Hot Right Now: It’s the end of the week, time to Look Back At It (44 photos)

WTF mate?! (30 photos)

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #13, do ya love your SUN too?

    • Rushit

      Yes i love my son.

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #18, Judge dont like blacks

    • Todd


      Just an innocent bank robber getting a bum wrap. LMFAO.

  • CapnMFingPlanet

    #5 Human Centipede 2?

    #25 This child has much potential

  • P90

    You would have to be a monumental douchebag to wear these.

  • mikey

    #18 …'merica

  • bob

    #4 Savannah, GA..the 7th layer of hipster hell!!!

  • Steve

    #26 What a waste of ass.

  • bmwbro

    meanwhile in soviet russia # 16

  • bmwbro

    meanwhile in soviet russia #16

  • Gutterville

    #14 pretty much sums up british music festivals

  • Timothy Nowell

    #15 is even sadder in that I know somebody who treats their doll like that; they even have a Facebook page made for their doll and gets mad when somebody talks to the human instead of the doll.

  • CJK

    #8 – Leslie keepin it weird on 6th St. in downtown ATX. This is a tame outfit by his standards…

  • jdatx

    #8 oh leslie, he doesn’t look very drunk in that pic… a lil out of character

  • LineHog

    #15 Doctor Krieger's Fister Roboto……………………………….. (Archer)

    Show is fucking awesome!

  • Maximus

    #18 Y U so MAD america?

  • Brad Goodyear

    The Chive is supposed to be awesome. This… is not awesome… People are going to stop coming to the chive if you keep posting crap like this…

  • ATX


    That's Leslie. Austin's favorite Trannie. He has actually run for mayor a few times and famously house-sat a $1M home, since the owners wanted to p!ss off the neighbors. Keep Austin Weird!!!

  • Uncle Scotty


    Ah, finally, I've been wanting a new anal plug.

  • Mikey Heretique Vergara

    329 Fringe huh?

  • Mikey Heretique Vergara

    #29 Fringe?…that mr. Jones!!!!

  • hipsterbgone

    #18 I knew I'd be reading 100's of reply comments on this one hahaha (yes it's fucked up)

    #19 Grose, wish I had never seen that!

  • Thanks Chive

    I got that Microsoft windows virus from here yesterday.
    Pretty sweet chives, assholes

    • Frank

      Goat porn. Don't watch it.,

  • tara

    is #19 a peacock…

  • Will


    Chive I know where either another one of these is or its the other halves together. Ill go take a pic and submit it.

  • its_forge

    #25 A møøse bit my sister ønce – yes, I had to
    #27 Only $3642.78 plus shipping get yours today. Oh and it only works with the Apple iShelf which is another $346.52 plus shipping.

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