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    • r@f

      Last guy lookin like Chun-Li

  • Chim Richels

    – I hate soccer, but that one with the 'fishing' was fucking legendary. Blonde poof #2 playing the fish deserves an oscar

    – The youth football 'run up the middle/no snap thing' was a complete douchebag move and the coach should be nut kicked. The fat ass parents cheering to.

    – The Concordia basketball chicks too. Bouncing the inbounds of a a defender's ass – yes legal, but a douche move.

    – The dude holding the baby and catching a ripped foul ball – like a boss!

    – The Japanese centerfielder scaling the wall? Like a spidey-boss!

    – The karate dude at the end? Would make a good techno song.

    • mooseherder

      not a karate dude. a Muay Thai dude.

      • chim richels

        Ok, I stand corrected. I see a dude kickin' a mother fucker I just assumed it was karate. Either way, dude should remix that shit.

        • i just chived


        • Not dumb

          You're fucking dumb

    • WordsHurtMyHead

      Let's see.. Fishing – Douche move
      Football run up the middle – it's the other team's fault for not being smart enough to realize what is going on. The coach had a pretty big nut sack to try and pull it off, and kudos to the team for pulling it off.
      Basketball – again, be ready and know that something like that can happen if you aren't aware.

      • wtbjetpack

        ball has to be snapped thru the legs to be a valid football play

        • ALAandy

          no, you can legally snap it over the shoulder too.

    • Not Retarded

      You, sir, are quite retarded.

  • PedoBear

    that was fucking awesome

  • Bryan_W

    @3:42 – droppin' a beat!

  • MrRushing

    Now i feel lazy and unaccomplished. Great stuff!

  • Edgar Gaspar

    I used to play keeper for soccer.. I would literally punch the guy in the leg if they did that to me what happened at 3:00

    • EndaMac

      thats Zinedine Zidane. he can do whatever the hell he wants!

    • tffreeman

      I've seen that one before. That was Zizou at some academy in the States.

    • guyfromeurope

      And you don't know that the guy is Zinedine Zidane? One of the best football players of all time? Really ? and it's called football.

      • NonBrit

        Actually, it's called soccer, because we don't need any Europeans coming over here to tell us what to say in our own damn country.

        • cake eater

          I never thought it that way

        • whirrrrr

          Oddly enough, Europe is followed by a small thing called the REST OF THE WORLD in calling it football. But whatevs.

          • bigox

            Oddly enough Europe called it soccer first and then switched to football. we never switched.

            • whirrrrr

              What, now we're down to "YOU STARTED IT"?

              • ROFL

                "American Football was originally known in England as Start-Stop Rugby with Padding"…

              • bigox

                it's kinda a pointless argument, so yes.

        • medude

          actually, he's probably in his own damn country… and it´s called football

    • billdar

      Punch Zissou and you'll probably get the head butt from hell

    • Green Street Elite


      • Anon


  • Zombiesew

    Lol great video

  • Ilya Josefson

    Boring compilation is boring.

    • LSFNK

      repetitiveness of comment wasn't necessary.

    • Dave Wolfinger

      overused joke is overused

  • @StrongAsMeat

    The Football walk was epic.

    • Roscoe

      It's bullshit, not epic. Douche move by coach, for sure.

    • Eliana

      It was the best part!

  • zdrake13

    At around 3:00 minutes thats the greatest player ever Zinedine Zidane giving some youth goalie the business

    • HUH?

      good for him. a soccer "legend" showing up a youth. that puts him in the d-bag category for me. think his ego needs any more help? apparently so.

      • zdrake13

        there's no shame in being Zidane's bitch

      • Keith

        He shook his hand afterwards, Zidane is one of the most humble soccer (I'm from Ireland we call it soccer too sometimes so as not to confuse with Gaelic football) players of all time, watch any interview with him.

  • sixdeadelves

    good stuff

  • Bango

    It needs at least some Rugby to be a proper win compilation.

    • Keith

      bitta this:

  • Justin Kalman

    Dude at the end? Could probably kick your ass up a flight of stairs. AND make you love him for it.

    • JacksonMcNasty

      If you're into that sort of thing

      • The Chivery

        Of course he is. He's a Chiver. Chive on!

  • fed

    the best one is the guy that ends up in the tent… imagine if there was a hottie in there, HELLOOOOO!

  • Juan Epstein

    Quack Quack!

    He's gonna kill that duck!

  • Ben

    Gah – thanks for levelling the volume out – that was fkn painful (3:16).

  • @pezatsea

    Not sure if everyone was paying attention but the logo tees are on sale right now! Just got mine!!

    • steve

      got one too !!…….Chive on dude

      • JNMGFbhj


  • Corpius

    The backflip boy is danish. He was in the new and all that!

  • Corpius

    Woohoo 2 videos from Denmark!

  • Irni Mark Gemzon

    2:20 is so EPIC! he just walked like a boss

  • Dossett Lee Rogers III

    1:50 wake boarding into the tent is pretty cool. The dodge ball throw at 1:15 is weird, do the actually have like a dodge-ball team at their school and people cheer?

    • HUH?

      cant be here in america. its illegal to play dodge ball now. its also illegal to hurt someones feelings, sweat, or make a child feel bad about themselves if they are not great at everything. those kids werent morbidly obese either. definitely not america.

      • AsciiAdam

        I live in the Midwest and I agree. Can't be America, we have PCed ourselves to death. People would be "Shocked and Outraged" by that.

  • 2cool4skool

    I just about died when I saw the football walk. Epic.

  • Rolo Tomasi

    Little hating on the kid at around 1:20, he walked and the shot shouldn't have counted.

    The volleyball kill and basket is aweome.

    The coach that doesn't train his defense to (1) jump on first movement and (2) play to the whistle should be beaten.

    Happy Friday Eve.

    • HUH?

      you need to take a chill-pill. those kids are like 6 years old. give em a break. and yes, he traveled before the shot, and the ref saw it. but again, just kids.

  • Goody

    1:18 hate to burst his bubble but kid traveled

  • TanMan

    That last guy was like E.Honda but with his legs.

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