Sexy Chivers and first-time Chivettes, the SC goes live tomorrow!

lauren lead Sexy Chivers and first time Chivettes, the SC goes live tomorrow!

So I may have forgotten to make a call out to our Chivettes this week because I’m not the brightest guy. I’d love to make tomorrow a great day in the SC but I could use some help from our Chivettes.

Our Chivettes continue to conquer the sexy world. Our Chivettes work in your office, they live next door to you, and they’re just as sexy as any of the photoshopped digital models out there. So let’s have some fun this week.

: Grab your camera (phone) and write ‘Chive On’ on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Let’s have some fun this week. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Chive On!


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  • Boooorrrinnngggg!!!!

    Wow what a fucking surprise it is LG in the pic. Same pathetic recycled girls over and over again. Chive has no game.

    • eat balls, internet!

      infinity thumbs downs. may thy eyes melt and may you be raped by paula forever and ever.

      • Coldzilla


        Wow why would you wish that on ANYONE?????

  • pat
  • third and long

    What’s up with the douches on this post calling all the lovely chivettes attention whores and bitching about them? The chivettes rules show some love to them as they help to make this site what it is.

    • Bud Lee

      They think it makes them look cool…you know…internet tuff guy thing. They don’t want to look like a hardleg.

      I say encourage the mind the gap poses…applaud the ladies for taking the time to create the perfect under boob shot and the ever so rewarding down blouse shots…we should AWARD the hump day poses…in short we should thank the lovely chivettes from making our day just a smidgen better. .

    • detective

      Whats wrong with calling a spade a spade ? Stop being such a pussy and get the chives dick outta ur mouth.

      • Phondo


  • Coldzilla

    Lookin forward to it!

  • ass


  • Fack_Yer_Ads

    Dear Chive,

    I will deliberately NEVER see a movie, buy a game, or do anything I am urged to do by your periodic annoying FUCKING side banner ads. The ONLY time anyone clicks on those son of a bitch ads is BY MISTAKE. QUIT WITH THE FUCKING SIDEBAR ADS, YOU WHORES.

  • Bud Lee

    One most remember that if they don’t have ads … they wouldn't have the money to fly in the chivettes for the lovely photo shoot…you should be thankful for the ads sir, they keep this site going.

    Well … that and the 1,000s of chivette tats they sell for girls to place on their boobs, asses, legs, and other places

  • Christine Gorayeb

    Jeeez… some of the internet nerds on this website are rather harsh… like, real harsh… i was thinking about sending in a pic for my love of this site, but i'm probbbbbably better off not doing so. LoL :S

    • detective

      Good decision.

    • Daisycutter

      I so agree. The haters that fill the comment section on this site make no girl want to submit. Why would you? They seemto like the perfect girls in their magazines rather then us girls that walk by them everyday. I do not get it.

      I wont be submitting any more of mine because frankly the rudeness just hurts no matter who you are and that makes me sad for all the Chivettes.
      Chive on one last time. =/

      • JohnQ

        Noooooo! 😦 i know there are a few unrespectful idiots, but they are not true chivers! it's unfair 'cause most of us are not like that. 😐

        • FYBF

          you're right most of you are desperate, lonely virgins who fap to pictures of chicks you don't know, only showing slight amounts of skin.

      • who cares?

        who cares? some people will like you, some people won't. And it's not just chive, it's everywhere. so learn to live with the fact that some people are gonna be mean to you a.k.a trolls, and enjoy the people that actually appreciate you a.k.a the real chivers.

        if you think you're chivette worthy and you wanna send a picture, just do it and just ignore the haters.

        chive on!

    • JohnQ

      Noooooo! 😦 i know there are a few unrespectful idiots, but they are not true chivers! it's unfair 'cause most of us are not like that 😐

    • truestory

      Dont listen to any of these desperate virgins who just want to see ur ass/titties and fap.There is no need to whore urself on a site like this for the loser members. The chive guys themselves make fun of the Chivettes ,there is always a Masturbation GIF at the end of such posts ,they are just using loose women to promote their site and the nerds here love it.
      People who come here for the funny/interesting pics are the ones pissed with this whoredome ,its turning into a porn site now. We are not trolls.

      • Glen Danzig

        this. 100%, this.

  • RippaTipTippin

    wait- you should def send a pic! you look like chivette material lol

  • chuck

    the secret is out…Lareyna Lazakov

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