• Adz

    A bit too Blair Witch for me

  • emt30137

    looks WAAAAAY too staged. mehhh

  • thechevron

    come one chive

    1 fake
    2 really really old

  • jdoe

    This is fake, I am a videographer – the way these shots are, so perfectly done. The close ups for reactions were framed so well & the fact that the main person was in red to make her stand out even more, these are all clear signs that this a fake video.

    • NicoleBree

      You can see from earlier comments it's a part of an ad series by Heineken called "Know the signs" or something like that. 🙂

    • zowie

      don't forget the snap zooms. cant be done with amature gear.

  • NicoleBree

    Regardless if it's fake or not, the bride has gorgeous bright blue eyes.. Absolutely lovely.

  • zowie

    Fake Fake Fake. When you see a snap zoom with a cell phone video there in lies the evidence.

  • Aaron

    Seems pretty fake.


    some more incredible videos
    thank you

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  • duh

    That was so obviously fake….next time spring for a little dough and hire better actors.

  • nina

    why do some people always have to say something is fake.. you must live in a box….

  • Mistress9

    Who cares if it’s fake. It’s supposed to be funny. What with all the debbie downers?

  • brian

    No sh*t its fake!! NO WHERE does it say its real!!! Its part of a commercial! !! Did 123you of you need to say its fake!! Don’t you know others already said that??

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