WTF mate?! (30 photos)

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #11 not sure what that is… ive been fooled one too many times :

    • jeff

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    • Ken

      Its a flock of hot Asians!

    • browneye

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    • thepoopsmith

      Im pretty sure it is 'girls generation' a korean pop group

      • Joe

        It is not

    • evelyn

      i thought it was the same girl 9 times… damn

  • Tommy Jones

    Are #19 and #20 related in some twisted way ???

    • Darkside

      Im reminded of ATHF w/ #19

  • sheoncebelieved

    #6 I would shit my face if I found that in my beer stash

    • he/sheoncebelieved

      Ignorant troll.

      • sheoncebelieved

        looks like we have a stalker on our hands…

    • boobman

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    • carl

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    • Spivias

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      • GK-4

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    • kaka
  • SweetDannyJ

    Looks like incredible times right there

    • BelowHeavens

      incredible times with herpes

      • Jen

        she either forgot something this morning or is doing an epic walk of shame.

        • Cal Worthington

          That settles it.
          We NEED epic-walk-of-shame post!

    • newscot

      I hope this style catches on…

    • TheBAMFinater

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    • tralfaz

      Patty the day time hooker.

    • guyfromeurope

      nothing wrong with #16. let her show what she's got

    • carl

      advertising win.

    • Darkside

      Incredible times Im not willing to endure and buy prescriptions for…..Ill just watch from a distance.

    • cheezebits

      Oh daughter, you make me so proud!

  • sheoncebelieved

    #7 this for you Paula, whenever you're in public.

    • he/sheoncebelieved

      Dumb redneck.

      • sheoncebelieved

        are you piggy backing my name? What's up w/ that? are you stalking me?

    • Paula_

      I don't get humans. Why do people sit on these wells all the time? So rude.

      – the one you love to hate

    • IcanPEEclearlyNOW

      Actually in Paula's case, after she drinks – I need to hold for 30 seconds before I pee.

  • KeyserSoze

    #6 that's a weird straw…

    • Christopher Neufeldt

      It's just a bendy straw, nothing to see here folks….

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #8 new meaning to make it rain?!?!?

    • Mister H.

      pissing money…

    • SweetAwesomeness

      hey Chive…i am guessing posting a baby with his wang out and not blurring it probably brought you some heat from the Pedobear authorities

      • its_forge

        Are you fucking kidding me.

    • Boooger

      Leslie, Austin Texas' s resident wierdo. I wish people would not encourage him. don't fee the real life troll.

      • WordsHurtMyHead

        But he's keeping Austin Weird!

      • worlord

        Oh, now, come on. The guy's a lot of fun in person.

    • The Condor

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      • Weston

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  • jason

    #26 acceptable planking

    • jjj

      The fact that planking gained any popularity at all makes me loose faith in humanity.
      Your fucking lying down, big fucking deal.

      • jjj

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        • nemesis

          Don't forget "lose" instead of "loose".

          You're welcome.

      • Planking Nazi

        FYI – that's not real planking.
        Real planking is where only your feet and hands or head are supported…

        • fool

          i hope you take a tragic fall down a very tall staircase just for knowing that

    • James

      hot chicks or not, planking is still retarded.

  • Brother Maynard

    #11 got to be dudes. Still jaded Chive.

    • ThatGuy

      I don't care either way.

    • Ash

      I'm a chick and I don't even trust the chive on these posts lol

    • JGDouchy Detroller

      I'de still hit it…… with a can of Marzipan.

  • MikeOlmos

    #26 Planking is still stupid.

  • Mutt

    #30 Hipster Furries?

    • GK-4


  • KeyserSoze

    #16 Looks like summer in Hungary….

    • thisgoesonandon

      I'm hungry…for DAT ASS.

  • dazed and confused

    #18 That's depressing.

    P.S. is it weird that I find #9 sexy?

    • Tokabwl

      I have to agree with you about #9…

    • BelowHeavens

      Not at all #2 is also sexy

      • its_forge

        That soft belly is epic.

    • Josh Peters

      #18. Did the judge just give him free housing and food? Paid for by the good ole' US of A

      • SweetAwesomeness

        you know…somehow i still think this guy would rather be homeless and hungry in the streets than in a prison

        • maxwell1965x

          Although it seems like a disproportionate sentence for stealing $100, a lot of jurisdictions have "mandatory minimums" for certain crimes. The judge might have had no choice.

          • T.D

            Can no one look past the fact that it was only $100?

            He pretended to have a gun and used threats to get money. The CEO didn't. Different crimes.

            • maxwell1965x

              And that's the problem with mandatory sentencing — the judge isn't allowed to look at anything except the technical definition of the crime.

              • T.D

                Well if anything, I think the fraudster should have received a stiffer penalty. I don't feel that the robber should be given leniency because he has a media driven sob story.
                Visit any jail, everyone there has one too, and according to most, they are innocent too.

            • scharfy

              Was gonna post the same thing. One moved some numbers, the other threatened violence.

              • DCMOFO

                Did you read the whole story? The guy only did it for food and a place to stay. The cashier handed him stacks of bills and he only took one, and he turned himself in because he knew he was wrong. The mortgage CEO fucked countless people over to better himself.

                • Law Nazi

                  Doesn't matter.
                  The law is the law.

                  • Red

                    Laws that are made by lawyers. Need we say more?

                    • dromichaete

                      No, they are not and yes, we do. Got social studies?

                    • crazycyberbully

                      Laws are made by politicians… But I'm not sure if thats any better

                  • diehardcard

                    Stop quacking like a duck and start soaring like an eagle. Quack, quack motherfucker!

            • thisgoesonandon

              You are one messed up individual. Can no one look past the fact that it was only $100? – you asked. And your answer?
              Wake -The -Fuck -Up.

              • Larry

                It was robbery while pretending to have a weapon. It carries a stiffer sentence than fraud.
                People just love to hate rich guys, so everyone will lose their shit when these two articles are paired together. even though if you use your brain for second you will understand the difference in crimes. But and emotional outburst is all you seem capable of. Oh well, glad you have nothing to do with law or the legal system.

                • its_forge

                  Well I don't know about you but my life sucks like a great big sucking thing right now because some rich fucking assholes on Wall Street decided they wanted to play horseass with shitloads upon shitloads of money that didn't belong to them, and then after they'd assfucked the entire US economy and those of most of Europe and Asia, they begged for more money from the US taxpayer – and then at no point did they ever stop getting tens or hundreds of millions in bonuses apparently as a reward for fucking up bigger than anyone else has ever fucked up before in the history of Time. They should ALL be in jail PERMANENTLY.

                • Luxor

                  That's true, they've done studies showing that higher ups, especially CEO positioned people are pretty much considered in the categories of psychopaths. Think about it, no remorse, no feeling for the pain of others and no responsibility; guess how they're able to be in control of so many people without breaking down in pressure. I mean, billions of dollars that could-NO MUST have affected actual lives. Lives that could have required emergency help but couldn't because the mess up with credit and mortgages. The world is not as black and white as the laws. They are unfortunately written by people, flawed in many ways. Lastly, emotions are not always necessary, however the lack of it is even worse.

          • Brad Stevens

            um look at lindsay lohan

        • wake up

          Agreed. Josh Peters – nice picture – submit that fine lady for sexy chivettes – and if you want, I'll give her free housing and…food? Well, you know what that means. Take the high road you conservative prick – and hopefully your morals will improve and Uncle Sam can reduce the # of inmates in this country.

    • Sick and Tired

      It should be like in the old days. You get caught stealing NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES they cut your fucking hands off PERIOD end of story a lot of people would stop fucking stealing if we did that and sure some innocent people would get hurt but thats the beauty of it the fuckers who say that are the ones stealing that don't want to get there hands cut off so the hide behind the good o'l what about the innocent people that get convicted

      • Henrik, Denmark

        Move to Afghanistan or some other deeply religious country. Wish granted.

        • lidalida

          Man skulle tro du kom fra USA og var superkristen. Stop being so ignorant and judgemental, jerk-off.

    • Henrik, Denmark

      America is the western country with the largest percentage of its citizens in prison. 15 years for robbing a bank w.o a weapon is ridiculous. 4 years would be suitable, with the possibility for parole after 2. And no access to drugs or violence in prison.

      and 40 months for fraud in that scale is even more laughable. I believe it amounts to high treason, because its a crime that affects the economy of a whole society, state or country. Just like the corrupt dictators in africa or the middle-east who steals the money of their people, swine like this corrupt man is responsible for breaking down the economy.

      • iloveQuatchi

        Wow it's no where close to high treason.

        • its_forge

          They essentially robbed the Treasury of the United States. It's exactly treason.

      • Get Right

        I would agree in the long term who not only screws over more people but the country as a whole, the homeless man shitting in an alley or the millionaire stealing billions because he can. If not treason then definitely a crime against the country as a whole. But 30 billion compared to the national debt is pocket change. Do you have the 50,000 cash we all owe!

        • Ryan

          I've payed well over $50k in income tax over the past 10 years. And it's all been pissed away by our govt.

      • Larry

        He pretended to have a weapon, and therefore was using threat to get the money. It carries a stiffer penalty no matter who you are. Get over it.

        • its_forge

          "Bail out my bank or everyone in the US will be out of a job because there'll be no funds to capitalize private industry." Sounds like a threat to me.

        • oooo

          Larry, stop already, no one likes you. ,,!,;

          • Larry

            People do love to relish in their ignorance.

      • Larry

        "And no access to drugs or violence in prison. "

        I believe this sentence also proves how naive you are.

  • b-ry

    #8. nothin like sitting your naked baby in a pile of the dirtiest thing in the world….money.

    • Popinoff


      • b-ry

        not vegan. i like the sausage, if you know what I mean

  • EdWood

    These displays of public stupidity……….
    Really should be outlawed. imo

    • theweathermansaliar

      Yea, so should art and any other form of free thinking!

    • Porn Scholar

      appropriate double-entrendre:

      Taste the Rainbow

  • Mokuseitora

    #2 & #9 Find them!

    • Dan

      You must like dudes… #2 has his sack tucked back and #9 has makeup on!! LOL!

      • Kelly

        You must be a dumbass! LOL!

      • Mokuseitora

        It is the chive…. who knows!

      • its_forge

        Ah, no. That is a female tummy and pelvis. Sorry pal.

  • Mutt

    #3 What? You thought he was there for the competitive gridiron action?

    • calvin_hobbes23

      its sad to say but this is going to be the best football in cleveland this year

    • Salute my shorts

      Strange that her body looks 60 but her face doesn't.

      • schango


  • Kodos

    "Daddy, can I do that some day?"

    • BelowHeavens

      Remember safety first when playing with dangerous things

  • Sharky

    #29 Still hotter than Velma

    • varlotto

      Dat nose

      • Darkside

        Velma gave that good fat girl head tho.

    • Logan Vachon

      Please velma has the hot nerdy look, just need to get that sweater off and your good

    • its_forge

      Without the glasses and giant ugly sweater, Velma was one serious hot b*tch, man.

  • Kodos

    Lois must have a lot of sexual tension to work out…

    • ThatGuy

      And she must be expensive to keep.

  • max

    and i hope nobody uses the skills picked up playing COD

    • Just Sayin'

      The true question is – How could the moose have killed what has no life?

    • Jon

      I would run at the moose while side-strafing left and right in hopes of just knifing it for an easy kill

    • asdasd

      Take that daywalkers!!!
      Basement Dwellers 1 – Daywalkers 0!!

    • Random things

      Maybe he should've tried taming it.

    • black27696

      He's just lucky it wasn't a PVP moose.

    • Avkiwi

      Considering due to the online interactive nature of the game, it is in the games terms and conditions that you must be 16 to play, what were his parents A: Letting him play WoW in the first place? and B: letting him and his younger sister go wandering around in a forest alone?

  • pedo bear

    #13 So do I

    • disturbed

      Sister Fister

  • The Guy

    #1 'mI a little tea cup short and drunk..

  • pyrocyz


    Just not right

    • BelowHeavens

      No it's not. Part of whats wrong with the world…a large part

      • I keeps it real!

        pffft i know this is going to sound crude but the man just hit the lottery. 15 years of food, shelter, exercie, cable tv, a warm place to sleep, and it's all paid for by us….now that's the American dream!

        • Anon

          Yeah….you left out the beatings, rapes…..

          Typical Republican

          • Anon likes dick

            Wrong sir

          • don'tknowdon'tcare

            Typical douche. Assuming much and knowing nothing.

          • Typical Republican

            I'm sure beatings and rapes never happen to homeless people either…
            At least in prison they got a full belly and plenty of exercise equipment to work out on to help them fend off an attack.
            All homeless people have is some random Chiver trying to get it on video with the hopes it will get posted…
            The world is F*CKED in many ways my friend.

        • BelowHeavens

          This is very much against my nature. But, because this is The Chive and not Huffpost or another site, bar, or wherever I am going to abstain from any further political or social comments.

          lets keep the humor going here and enjoy our time in this oasis of a fucked up world

        • Ken

          Just another who completely takes fro granted the value of Liberty.

        • its_forge

          Not being able to go to a park that has y'know, trees, not ever seeing his family, not having a chance to get a job, rent a place, meet a girl, hell he'll probably die in there. Yeah he's gonna do GREAT.

    • Mister H.

      black poor vs. rich white….oh world.

      • T.D

        I didn't see the CEO threatening someone with a gun, or using threats of violence. So, I guess that doesn't count for anything? And the only thing you should be sentenced on is the amount stolen?

        Give your head a shake and look beyond the color of someones skin.

        • hMMMM

          You forgot to include the $2,999,999,900 difference in their crimes

          • T.D

            And obviously all you think about the amount of money involved.

            Robbery will always carry stiffer penalties than fraud. For a good reason. People are regularly killed and hurt during robberies; fraud victims just lose some replaceable cash, usually as result of their own foolishness or greed.

            • hMMMM

              Not disagreeing with you, Mr. Defensive, all I'm saying is that you HAVE to take the amount of money into consideration. If you're trying to say that there's nothing fucked up about 15 years for a bill vs. 40 months for $3B, you got issues. The amount of money involved ALWAYS plays a role.

              • Guest Commenter

                Aaggghhhh! Why can't I give you more than 1 thumbs up?

                • dromichaete

                  For the exact same reason for which TD is right and hMMMM is wrong.

                  • Guest Commenter

                    Or, you know, not that at all.

              • T.D

                The fact that a fraudster is going to jail for almost 6 years, speaks to me that the amount was indeed taken into account. Someone that defrauded someone of $100 wold not get 6 years.

                As to the apparent discrepancy of these TWO cases in question, comes down to the type of crime committed, not the amount involved.

                • More like V.D

                  shut the fuck up already

                  • T.D

                    Sorry that I don't feel bad for a bank robber.

                  • T.D

                    Its pretty funny how people eat up a good sob story and ignore the facts as result.

                    • D.T.

                      i know right? 'cause a miserly form of ruthlessness is so much more respectable, amirite?

                • angel

                  40 months is a little over 3 years, really you don't feel sorry for the man who took the 100, your a real f@#k head arn't you

                  • T.D

                    Why would I feel sorry for a criminal? He made his choice.

                    I feel sorry, and and have respect for people who don't rob others. Crazy, eh?

                    • angel

                      so you would never rob anyone no matter how desperate your situation got?

                    • T.D

                      That is excatly what I'm telling you.

                      That person you are robbing is a person, and just because your down and out, you think that gives you carte blanche to fuck someone else over? You think because your hungry its fine to take food out of someone else' mouth, by force?

                      And I'm the fuck head?

                    • angel

                      Well T.D I have a feeling you will one day experience first hand what it like to be desperate enough to take from someone else, it showed that he took only what was needed to survive and not just to rob from someone.

                      And yes you are a Fuck Head because you lack compassion.

                    • angel

                      Oh and by the way don't try to act all sophisticated by dropping some French in your statement, You already lack creditability for saying 40months was equal to 6 years, Come on V.D you can do better then that.

                    • T.D


                      This straw-man reeks of desperation. I take it you're all out of points to make?

                    • b-ry

                      "straw-man"? i don't think that word means what you think it means(even though i know it's cool to use it)….

                    • Paultr

                      Come on T.D! "straw-man" "carte blanche" using these words will not fool anyone into thinking you no your shit, You sir are grasping at straws!!!

                    • T.D

                      Keep waiting for that day angel.

                      Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are indeed people in this world who would rather suffer themselves, than inflict harm on others. These are the true compassionate people.

                      Kind of like the Japanese after the Tsunami vs. New Orleans after Katrina. Guess we already know what mob you would be part of.

                      When you stick that gun in someones face and take the money that would be spent feeding their family, make sure to lecture him that he should only feel compassion for you, because after all, "I'M HUNGRY, AND I"M WHAT MATTERS!"

                      Christ, a couple of well pair articles to inflict an emotional response, and people lose all sense of right and wrong. Its fucking scary.

                    • Guest

                      Don't remember reading about him sticking a gun in anybodys face, oh wait that's because he didn't have one.Just out of curiosity, is stealing someones life savings through fraud worse than taking some money from a bank, who just use that type of situation to make more money than they ever lost in the first place, through their own fraudulent activity.In my opinion all crime should be looked at in its own right and if your homeless and starving, which I assume you're not things change you feeble-minded fuckwit. Peace Out Bitches CHIVE ON

                    • Pete

                      If he had one, he'd of used it. He didn't, so he pretended he did. That's a crime too don't you know?

                      The billions stole were from banks too, so that's okay as well right?

                      Also the CEO didn't mastermind anything, and did not himself steal anywhere near 3 billion, and the mastermind of the operation has yet to be charged.

                      But don't let facts get in the way of your emotional, ridiculous rant. LOL

                    • angel

                      Well T.D I have a feeling you will one day experience first hand what it like to be desperate enough to take from someone else, it showed that he took only what was needed to survive and not just to rob from someone.

                    • J.L.

                      Crimes and their associated punishments are statutorily measured and prior records are given definite weight when considering sentencing. COMPASSION doesn't have anything to do with it, nor should it.

                    • J.L.

                      HOW are people so unrealistic to not realize what you are saying is the truth? Poor, sheltered, bleeding hearts that do nothing but complain. The facts here show nothing! The robber in all likelihood had a prior record of other violent crimes involving threats of force, as was therefore given a long sentence. Comparing crimes and sentences is ridiculous, even when you know the merits of the case .

                    • its_forge

                      This is probably the case. I know in Florida first-offense petty larceny is like, a month in jail, this must have been an extenuating circumstance. But! It doesn't make it any less ridiculous that a banker that fucked hundreds out of everything they had should walk in a few months of minimum-security paid-for-by-the-state golfing.

                    • its_forge

                      Where do you think that 3 billion came from? Out of the air? That was someone else's investment money and they were fucked out of it. Most of the time it's their life savings and now it's gone. Those people are all now fucked. But you couldn't give a shit about them 'cuz some black guy took $100 and gave it back.

                    • T.D

                      WTF are you smoking? Cause I want some.

                      Where did I say I didn't care about the people that were defrauded?

                      Carry on.

                    • T.D

                      Where does it say he gave the $100 back?

                    • TCUchiver

                      sorry for a criminal – they are both criminals….and both stole….there is a slight discrepency here……..

                • Ha.Ha.

                  There's like…so much fail in your response it's RETARDED. The fraudster got 40 months, which equals 3 1/3 years, not "almost 6 years"; the other guy got 15 years. Do you think the amount of money stolen ($100) was taken into consideration of his 15 year sentence?

                  It seems to me that you're the one that's not taking the money into consideration AT ALL. Fraud is just as bad, if not worse, than a robbery.


                  • T.D

                    The sum stolen is really the least thing to be taken into account.

                    If you stole a car, should your punishment be based on how expensive the car was?

                    What if someone stole a car that was $100 but he shoved a gun in an old lady face and pulled her out of the car.
                    Should he get less jail time than someone that stole a $30,000 left unlocked in a parking lot?

                    P.S Explain the logic of this:

                    "Fraud is just as bad, if not worse, than a robbery."

                    • Louis

                      Wow Your really are a short little pathetic man, its very easy to sit and judge people from your little secure villa over looking the salve fields. Get a life and make sure its not one daddy brought you.

                    • chiver

                      It seems T.D may start being the new Paula

                    • T.D

                      Shut up !!!!
                      I'm way cooler then Paula.

                    • T.D

                      I am eh?

                      Do you even know what your mad about?

                      Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you make the crime about the monetary value, does this not favor the laws to those that are wealthy?

                      Sealing from a rich man would be worse than stealing from a poor. Don't you see that?

                      Hahaha, villa on the slave fields. That's cute.

                      Jeez, I'm really getting the children all riled up today aren't I?

                  • J.L.

                    You, good sir look very foolish when you say "Fraud is just as bad, if not worse, than a robbery." Not according to the laws of the jurisdiction in play here, which is consistent across all 50 sates. ROBBERY – is a taking by force or threats of immediate death or physical injury. FRAUD – Wrongful deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

                • met3b

                  okay here goes, i come from a country where a person who steals three times they their hands cut off!!!! but, it all comes down to the judge, a judge should always have the right to take the spirit of the law into consideration because not all crimes committed are the same they have circumstances involving it that makes each and every case different…a judge in my country has the right to let a person that has done the same thing as the homeless man here go free after being reviewed by another panel of judges. just forget about the amount of money that was stolen now and look at the circumstances of each case. the first is a rich fuck who screwed people out of their money, they might have had to leave their houses for it, they might have had to stay hungry for a good while, they might have had to skip on medical care for it, all while he had enough money for himself to look after himself since he was a highly paid CEO. and the other was a homeless man, hungry, cold, and without shelter. he went to a BANK and stole money from them, money that was insured, money that was for granted to be returned to them no matter what!!! he then surrendered himself to the police and went to jail for it. he was NOT holding a gun with him, he did NOT take money from an individual, he did NOT put countless of lives through misery. now i have took everything i said from picture that we saw, you have no right to assume prior charges to the man. one question: do you think the CEO had he not been caught, would have surrendered himself to the police?

                  • met3b

                    excuse spelling mistakes and grammar errors, i "obviously" don't speak english as a mother tongue!!!

                • its_forge

                  "Someone that defrauded someone of $100 wold not get 6 years." He would if he was poor and black.

                  • T.D


                    People believe what they want to and disregard the rest.

                    These two articles are comparing apples and oranges, specifically in a way to play race as a factor. It's bullshit obviously, as they do not make a valid comparison.

                    You fell for it hook line and sinker, because of your pre-conceived notions.

                  • Earnest

                    The CEO was a single man in a large group of people committing this fraud, and was not the mastermind of it. The mastermind has not been sentenced yet.

                • its_forge

                  Forty months is three years and 4 months, you worthless dingbat.

                  • T.D

                    Doesn't change my argument in the slightest.

              • maxwell1965x

                Sorry, you're wrong; mandatory sentencing forbids the judge from taking the amount into consideration. It comes down to a violent felony vs. a non-violent felony.

                • mmhmm

                  Fraud of $50,000 or more can be tried as a violent offense in the U.S.

                • T.D

                  I guess you cant read.

                  • T.D

                    Oops, This was miss-posted.

                  • pete

                    T.D = Total Dick

                    • vhr1904

                      I like T.D = Total Douche

                    • angel

                      T.D = Tiny Dick

                    • T.D

                      Stop it guys, Stop picking on me

                    • T.D

                      Whoa, I really got the peanut gallery going today.

                      Oh well, have fun making up more reasons why its ok to rob people, and why putting those people in jail is whats wrong with the world.
                      Also have fun equating money to jail time. That's a sure fire way to make sure only the rich get justice!

                    • lol

                      Whoa T.D has serious multiple personality issue i think

                    • T.D

                      Shut up !

            • thisgoesonandon

              Replaceable cash? Tell that to all the homeless people – "Yeah bro, its all good, cash is REPLACEABLE". All you think about is justifying this bullshit. BILLIONS – does anyone think for one second what that word means? It starts to loose its importance when we throw it around…but keep in mind that most of us – if born into the world with a family that can prepare us and hard work to get thrugh school and move up in the world – can expect to have LIFETIME earnings somewhere between $900,000 and $1,500,000. A billion is this # – 1,000,000,000 – and he STOLE $3 billion. That is the worst kind of crime – as it affects far more people than a petty robbery – no matter how "Threatening" the actual robbery was.

              • iloveQuatchi

                Homeless people are lazy assholes. It really isn't that hard to find work. If they can't figure out where to look, well too bad.

              • T.D

                Its replaceable compared to human life and health.

            • Ken

              "Replaceable cash?" You must not realize how many retired people lost the savings they spent a lifetime working for in these scams. You think 70 year old grandpa has the same earning potential or do you think he can just go pull it out of an ATM?

              • iloveQuatchi

                It's their fault for making a bad investment.

        • Lionet

          You know, he didn't give a fuck about all the people who suffered from this fraud. Some of them might be forced now to rob a bank for food.

          • chiver

            Well said!!!!

          • T.D

            Unless you have a gun to your head, no one is forcing anyone to rob a bank.

            Even an addict bank robber has more morals than you do.

        • its_forge

          Y'know what, somewhere along the line part of that 3 billion dollars belonged to someone who needed it for something important, and now they don't have it because Mr. Fat Cat fucked them out of it. They miss a car payment and lose their car and then their job and then their house and then their wife and kids and they're living in a fucking box and they get knifed by a dope fiend just because it looked like a fun thing to do that day and they're fucking dead and it was because that fucking fat cat wanted to fuck somebody out of some money that day. Meanwhile that fucking fat cat gets out of jail after his 40 months with 26 months off for good behavior and another 10 months off for slipping $100 million of the money he fucked out of a bunch of stupid old people into someone's campaign accounts, and he goes right back to fucking people out of money for a living, lather rinse fucking repeat. Meanwhile some old black dude dies in prison for stealing some money and fucking giving it back.

          • T.D

            How does a fraud crime, in any possible way, excuse a robbery?

            I don't see a single person posting that thinks what the CEO did was right.

            I see many people posting that because someone paired two unrelated articles together, are trying to excuse a man that is guilty of robbery. Even the robber knew it was wrong. And I have no doubt he knew he would go to jail for it.

            Why don't you?

          • T.D

            Meanwhile some old black dude dies in prison for *Robbing a bank while pretending he had a gun* and *not* fucking giving it back.

            • T.D

              Did you ever think of how much longer that guy might have being homeless on the streets?

              Did you ever think that this might have been an intentional way for this man to wind up in prison? Who thinks they wont get jail time for robbing a bank?

    • MacNCheesePro

      That's America for ya!

    • datruth

      At least he's not a slave anymore

    • Chris Arabian

      I agree, #18 IS bullshit. Problem is if they sentence the white collar criminal for 15 years, then most of the CEO's that benefitted from the stimulus packages should have to do DOUBLE that amount of time. Something is seriously wrong in society when a starving man steals 100 bucks from a bank and turns himself in gets 15 years and someone who de-frauds for 3 BILLION dollars gets less than half that time …

    • jdoe

      The homeless drug addict theif has got to be fake, its too perfect of a story. Why would he return the money? I have gotten many emails like these in the past, usually attached to a very right wing agenda.

  • theatreides

    #18 is bullshit.

    • Nelson

      He's better off in jail these days. What a cush gig

      • its_forge

        Heh, if it's so cush why don't you move on in over there? You ever tried jail food? It's cooked by whichever prisoner they can find who'll volunteer to do it. Hey do you smoke? Smoking's illegal in jails now. Do you want anything from the store that's in there besides the three shitty meals they feed you every day? It'll cost you. Jail costs an inmate's outside family and friends about an extra $10,000 a year. And you can't work for it either. Fun huh? And that's completely aside the fact you're in there with some of the shittiest dope dealers and addicts and babyfuckers and people who like to knife a motherfucker just to see the look on his face. Oh and that open-air toilet is a win too. Yeah gimme jail baby, I'm all ready for that cushy jail lifestyle.


        • T.D

          Don't rob a bank and you wont have to suffer the consequences. See how easy that is?

    • maxwell1965x

      Not necessarily. If there were mandatory sentencing laws (which I think are a bad idea), the judge might have had no choice. Also, you don't know whether the homeless guy is a repeat offender. Again, under mandatory sentencing, you do more time regardless of the value of what was taken. The way he committed the crime also impacts the sentence (implying violence).

      • Ryan Aubin

        We certainly could use more information. But, considering the man only took one bill when offered a stack, and then turned himself in because he felt guilty, I would think he was not a repeat offender and just got desperate. And mandatory sentencing is a very bad idea indeed.

        • ThatGuy

          Its actually a great idea. If your goal is to milk more money out of the private prison cash cow.

    • the elusive

      There's Shreveport for ya

    • JoJo

      This is like the recent murders of that Pharmaceutical CEO whose kid supposedly fell down the stairs and died. His wife was found gagged with her hands and feet tied hanging from the balcony of his house but yet the police just describe it as a "horrible accident". If you are in the Elite club you can get away with anything.

    • @404usernotfound

      believe me, that homeless man would rather be in jail than out on the streets begging for the money for his next high. jail is a good place for him to get clean and gives him a home and food for 15 years. This may be far from his dream future, but compared to where he was before, jail will be like a 5 star hotel.

      • Jim

        Thats one of the dumbest things I've ever read. Your an idiot!

      • Trent Rhodes

        Obviously youve never been to jail amigo.

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