That GIF just eye f#cked the sh@t out of me (14 GIFS)

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  • Capt. Obvious

    #9 It would be my honor to adorn you with a Pearl Necklace…seriously, you are THAT special!

    • Tiago

      That would be her:

      • Jandro

        upskirt alert 42 sec in

        • steven

          How does that nano-second of upskirt even count? We need better action.

      • dwc928s4

        Ok, How the hell did you find that on You tube ?

    • ChivetteChaser

      elisa borgado

  • Unknown

    Omg, where are #10 and #13 from?

    • Scooter

      Skins. UK show. Kaya Scodelario

    • FionnR

      Skins Series 3 🙂 …effy

    • bobby

      Kaya Scodelario from Skins (UK) season 3 or (and) 4
      You're welcome

      • Jimbo

        That's actually from series 2. When she was 15.

        • Dinka

          Nope season 3 when she ran away.

          • come on dinka..

            nope on the bus is season 2, when tony had to save her.

            • Swez

              Spoiler alert!! yesh 🙂

    • Encel

      skins, uk tv show

    • j22

      I heard its on this uk show called skins.

    • Rerun

      Skins. UK show…i think i heard that somewhere…..IDK

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Is that from Skins?

      And is that a UK show?

      Can someone PLEASE tell me??

    • guest

      since no one has said it yet, that is from the UK show Skins.

      • newscot

        Hope it's better than the American version…

        • the_junglist

          They generally are.

    • Seth Michaels

      It's from an old show called Newhart.

    • wkdfrog

      It's an American show called Bones….Actually, no wait…

      • @transitshawn

        i see what you did there 🙂

    • Holmespump

      Midnight Meat Train

      or possibly Skins (UK).

    • Jared Hilliard

      from a show in the uk called skins

    • Nicoas

      EFFY, a girl from a TV serie Skins (the UK version)

    • Michael

      UK show called Skins.

    • Tommmyv

      I believe they are from kindergarten

  • Major Rocker

    Is there any gesture sexier than the "lower lip bite"?

    • Matt

      Maybe #6's gesture.

    • Joey

      yes…the sucking of the balls

    • Jay Ell

      Yes. Biting another woman's lip. And sexier than that? Biting another woman's "lower" lips.

    • Teach Love

      ummm…yes, the spreading of her upturned reddened ass cheeks with her own manicured hands so as to allow….

    • Roland

      I don't know, the shy "I'll do whatever you want me to do" nod in #4 is pretty sexy

  • JOE

    #14 WAT R U SAYING?

    • trevor

      "what are we going to do about that?"

    • WordsHurtMyHead

      What ARE we going to do about that?

    • miles

      "where is the mustache part of these fake nose/glasses"

      • i just chived

        miles wins

      • n1ghtstalker

        Brilliant. That is exactly what I was thinking when I was looking at that hooooter!

    • tom a

      this is an ad for pearle vision.

      if you've ever had a librarian fantasy give it a go. not bad.

    • KoalaSniper

      "I want you to drive me back" or "I want you to …. my …."

    • McLovin

      what ARE we going to do about that. lol i read lips.

    • Matt

      what ARE we going to do about that?

  • jess

    erm… the girl from #10 and #13 was about sixteen in those shots. hot, but definitely not legal. 🙂

    • Dirty Dingus

      Not legal to what…watch on TV?
      Is it the file format (GIF) that makes it illegal? Would they be OK as JPEGs?
      Please enlighten us.

      • its_forge

        Exactly what I just thought. Not legal to…. look at a GIF of and go "oh my, that's kind of erotic?" So sick and tired of this stupid paranoia with people shrieking PEDO PEDO PEDO about pictures of fully-clothed women. Guys, this isn't

    • CalculatedRisk

      Ummm… Legal here in South Africa… and legal by a MILE in Australia…

    • Daveo

      legal in the Uk where the show was made..

    • Paul Linton

      Was totoally thinking the same!

    • rossy

      she is legal in britain #10 #13

    • its_forge

      Legal if the person contemplating whatever one would contemplate looking at such things is also under the age of majority him or herself.

    • 15willgetya20

      totally legal in the USA, why do people assume 18 is the legal age? West Virginia is 14, 11 if she's your cousin!

  • Terry Burke

    i would kill to get a look like that from a girl

  • Seldi84

    #3 what film is that from?

    • milner567

      Commercial for a cell phone

    • rextar

      Canadian cell phone commercial

    • Bud Ugly

      Rogers commercial.

    • Colin

      Her name is Merritt Patterson

  • Major Rocker

    Still loading……

    • obv

      #14 looks like she has on a set of the glasses w/ the fake nose attached to them. MEH

    • Barney Stinson

      Please give me a hot second to…
      wait for it…


      • carl

        i just blew it

  • Peter

    #2 … i'm in love

    • Lucas

      get in line my friend. nobody's safe from adriana

    • D-Rock

      Love Adriana

  • KeyserSoze

    Holy shit. This may be the best gif gallery to date….

    • KeyserSoze

      you have low standards dipshit, hipster, douchebag.

      • thisgoesonandon

        Keyser Soze responding to Keyser Soze – as a man who doesn't exist, that's gotta be soze-ception.

  • jason

    #8 jizz in my pants

    • @BarrowsBOY

      it's not that sexy.

      • Cristi_P

        It's from a music video. Check out 0:53

        • NicoleBree

          <iframe width="560" height="349" src="; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

          • NicoleBree

            I fail..

            • Cristi_P

              Bwahaha 😀 didn't know about this one, it's brilliant!

      • ant

        were going to need a cleanup on isle 3

    • Hich

      Cash or credit?

    • KNOB

      dont tell your friends or I call you a slut.

    • JROC

      meadow soprano

      • LewisCav

        I was trying to think where else i recognised her from! thanks!!!

  • EdWood

    Two for one.

  • panama99

    #11 and #13 are great.

    Not sure what they are from though.

    • E Tex

      original skins show

    • Pat Overton

      Great googaly moogaly #11!

    • GlibTongue

      #11 = European Pornstar Roxy Panther.

      You're welcome for the business google.

    • jan

      #11 is Aletta ocean. She's a russian hardcore pornstar with fake boobs

      • Cary008

        Couldn't be more wrong

  • Gern Blanston

    Holy Shit #11 !!!! I just had movement!

    • That Guy

      i think every guy who has feeling down there had movement.

      • HO11YWOOD303

        I certainly did

    • Bob

      What is that chicks name

      • dOOb

        yep… that one did it for me

      • EZP

        her name is Roxxy Panthera or something, and yes she's a pornstar.
        Enjoy …
        you're welcome

  • BaconBoy

    #2 and a Chive shirt all in one day?!
    Life is good.

    • alkoholik

      is that adriana lima? her tits look massive

      • wanker

        she got some milk in them hahah

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    oh yeah they want it. they want it bad!
    #11 #6 #4

    • Matt W

      Good fapping news! I am pretty sure that #11 is Roxy Panther, porn star.

    • GIFlover

      #6 Diora Baird hot tub time machine

  • davisrj

    #9 Damn I need a cold shower!!!!

  • KyleRetrato

    #10 O_O

    • @JessicaSchor

      season 1 of skins, no joke she's fourteen here. #sadface

      • KyleRetrato

        Skins! That's where I've seen her before!

        • Jen

          gotta be from skins!

          • Therealslimshady

            Hey isnt this from that show Skins?

            • tawhitlow

              no. its from that UK show Skins!

  • Tokabwl

    #9 .. she is smoking hot.. anyone know who she is?

    • lonin

      Elisa Bagordo

      • Justin

        Thumbs up if you Google Imaged that name!! GUILTY!!

  • toastymoe

    #11 – i have to use my left thumb to do that… because my right one would taste like chewing tobacco – eh, maybe she wouldn't care

    • hMMMM

      "chewing tobacco"…is that what you're calling it now? hMMMM???

    • Apollo

      "You can keep that Skoal, baby"

  • misschris

    #6 Diora Baird is a goddess

    • hMMMM

      You throw around that term very loosely…she's hot, but not goddess status.

      • misschris

        To each his own dude. Apparently when I see a gorgeous, busty, sexy, long legged woman with big green eyes, I think goddess. But maybe that's just me…

    • MrRushing

      very true…. and the guy behind her is forever trying to sip his beer

      • Johnny_Dizzle

        There is someone behind her??……..

      • Therealslimshady

        I feel so bad for him. He must be in hell.

    • Adam

      That was a funny little cameo part in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE for DIORA. I am still marveled her amazing set are all natural.

      <img src="; border="0" alt="diora baird 5 Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

    • crowebar360

      so there's this. hubba hubba.

  • jakubwrobel

    #4 & #7

    • asdasd

      7 is a pornstar

      • Brad

        Ashlyn Rae

        • Perv

          And the scene is from Friends and Family.

    • Allenavw

      #4 Is from She's the Man.

  • RckLbster


  • Bless1

    #11- BRILLIANT! your welcome…

  • thom

    Uhhh…I can't get up from my desk for a few minutes.

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