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After the photo above appeared in yesterday's DAR, one of our Japanese Chivers sent me these photos. Unfortunately, he didn't give her name. She's not a conventional beauty but she certainly has a unique look. Chiveworthy?

  • Lazaro Martinez Jr.


  • lew

    i think she is a 10. i can't stop looking at her.

  • Bill

    Not a ladyboy, but she is still underage.

  • Evariste

    She's not even 18… You don't have pictures of women instead of little girls?

  • Anonymous

    She’s Saaya Irie, a famous gravure model.

  • TheMAN2

    her name is saaya irie

  • Oakley Photochromic

    A knowledge, an improvement, an outstanding piece of writing makes one to typically the personal taste, regards for the purpose of showing, For certain i will attentively read the device to help with making theirselves unique!

  • Shorty_87

    Totally worthy. Wicked body. I don't see why you have to be cookie cutter blonde hair and blue eyes for most people to say a girl is hot. There are too many cliche models out there people.

  • Erotic SA

    thats awesome!

  • Matthew Dobbins


  • verkkosivujensuunnittelu


  • Kyle

    #9 Yes, I like looking at your boobs, too

  • Anonymous

    Saaya Irie

  • ziggy1961

    sorry guys, she's not 17 but 11. I followed up on her. She's f*%&^$ 11!

  • anon

    if only she wasn't asian :[

  • Alister

    well done! now, in ginger..

  • Why Not?

    #6 i had sex with a chinese girl 2 days ago. i wonder if japanese girls squeak like chipmunks too.

  • stoma
  • guest151515151515

    she's definitely Saaya Irie. famous gravure idol in japan because she started posing at around 16 yrs old i think and she already had big boobies back then

  • jdp

    You are an idiot if you dont find her attractive

  • Anonymous

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  • Guest

    I would definitely give her a calculator for Christmas this year.

  • Jayne

    I'll be in my bunk.

  • Bon

    Get me a pic of her naked

  • Dan Oblak
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