• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1528091986 Chris Scharff

    That's pretty awesome. Kid's gonna tear up a kit one day.

    • davidM

      He needs to stick with what he is doing. Some of those sidewalk entertainers make decent, tax-free, money doing what they love.

    • gocubsgo!

      Come to Chicago my friend. This is outside of the gates of heaven, also known as Wrigley Field. Home to some of the best street drummers in the world. And lots of girls with very little clothing on – OH, did I also forget Old Style? Paradise I tell you, Paradise.

      • Juan

        The only thing worse than the Chicago Cub's baseball team are the Chicago Cub's fans… Bucket drummers are all over the city…

        Oh, And the gates of heaven you were talking about, Yeah, I think you mean the Madhouse on Madison aka The House That Jordan Built…

  • etc4779

    That little kid is an amazing little plastic bucket drummer!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000212541689 Matt Nowak

    bad ass

  • Chim richels

    It's nice to a see a little kid doing that, but the bucket guys piss me off. Drunks a baseball games always go apeshit for them but what they are doing a) isn't all that difficult and b) is all about flash.

    Most drumcorps guys can do this stuff x1000. If you really wanna see some crazy shit, look up Jeff McQueen.

    Or if you wanna see crazy stick tricks like this guys is doing, look up Chip Ritter.

    • Kellen

      This pisses you off? It's a hell of a lot better than the bums just asking for money doing nothing. They're not claiming to be the greatest drummers in the world, otherwise they wouldn't be street performers.

      • NonBrit

        At least the bums asking for money aren't as loud and are easier to avoid.

        The kid is pretty impressive, but I have to agree that if I want to listen to awesome drumming, I'll go out and find it for myself, and it'll usually be at a rock concert or a drum corps show.

        • black27696

          Yeah! Don't these people have anywhere to go? Are there no prisons? Are there no poor houses?

    • http://man-lair.com Stafferty

      Trolling…You Haz it

    • nemesis

      don't be a dick.

    • DudeBro

      Don't be that guy. You know, the "That's not impressive cause I'm a fucking douche bag" guy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/obi1kenobi Domanick Fabro

      i think ur gay for knowing all that

      • chim richels

        I think you (and probably your parents) are gay for spelling the name 'DOMINICK' the way you do.

        Do you have a sister named Jennuhfur?

        The reason I know it is because I have played drumset/snare/percussion for over 30 years and taught for over ten.

        • Joshyouuh

          I feel the same way about the name "Kim" spelled as "Chim." Unless of course, the "ch" in your name is pronounced the same as in "child." In that case, I dislike it even more.

          • AOT

            i also hate when chicks named catherine or kathleen call themselves "cat" or "kat".

    • Yeabigboi

      Chim richels wishes he had a cool dad who would spend time with him and teach him stuff

      • Chim Richels

        Yes, I wish I had a father with a criminal record who bangs on a fucking bucket for drunk Cubs fans as opposed to having a real job

        • NJF

          Do we know this for sure?

        • Phill

          What do you consider a real job? I'd much rather have a job playing percussion on a bucket, having fun, and entertaining people than working at McDonalds or sitting in a boring cubicle.

    • Dave

      No thanks. i just want to see a 3 year old kid hitting the s**t out of a bucket with his dad.

    • Canucks

      Fuck off.

  • Gooner29

    These two are outside of Wrigley basically every home game, he also has another son not in the video. The kid is amazing, but I do feel bad due to the fact that he is sitting in 95 degree weather playing a drum. Nothing like a little child exploitation to raise those donations.

    • Chris

      Yes, that child should be like the rest of our kids, sitting in front of the Xbox, packing sugar into his face, with no friends.

      • Gooner29

        I'm agree that kids should be active and not sit in front of a TV, but I also don't agree with having your 4 year old sit in this hot ass weather (considering it's been 100 here in Chicago the past 4 days), playing a drum. I'm all for supporting kids and their hobbies, but he can play indoors just as well as out.

        • Jay

          Kid looks like he's having a good time in the video. Ever think that he likes playing the bucket drums with his dad in front of a crowd?

          My parents took me skiing in -25C weather what i was a child, gonna scold them for doing things with me that I enjoyed?

        • dub

          1. If you have your own children, I suggest you protect them. Let this man protect his own.
          2. This kid will have a marketable skill and stage presence when he's older. The biggest fear among Americans is the fear of addressing an audience. I'm sure he'll be fine with that.
          3. They're African. They have plenty of melatonin with minimal chance of cancer.
          4. There's no money to be made indoors. This may not sound right, but then maybe you've never been poor.

          • Gooner29

            Just want to clear up that I'm not trying to bash the Father or his choices, I've just seen the kid almost pass out from the heat.

            One thing I am sure of is that the kid is crazy good for his age.

          • The_Dood

            I make plenty of money indoors… Actually, I rarely make money outdoors.

            • dub

              I don't assume you play a bucket for a living…

              • The_Dood

                How'd you know?! Oh wait, it was probably the part where I said PLENTY of money wasn't it?

                • Graham

                  Yes generally prostitutes do get paid better when they are in a hotel and not in the street. Those are call escorts or call girls.

          • Ryan

            I'm not usually the guy that corrects people on the chive but I believe you meant Melanin, not Melatonin.

        • Yeabigboi

          this video prob wasnt taken yesterday, dummy

        • Wilson

          Yeah it was 108 at Wrigley the other day ._. Children's body's can't handle heat as well as adults.

    • https://www.facebook.com/gabriela.r.miranda Gabriela Robyn Miranda

      Everyone is suddenly a fucking perfect parent.

  • eclipze

    kid's a fucking badass .. you dont need to watch it twice to see his passion for this music.

  • Anonymous

    That kid is awesome!

  • BBL

    There’s always one moron shouting out “YAH” can anyone guess where he’s from?

    • Bud Lee

      uhm…the same general area the performance is taking place???

      • BBL

        Ha Ha that's that thing called "sarcasm", right? Love it… 🙂

    • SeaBassEX

      He just came from your mom's house.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan


  • Jordan

    What do you do for a living… " i beat a plastic bucket" oh.. nice. Glad my tax dollars go to your welfare check.. Get a real job, and train your son to get a real job to.

    • dub

      He's an entertainer. And he probably enjoys what he does much more than Mr. Grumpy Jordan.

    • FLIPPS

      who pissed in your cornflakes this morning

    • Mr. Mr.

      How do you know he doesn't have a job an just does this for extra income? What's the view like up on your high horse?

      • chim richels

        Because this dude is outside of Wrigley every home game. A few other dudes too.

        Some call 'em 'street performers' – others call them 'street hustlers'

        Bottom line, neither is a job.

        • Djblue

          and the difference between playing on the street and playing on a stage is what?

          very slim, I'd say!

    • Cooperman

      Live and via the internet, these guys have entertained thousands. That has real value. You dumb, boring money-obsessed troll.

    • horrigann

      train your son to get a real job?

      • Indecline

        Yah, i think child labor laws would get in the way.
        I say continue training him to drum and maybe he'll be real famous one day

  • Corey

    Check out this father and son documentary film! http://igg.me/p/26226?a=123332&i=shlk

  • NothingToSeeHere

    ?uestlove better watch his back!

  • Mike

    Only in Chicago

  • Jeremiah

    Like a boss!

    • DrROBOTO

      like a clone ^

  • Johnny

    @Jodan who si to say he doesn't have a real job..probably not some fancy high dollar job like yourself, but how do you know this isn;t his off day and he and his kid like to go perform..u know there are people in the world who like to do this but hey who am I.

    • chim richels

      Cuz the fucking dude is outside Wrigley every home game. Grow up.

  • KyleRetrato

    Now that's male bonding.

  • konaehukai

    Nice. All though Chive, I would have preferred the Swiffer Ad to not be playing at the same time.

    • Douglas

      learn 2 adblock n00b

  • Crusher

    i don’t even!

  • misschris

    Amazing! And adorable.

  • Rick

    Pretty impressive I hope the kid goes far in life in whatever he chooses to do.

  • DAN

    That kid is 35 years old…

    • dub

      Gary Coleman? but I thought you died!

  • Piggly

    That should help him pay for his daily dose of crack

  • Coldzilla

    Pretty freakin awesome……….

  • Sir_Real

    I shall call him mini me.

  • KeyserSoze

    Where in Africa was this filmed?

    • dub

      Judging by all the white people, South Africa.

      • KeyserSoze

        that was funny

    • jamiebooks

      i thought keyser soze knew everything about anyone, or doesn't he :s

  • davey

    why dont they get a pair of snare drums at least with the money they get?

    would be louder and draw more attention.

    • dub

      Their magnum opus would be a suicide bombing.

    • chim richels

      Illegal. This is at Wrigley.

      There used to be a dude with a kit on the NWest corner of Sheffield and Waveland.

      Then there was a 'band' – dude with drums and one guy with a sax or trumpet and the another guy with timbales on Sheffield right under the right field bleachers.

      Noise ordinance. Too loud, so they got booted and now the bucket guys are there playing paint buckets for drunk frat boys.

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