websters definition?

            • TRON


        • demonspeeding181

          Her "side profile"? As compared to her front or back profile? I'm just sayin…..

    • bored

      you mean chiaki kuriyama, the japanese girl from kill bill?

  • P.Gee

    Also.. Meh

  • slutifer

    what if shes vietnamese?

    (insert indiana jones gif)

    • JacksonMcNasty

      I think you mean Thai

      • ummmm

        maybe german?

    • Pdubya

      Then I would ride her like the last chopper out of 'nam!

    • rtb

      Then she probably used to be a man? o.0

  • CrimsonKing

    Did you notice how clean is the water

    • BirdieMan

      Um…….. Missing the point……yer doin it right…..

    • Captain Obvious

      water ? where ?

    • Brian

      The fuckin water?

  • Tokabwl

    She has "that look" in #3 and #8… like I know what you want to do to me.. and shes probably right.

    • laughing harder

      F off douche bag

      • Tokabwl

        why such hostility ?

        • b-ry

          this site attracts the armpit of the US citizens.
          it gets worse by the day….people are fuckin retards on here. not all, but some.

          time to move on i think.

          • Squiggy

            Please do move on…

            • Phondo

              agreed. b-ry, GTFO.

        • Zoom

          because you sound like a creepy 40 year old virgin.

    • ssstoopid

      Blue Steel? Ferrari Le Tigre? They're the same thing! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

    • DudeBro

      even if she did I would still touch her boobs and ass.

    • yellowbooze

      # 3 was taken when she was just 12 years old


    probably has a dick jusssssssssssssssayin

    • still laughing

      you like that?

    • Kaemon

      your a duche! stop ruining it for the rest of us. oh and take a closer look…duche!

      • still laughing

        sorry kaemon. enjoy you masturbatory tendencies

    • b-ry

      Hey apple, you probably don't have one jusssssssssssssssayin

      • b-ry

        I'm sooo jealous. i have to wait till the surgery to have mine removed 😦

    • Kane

      She is japanese ,so she has no penis but she is under age.

      P.S. Dont be racist ,only girls philippine and taiwan have penis lol

    • Chuck Taylor

      I'd take my chances. Pic 4: Those aren't dude feet… although I suppose any doctor who could craft those perfect cans out of nothing could probably install girl feet in his sleep. It's a chick!! And a hot one.

  • Mikey Porto
    • dOOb

      I THINK so… but… they all look so similar…

      • Derp

        Good call…but you're kinda a pervert for knowing that. Just sayin'.

  • David Miller

    Her b00bs are amazing! 'nuff said!

    • still laughing

      too big and floppy

      • Chelsea GoddessDivine Foulk

        They're not floppy, because they're not real.

        And yeah they're amazing, they're man made.

        • SL<:M

          so is wax-fruit.

  • Joe

    Is this one of the tricks? Is she really a dude? Nice try chive!

    • b-ry

      Duffer would like that!

      • duffer

        i see your name stealing again huh douche?

        • duffer

          but i do like dicks

      • b-ry

        But I'd really like to have his reaming my shit-hole! Mmmmmmm……

    • Jim

      She's not a dude, but she is 17 if that makes you feel weird.

  • Mark from NC

    #8 – definitely chive worthy! She is a beautiful girl.

  • Saaya Irie

    Her name is Saaya Irie

  • Honey Bone

    So utterly chiveworthy! WOW!

    I want to go to there.

    Thanks Chive.

  • Phlerm

    yes please!

  • Bud Lee

    I would trade two red heads for her….. #3

    • a-non-e-mouse


  • NoMoGeronimo

    She's definitely cute…great smile…and a fantastic figure with great boobs….what's not to like?

    • hater

      I think she's asian

      • seven

        Funny shit, but chivers are way to stupid to get that

        • The Chivery

          That's not true. In order to be a full-fledged Chiver, you have to qualify as mentally-retarded. Chive on!

    • Chesty Laroo

      her age, 17.

    • Richard Cummings

      850 × 1280
      Saaya Irie

    • jam

      im not there,thats what

  • boss

    is this a magic show?

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