• EasternCanuck

    Birthday luck… got one… happy birthday to me from me!!!

    • Tom

      Same here! It's my birthday and I got one! Oh happy day! Cheers and Chive On!

  • @danallard

    Sold out in 30 minutes? You guys ever think of ordering more than 7? 🙂

  • Jorge

    Wasn't even an hour late and I missed it.

  • jerdog

    get it, GOT IT….GOOOD

    • jerdog

      Late post though. I got it before I went to lunch. Was hitting refresh like I was wailing one off!!!

  • bdizzle

    Its easier for me to get one by making it out of a froot of the loom undershirt and some Crayola Markers.

  • Steve.Jobs

    Damn. Missed out again. Some online stores can sell TENS of THOUSANDS of shirts a day. Maybe you should contract out to them.

    • Art

      It'll never happen bro. They do this intentionally to drive the demand thru the roof and make us desperate for shirt shipments. Seriously. Anyone with a community college degree in business could easily contract out to the proper manufacturers and make it easy to get shirts. Millions of sites do it every day. But they drive the demand thru the roof and then look like gods when some pretty girl flashes them a little cleavage or her "gap" and says "pretty please" and they send her a shirt. Most of us would do the exact same thing!

  • Bhodi

    Made up an excuse to get out of the middle of a meeting and order, made it just in time!

  • Scuba

    Order more thousands next time. DAMMIT!

  • Jesse Sanchez

    Y no use drop shipping?

  • Mike

    Pretty damn frustrating to be on your website waiting at 9:00 am and have the shirts be sold out at 9:01. Maybe think about ordering a few more, like a few thousand more?! Are u worried about them not selling and losing out on money that u spent on shirts?! Trust me when I say that no matter how many u will order they will all sell. And maybe u could make a few more ppl happy then those lucky 12 that got their shirts today. Loyal chiver but damn this pisses me off that there’s no
    chance to get one.

    • Joe

      i second that…

    • Art

      Bro. If they made the shirts easy to get then they wouldn't have girls sending them boob pics to get a shirt from them. I finally got mine today after 6 months of trying. They do this on purpose.

  • DakotaSoze

    This is going to sound absurd I'm sure but would it be an idea to allow people (myself) to still place my order and just back-order them? A) everyone wouldn't have to scramble, B) you would have an accurate count for need to order knowledge.

    I think I just solved world peace.

    • Chris Arabian

      I agree. this is the third time in a row I've tried to order the T's and they were sold out. Take the pre-order then you have guaranteed the sales and can deliver the T's once they arrive. Simple really.

      • DakotaSoze

        I thought it to be a simple solution, of course managing a multi-million dollar distribution facility what do I really know…

        Like the hell out of my first comment to get their attention.


        • Sam

          I've never seen theCHIVE so resistant to take our hard earned money on shirts that we desperately want. Y U NO MAKE ENOUGH T SHIRTS!

  • Mike West

    Sounds like you guys are not on your game business-wise. If you've got a product that sells thousands in such a short time, then you need to order tens-of-thousands. You've got a hot product – cash in now! Get your shit together, I need a goddamned shirt!

    • Johhny 5


      they are smart demand is higher than supply thus them make a large profit every time.
      rather than possibly not selling out one time

      • Art

        Agreed. High demand and sold out product means girls keep sending boob and "gap" pics to them for a free shirt. Gotta keep the spank bank full.

  • bling306

    finally freakin got one! i think i hit refresh like 100 times at noon

  • Leibomail

    NEXT TIME GET 100,000 !!! I couldnt get it this time !!! im so unhappy right now ….
    was looking forward for it all day…
    already selected it at the chivery and then was sold out…. ;(

  • mattythegooch

    Fuck This.

  • Nikki P.

    Got one!! Birthday gift to myself =)

  • Chris Arabian

    CRRRAAAPPP!!!! I was 1 minute too late!!! C'mon Chive, order more for cryin out loud. Can we pre-order? I want a white and a black The Chive T and a green KeepCalm and Chive On T. This is insane every time I go in to buy the thing you run out in minutes!!!

  • Beth Brandl

    So for any of you who just sat and waited for hours at your computer so you could order a shirt: Don't ever give any shit to people who play Warcraft – We camp rare spawns, just like you.

    • Johhny 5

      no clue WTF you just said

  • Cmybootoo

    Been trying to get this and “keep calm” shirt for a while. Finally able to score on this one. I think its cool only limited amount of shirts are sold. It makes the shirt more desirable imo. When is the next shipment of “Keep Calm…” shirts?

  • DeDe Gaffke

    Came to the site, saw this post, got a shirt. Lucky me 😀

  • Mokuseitora

    So did I… (sigh of relief) this is not such a bad day…

  • Question_Mark_

    I can't believe I got one!!! Mens L!

  • DJ_2_PA

    What the Fluff!!!
    All I want is that freakin "theCHIVE" black tee-shirt.
    And yes you are probably the BEST site on the web but damnit get more than 20 shirts.
    Thank you for all you do. You guys are flipping AWESOME!!!

  • Stephany

    FINALLY GOT ONE! It’s about damn time! I was on that refresh button like it was a life or death situation. Lol. Can’t wait til it gets here. Muahaha! >:D

  • Rememo

    Oh c'mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I did was go to lunch for a half an hour and I missed it AGAIN!?!?!?!! AAARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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