The ‘Golden Proportion Girl’ revealed… sorta’ (24 Photos)

After the photo above appeared in yesterday's DAR, one of our Japanese Chivers sent me these photos. Unfortunately, he didn't give her name. She's not a conventional beauty but she certainly has a unique look. Chiveworthy?

  • efefas

    By conventional beauty do you mean a blonde, bimbo, fake tit, whore?

  • Pete


  • Riezen

    its saaya irie

  • Vexionic

    Soooo just to let all you people know…. she's only 17 years old.

  • poyraz
  • @meowmistidawn

    best part about this lovely woman is that her rips dont stick out, she looks healthy and fit and beautiful and all natural 🙂 nice to see some guys out there still like that

  • Spywith1eye

    İm appauled Chive The ‘Golden proportion Girl’ and no hump shot? No no no!

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