Daily Morning Awesomeness (20 Photos)

  • theoceanbeauty

    #13. brilliant

  • Gene

    #13 great idea, as long as you can't fall through
    #14, can we see MOAR please?

  • Captain Murphy

    My girlfriend and i could reallly use one of these

  • jim

    #2 I have done it. will make you fill your pants….nearly sunk the boat but it was a blast

  • Bob

    #13…Except for the innapropriate close up of the feet, that's pretty cool.

  • Averageperson

    #15 Same thing happened to me still paying insurance for it!

  • Meh

    #21, that's what curtains are for, dumbass.

  • JonUnk

    #1, is that cleveland from family guy?

  • CSaphire

    The refreshing taste of mountain dew?

  • Medium00Rare

    #5 Not only eats the cat, but the eats it again after it shits it out.

    I shit you not

  • ven

    #6 on the set of the new terminator movie. #13 what about a shhet? im not cleaning the cracks of that bed!

  • wztarheel

    #8 Oh, I gotta get one of these!

  • daroyal

    #5 Send in the Holy Hand Grenade

  • Chester CheezeCurl

    #11 the dickless wonder strikes again!!!!!!

  • CapnMFingPlanet

    #6 probably lost it in a wreck. My dad lost his leg when some jackass pulled an illegal uturn and hit him. It's way too common unfortunately.

  • unknown

    #11 all to true

  • Mike

    #17 We have TWO of those monsters: Newfoundlands!! LOVE IT!

    • Authorunknown

      Gotta love newfies!

  • Eric

    Looks like this would hurt your back, no?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506248193 Garrett Lewis Tyler


    Best Fucking Bed idea every created.
    All negative comments are invalid.

  • p1ll

    #1Chive on #2 F@ck Yeah

  • josephanthony

    !So, where do I get a Millenium Falcon sun-shield thingy????

  • http://www.kinkykupid.com kinky kupid

    Love #13. Where can one buy this? And #18 – awesome!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wthomas.kimberly W Thomas Kimberly

    #3 Might be ok on take off,,but would hate to try sticking the landing during wind

  • Drew

    #17 WHOA!! Is this real??

  • its_forge

    #9 space to park the wheelchair, dinghy

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