Hot Right Now: This guy’s ex sent him an apology letter and he sent it back graded (15 photos)

That GIF just eye f#cked the sh@t out of me (14 GIFS)

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  • Anonymous

    #9 For the loved of god FIND HER!

  • cpat

    #11 gave me serious wood


    FACT: Every single man watching this will gladly give a testicle to be the recipient of any one of "that look"(s) !!!

  • arrrgghh !

    26 weeks later


  • Gwar

    #11, You….. nough said!

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  • Joe Blue

    #9 is the hotest girl in the world and she is italian. Find her!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nicholas

    i want #9. i live in north jersey find me

  • CMurda

    #9 gives me butterflies!

  • lylsmorr

    #9 my goodness…

  • tin man

    I have a boner…

  • ithilmor

    9 months later, still one of my most favorite post in here!

  • maguilera31

    #11 very good! & #13 LOL!

  • Atlanta

    Well, now I feel like a stud. 😉 Right back at you ladies.

  • TheTexan

    #4…….WOW….who is that!

  • Paul

    #10 looks like the California Lottery 'Lady Luck' woman from their TV commercial

  • eXeq

    A guy behind! Bad luck buddy. Not this time.

  • TheeGenerate

    #14 That PearleVision commercial is special to me. Find her!

  • TheeGenerate

    Obv Mac's fake account

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  • DirtyApple

  • Houston Chiver

    #10 and #13 …Effy ❤

  • dwc928s4

    OH MY GOD. This is the best post ever. We definately need MOAR of tihs kind. I just had the "O" face watching these.

  • @SoCalChiver

    #9 ftw

  • Paul

    #5 now thats wifey xD

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