• James

    Bullshit!! Already sold out..

    • Terry Burke

      don't feel to bad man they sold out in like 25 min

  • Danno


  • D-dub

    Bought mine 10min after releash !

  • Karen

    Got one for my boyfriend and I! Set an alarm to wake up to get one. If the Medium Black doesnt fit him. I’ll put it on eBay. :] So happy!

    • Johhny 5

      you will probably make double easy if you post the link to ebay here

  • Sam

    Oh lord why are you angry at me, XL shirts were out! When are you getting more Keep Calm and Chive on shirts? Please do your fans justice and tell me that selling out was a cruel hoax like the rapture.

  • jjj

    I'm willing to bet that somewhere there is a supplier that could keep up with your demand. If its even the suppliers fault and not ya'll trying to create a higher demand.

    • JPV

      it's our demand
      not having a large enough supply adds mistique and higher demand every time

    • Art

      Every supplier could keep up with. They do this intentionally.

  • David

    What the Hell – they are already sold out. They must have sold out in 2 hours.

  • Eric

    i tried after 14 minutes and they were gone.

  • penis

    WTF Chive! do you fags only have 100 t-shirts? sold out in 10 minutes. fucking get some Koreans and start making t-shirts

  • Ryan

    I set my alarm, made sure I was on the site and put my order they as soon as it went live!

    Lost the XXL while in the check out…:(

    Not to worry, due to some fast acting, I scored an XL!! 😀

    If life gave you achievement points, I think acquiring a Chive shirt should be one of em.

    • Johhny 5

      sorry to let you know but it's common knowledge chive tees wear small
      so if ur an XL in reality; XL aint gonna fit

  • Navin R. Johnson

    6'11" and haven't wore an XL in 20 how bout some love for the big chivers.

  • Corey

    There are two schools of thought on this:

    1) Allow back-orders and guarantee all orders are fulfilled and demand will eventually fall off as the market saturates.

    2)Limit production keeping total quantities low and ensure that demand for the product remains high.

    Guess which one they chose?

    • Johhny 5

      the one that gets them more money

  • zombierangoon

    WTB Moar Keep Calm and Chive On Shirts.

  • LuvsHorror

    Finally got one! Been watching this site for a year. Love the Chive!

  • Jose G


  • Gabriela Robyn Miranda

    sold out in like… 20 min… might get MORE next time?

  • Boby Morera

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah! got one! i'm gonna wear that shit like a boss

  • Nicholas Pompilio Paz

    it was my birthday, and i did not get one… ive been waiting for over a year for one of them shirts.

  • Moshe

    Hey Chive, a friend and i are from Australia. We LOVE The Chive!!! We are on it everyday and all we want is a shirt. I am starting to agree with the comments that getting one of these shirts is harder than a meeting with the pope! lol
    Please order more shirts next time and also if possible make the release time a little later. We have to stay up till 2am just to get in on time hahaha
    Chive On from Down Under!!!!!

    Loyal Chiver

  • @mhoff226

    Got mine at precisely 12pm EST. I shall wear it to the tractor pull next Saturday. Now where are the Bill Fucking Murray shirts???

  • h3yblinkin

    Finally got one. But now I will have trouble deciding to wear my Keep Calm and Chive On shirt or the Chive Logo shirt. So many choices! Now just waiting on Bill Fucking Murray!! Chive On!

  • Jay

    dam missed out, the bad side of living in Australia, the time difference 😦

  • Caldex

    How can you possibly be sold out so quick ? every tees reseller now can print on demand, I think i'm gonna run a fake chive online store : there is a market you're missing !
    (Yes i'm mad i couldn't get one:'( )

  • Shirtless Mike

    I don't believe they exist…

  • joesrf

    Well any news when the next order will be??

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