Men’s and Women’s Chive Logo Tees Are Back!

chive go Mens and Womens Chive Logo Tees Are Back!

The mythical Chive Logo Tees are back. We ordered thousands this time. Good luck and Godspeed.

Men’s and women’s shirts available right here.

Update: SOLD OUT

  • Mart37

    Fuck yeah got 2 large ones!!

  • Blindsided5

    Got 3.

    • really?

      you sir…..are a loser.

      • Blindsided5

        Wow really?
        Just because you didn't get one?
        Click faster.

        • really?

          i never even try for the simple reason that they are shitty shirts and i would never wear one.
          it's like wearing a Google t-shirt….a website i use often as well.

        • Terry Burke

          no you're a dick, i bought 1. because i knew a shit ton of other people wanted this shirt

          • Blindsided5

            Yeah I bought 1 for myself, 1 for my fiancee and 1 for my co-worker.

    • Beth Brandl

      Sell the other two on eBay for an extremely inflated price! I bet that's what some people are doing.

      Hey you other guys: Get some iron on shit and make one. Total cost would be about $6 and you wouldn't lose any sleep trying to get something as insignificant as a t-shirt.

  • Der Chiven

    Got one! 🙂

  • Pablo

    i woke up on time but totally forgot about it 😦

  • Rando

    First time to try and get one and I succeeded! Woop woop

    • @panamex512

      Me too! Can't wait!

  • Tom

    Been waiting forever! Sweet!

  • senor no shirt


  • Major Rocker

    Ahhhh..finally. Today is a good day. Unlike some douches on here, I didn't order 5.

  • Billy Dust

    got me n my bitch one butt fuckin only had XL for dudes guess ill havta make it work..totally worth it… winning

    • JNMGFbhj

      if you call paying for a crappy t-shirt that isn't your size "winning"…..

    • Red

      you ain't winning anyway, 'cause your girlfriends' a bitch.

      • Billy Dust

        haha agreed

  • Jonny Franchise

    I don't know how many times i've tried for this or keep calm. I officially give up. Maybe some day some knockoffs will show up in the maritimes so i can get one.

  • J.DANK

    fuck yes. im sure i was one of the first orders, the order was done by 0902 west coast time, oh yea, did i mention, im in Poland right now… fucking win.

  • Dashinator

    Will there be a Premium Chive logo tee ever? I'd gladly pay for one or twelve.

  • Nick

    I hate life!

    • Jonas

      what life?

  • Diego Armando

    I left the T-shirt page for approx. 15 seconds a little after 9 PST and when I came back and saw Large tees were already sold out I was pissed. Had faith, and a few refreshes later the elusive tee was minnneee!

    • Major Rocker

      Same here guy. Was in a meeting, came back and refreshed. XL were sold out. Cursed a bit and refreshed again. Voila! It was like magic even David Copperfield wouldn't be able to pull off.

  • thepoopsmith

    sold out as hitting add to cart… sad face

  • Chelsea

    I was extremely tempted to buy more than one shirt but I thought to myself, "Self, if you buy more than one, then you are the direct cause of another Chivette's disappointment." I'm just glad I got mine. 🙂

  • edertef


  • UnunbiunScott

    That was the most exciting this that I have ever done. I bought 4: one for me and 3 for my chivettes Amy, Chelsea, and Christina. I'm so gunna get laid!!!!

    • loser!

      wow…those are some whores you hang out with.
      fuck me for a shitty Chive t-shirt.

      how does it feel to have to pay for sex?

      • Zoom


      • The Dude

        comment of the day.

      • UnunbiunScott

        Wet and warm

  • Gloria

    Really Chive!? Really!?!?!?!?! I am about to pay and I get the stupid "your cart is empty"!!!!!!!! wtf!!! :(!

    • meh

      same thing happened to me- how is it that someone else can buy what is in YOUR shopping cart? if that happened in real life somebody'd be gettin bitch slapped!!!

  • Christine Gorayeb

    …friggin sold out already?! 😥

    • b-ry

      i got 2. EAT IT BITCH!

  • PwNJabie

    I got the 'sold out while checking out' message three time changing sizes each time…. I even tried the get one of the women's shirts for the wife annnnd…

  • Bordin Tienyam

    Having really hard time buying this thing. Sucks cause im currently deploy. Gotta love sharing WiFi with all others 59 people in a trailer, plus different time zone sucks! Better luck next time for me then!

    • Terry Burke

      keep trying man, stay safe on deployment

    • (%$(

      die motherfucker.

  • oldschool

    got one! so pumped! chive on

  • Danny Hockley

    Noooo! Foiled again… Dammit. Yous guys need to get a larger quantity in stock next time.

  • Dave

    WOOOHOOOO!!! got one

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