• Barkeep

    holy shit. i can't believe i got one

    • splooge

      Mens XXL sold out……so FUCK YOU!

    • Michael

      nailed it. i kept refreshing the page starting at 9PST, and got mine too.

    • Jake

      Maybe I can find one on Ebay

  • Ian

    Got one:D Waited 6 hours!

    • Malkintosh22

      Why? I woke up 5 minutes before they went live. GOT MINE 😀

    • get out more

      you really don't have a life huh?

    • Ian

      Because I was awake just looking at the site and saw the ad for them. So I settled in and played CoD Till they went live.
      And, Indeed. No life what-so-ever. xD

  • bobby

    my kid said that's what he wanted for his birthday. i remember thinking, 'goddam it kid, can't i just get you a robot. these shirts aint easy.'

    he'd better mow the lawn for the rest of the summer, zero complaints

  • Kevin

    yes! finally, got 2 just in case, chive on

    • Jake

      same! grabbed 2, glad to have gotten them 🙂

    • really?

      you guys are idiots.

      • Terry Burke

        no, they are assholes, now other chivers missed out on a shirt

        • jake

          well in all fairness, it's one each for my girlfriend and i. so fuck off. 😉

    • Dude

      Ahhh Fuck you guys… that 2 more people who couldn't get one… Yeah next time i'll buy 7 of them for each day of the week, you know!…

      Lame 1 each man…
      I want one… had a meeting, got there a few minutes too late…

    • Robert Plant.

      good. that means fewer for the rest of these faggots.

  • BaconBoy

    Yes! Christmas in July! Thanks!

  • tim

    bam got one! finally…i think its easier to get a meeting with the pope

  • mr. feeny

    too late!! damn!!

    chive…why you no buy more shirts??

    • tim

      *y u no buy more shirts?!

    • steve

      they aren`t sold out dude. or weren`t when you posted it.

  • Ryan

    I cannot believe I got one. Waited four hours………… so excited.

    Chive on.

  • parker

    i have to admit that was a rush

    • Major Rocker

      No kiddin. I've been refreshing that page all day, everyday for the past week. Today is a good day.

  • Luis

    Yea, stayed up two hours past my bedtime for one large black mens. If I wake up in six hours and see that they are still available, I won't even be mad. :p

    Catch me wearing it at ACL in September!

    • Robert Plant

      "for one large black mens."

      god, chivers are a bunch of faggots.

  • steve

    i bought 2 i was so excited.

    • J.D.

      Hahaha good work

  • Eric

    damn it Chive Why u no have Fat Boy sizes!!!

    • Terry Burke

      lose weight and it wont be a problem

    • JPV

      Bcuz they're based in SO cal where they don't make XXL+

      get used to it and take a hint

  • Art

    YEEEEES!!! Months of waiting and trying! Had to take the bloody morning off of work with my girlfriend on the desktop and me on my laptop! Got 2, just in case!

    • JNMGFbhj

      in case what, asshole?

      • JLA

        In case he gets vomit on one at the sight of you going and fucking yourself. Fucking asshole. Get a life.

  • Steve Jobs

    My second Black Chive T-shirt Whoop Whoop! Just need a new white one now!

  • @pezatsea

    Got mine!! Couldn't believe it was still available. Now for one of the elusive Keep Calm shirts…

  • Dan

    Hell Yeah! The Heavens have shined on me and I finally got a Shirt!

  • danimal

    Woke up excited, got dissappointed at 9am est, realized it was pst, refreshed like a maniac and finally got one. WIN!!!!

  • supersoaker


  • Nick

    Mens L and XL sold out!! I FAIL again!!

  • Michael

    I stayed up all night to get this one! Now I have to spend the weekend fixing my sleeping schedule. Well worth it.

  • Edwin

    Got one!! i've never put in my card details so fast before

  • Terry Burke

    i got one!!!!

  • Corey

    scared the crap outta me when the size choices went live before the availability did. i thought they'd sold out instantaneously! got mine!

    • @pezatsea

      Same here! I refreshed and selected the size and it said SOLD OUT. A little patience does wonders!

  • Demon_Cleaner

    I ordered one. We'll see if it actually gets delivered this time. My asshole postman stole my Keep Calm shirt I ordered. I just know he did!!!!

    • steve

      you`ve just put fear in my heart

    • lisa

      Send an email to chivery support. They were awesome to me when my order got lost in the mail. BTW Thanks so much Patty!

  • david

    yeah, been waiting all morning on these!

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