The cotton mill. Sliced Bread. Nutella. Natural Asian breasts. Yoga pants. (30 photos)

  • bling306

    #8 #9 #22 #30 thanks for the toe! Yoga pants are simply amazing!

    • jason

      #8 is madisonQT – google her (nsfw)

    • R2G Fan

      #8 May be the most perfect yoga pants I have ever seen.

    • Nick

      #9 We. Need. MOAR!!!!

      • (%$(

        christ. the guys on this site must get absolutely NO sex if they flip-out this much over pictures of semi-naked chicks. but i guess guys that do that means they get LOTS of sex. lulz.

      • bud

        skeet skeet skeet

    • Randy Gallegos

      MOST of the pics in this gallery are taken from a website called "" great idea, SHITTY people running it. could be WAY better. the pics with the girl on her back water mark in the lower right corner are the ones im talkin about.

    • Tim

      you are so SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh Peters


    • Dingo8MyBaby

      Because fuck you, that's why!

    • Mokuseitora

      Scroll back up a bit and wash your eyes.

    • Dave H.

      To get rid of that awkward at-work bone you were sporting

      • Wing Zero

        You totally nailed it.

    • Gregory

      nice way to destroy a quality post…thanks a lot

      • MGWebbington

        When you purchase a cold 30 pack of beer, how upset are you when beer #30 isn't as cold as beer #1?

        • Underbaker

          Ok, we are not talking slightly warm beer, we are talking beer 30 is totally skunk beer.

        • Tony Prochilo

          not very

  • theatreides

    #10 is great….just great.

    • Brad

      still great after the 34th time it's been posted…

    • bling306

      possible douchette?

    • Del

      Teen Kasia…your welcome.

      • carl

        my welcome what?

    • edertef

      teen kasia ❤

    • DirtyArmySpecialist

      the shocker!!

  • Texas

    #32 Why Leo Why/

    • truth

      That`s Paula

    • obv

      because leo's a douche.

  • Martha Fitch

    #32, sure wish those were longer pants

    • Carlos Garcia

      spandex its not a privilege not a right

      • Martha

        Certain clothing shouldn't even be made in big sizes…

        • its_forge

          It's not, that's Spandex.

    • Paul

      I wish it was darker outside…

  • a-non-e-mouse

    #18 yum!

    • jaynecobb

      now just dip the tits in the nutella and we have the best picture in the world

    • JAMon

      two-fer…thanks, chive

  • MJK

    Yoga Pants is my new religion!
    Chive on from Treviso, Italy!

    • fed

      OOOH facciamo sentire! chive on da milano!

      • fed


  • MrRushing

    #17 #19 #21 = the Chive helping me mill through my day…. I tip my hat to you sirs!
    PS- Chi Town awaits your triumphant return!

  • NothingToSeeHere

    #3 haha – if that's not Kim Kardashian, she'd better watch out for a law suit.

    • reckless

      Kim only wishes she looked this good.

      • Randy Gallegos

        except it IS kim. u Fail.

        • NicoleBree

          Except that Kim IRL looks nothing like her photoshopped pics. Believe me, I've seen her.

          • its_forge

            ^^ That. Add about another 30 pounds more ass and that'd be a start.

  • disturbed

    #9 Yoga gap FTW. Def better than sliced bread.

    • Chazz_B


  • davey


  • Kaars

    #31… No Yoga Pants… No Complaints.

    • @mikeydangerous

      Need more Reon Kadena!

    • Billy Beaner


    • the elusive

      sometimes those wacky asians just get it right

  • Kato

    Don't you mean "The Cotton Gin"?

    • black dude

      or cotton pickers?

      • Joey

        lol nice…

  • theonehodge


    …and now bend…

    • b-ry

      those are some serious curves.

      • badbad

        That is Lexa from In The Crack.

        • i know people

          and/or Melisa A or Carrie Du Four

      • b-ry

        wish i had curves like that.

    • FionnR

      and turn around 🙂 …please 🙂

  • doh

    #32 chive: y u make me blind!

  • BaconBoy

    #4 #23
    … the best thing since…

  • drewby

    why is #31 holding a plastic spoon????

    • crookedcrow5150

      two scoops of goodness….. i dunno, didnt notice until you
      or should i insert a " you know your gay when you notice….."

    • Wonton

      'cause whenever you eat Chinese you are hungry 30 minutes later

    • Jay

      how the hell did you notice a CLEAR plastic spoon? I was too busy hoping it would turn into a gif and that boob would fall out! oh and clearly as crook said 'you know your gay when…..'

    • Red

      Spoon? There is a spoon?

      If that is what caught your eye, you loose your man card.

    • Cudaman

      That's not a spoon, the spoon doesn't exist. It is the water spray forming that.

  • helpermonkey

    #23 …Find her!!

    • Gutterville

      You might find some on your bread basket

  • Peter

    thank you, Leo

  • BMW

    Thanks for that Chive. FTW…. #4 #17

  • Tokabwl

    #19 I can hold your camera next time : )

    • truth

      Why?? Don't just eat dicks Tokabwl?

      • Tokabwl

        What you said makes no sense… at all.

  • mattythegooch

    I guess instead of sitting around with my thumb up my ass, trying to "BUY" a shirt…..I can stare at this. #4

  • *3H

    I hope these never go out of style!!!! But you should have yo be pre-approved!!! All but one of the chicks are.

  • danimal

    #22 photobomb left side

    • sully23

      haha. Good catch

    • theonehodge

      Oh no! Bieber! Respect lost.

      • caleb

        based on biebs on the wall, respect gained from pedobear

    • Colby

      WTF are you looking at?

  • crookedcrow5150

    #9 #30 yes, yoga pants are one of the greatest inventions. better than sliced bread forsure!

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