• Matt

    So it's just ONE photo of 25 people?

  • Bugman72

    Or are you saying there is only one hot chick at comic con????

  • Mike

    There is a link to the full gallery in the comment under the photo.

    • Amin

      Your very nice

  • Coldzilla

    Should maybe be retitled as "Women of Comic-Con"?

    Cause theyre, well………. women

  • Cody Fisher

    First picture – Adrianne Curry as Leeloo?

  • Anonymous

    This is a con

  • Major Rocker

    I'm not surprised only 1 hot chick attended.

  • Subetai

    Well, I learned from the pics that, outside of ladies paid to be there by a vendor, very few hot women are at Comic Con! lol But there are alot of very odd ladies, who try to balance not being hot, by being batshit crazy!! 😀

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  • Women

    Need to hit up comic con next year for sure.

  • bio667

    Where are all the SC girls?

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