They’re not makin’ shorts any shorter these days (27 Photos)

  • Beano

    FDAU #24

    • medtxpack

      thats gotta be a pic from a craigslist personal ad!! haha

      • Bucky Jones

        She's laying on a bed in a sleazy hotel. This has trouble written all over it.

        • thisgoesonandon

          Craigslist? More like Or an escort site!
          MOAR! Chive – FInd Her – and make her legit! lol.

    • Ziplab

      #17 is nice too

      • whatever

        amia moretti. Google.. lots to pick from

        • erikhart

          NOT amia moretti

    • hMMMM

      this is NOT FDAU. Get the shit right…her face is UP.

    • the_junglist

      You might want to check her ID. Thats screamin "JailBait."

      • Dena Long

        I was thinking the same thing…..yikes!

      • rodan303

        pedobear approves

        • Pedo-Man

          PedoBear doesn't exist. But I do.

  • Bucky Jones

    #24 is cute but I like my freedom

    • Jen

      looks like the beginning of a cheap porn movie.

    • biggles

      Looks old enough for me. but then again, I never ask for ID

  • IJL

    #11 those are just a new kind of underwear haha

    • Kaars

      Yeah, I'm starting to think that the female version of "Nevernude" might actually be ok…

    • sheoncebelieved

      how come every chick from Jersey is a dirty slut? #25 too

      • bling306

        whoa whoa whoa why are these broads from Jersey? And they arent all sluts here, most of em are from new york and they just invade jersey

    • KyleRetrato

      Most of them are. Love it.

      • AOT

        only guys who can't get quality chicks like sluts.

    • aaa

      There is something with the reflection? see closely

  • Matt

    #6 nice camel toe

    • absolutcarcrazy

      That's more like a whole foot.

      • ilovethechive

        She looks like she is smuggling a yo-yo! Nice nips too

        • Malkintosh22

          Is that a yo-yo in your pocket, or are you just wearing short shorts?

      • red

        She should be careful walking around the living room at night. She could stub that on the coffee table.

    • Harry Lynn

      Its the "holy camel" of toe

      • tom

        more like moose knuckle

      • Jason Ciotti

        Holy Camel Toe Batman!

    • yep


      • dcw

        see what you get for stating the obvious? down votes! that'll learn ya. nobody wants their fantasy shattered 😥

    • Littleoff

      Holy Shit. I can see what she had for breakfast!

    • Maynard G. Krebs

      Looks painful

    • Tomas

      Toe, Burn Bra, Gap, Shorts, Tanned…

      • Jen

        i can see her fallopian tubes!

      • Jay


    • DWD

      Someones vagina was hungry…

      • rodan303

        nom nom nom

    • northerner


    • cudaman

      She must think everyone is deaf, cuz we can read her lips.

    • shiznit

      this is called a moose knuckle

    • max

      WE NEED TO FIND THIS GIRL CHIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!…(i'm serious )

  • absolutcarcrazy


    • Sigh

      I thought this gallery was great, until I got to the very creepy and douche-baggy comments at the bottom. Made me feel ashamed to call myself a Chiver. Don't hate, appreciate.

      • McBeastie

        Lighten up. There were some definite skanks involved.

    • confession

      While I don't think the chicks here are necessarily "virtuous" or what I would want my wife or daughter to emulate, I must admit I usually enjoy looking at them. I guess that makes me male, or maybe a hypocrite. I enjoy the skanks.

      • Jack Mehoff

        "Virtuous?" What the fuck man? if you are looking for a wife you're looking in the wrong place.

        • its_forge

          That's what he was saying, you dork.

          • penis

            everyone stfu and enjoy the skanks, especially the one with her vagina bustin through her shorts.

            • Flicka

              I like "quality" women too, but I appreciate that some chicks will just put it out there on the internet so I can enjoy what they have to offer without experiencing the things I don't like.

  • Mr_Rob

    #6 define "Camel Toe"…

    • disturbed

      I want to go to there.

    • Vanxidar

      this makes me wonders; does cameltoes' SFW? and does people really walk around like this?

      • top dog

        In Europe, yes. I use to see it in Germany and Italy all the time. It's not such a big thing over there.

        • AOT

          yeah, 'cause you guys aren't a bunch of sexually-frustrated virgins.

        • matt

          mmm sounds like thats where i need to go, in the states people think its nasty or a bad thing, i love it, like they say "if you got it.. flaunt it"

  • KeyserSoze

    #7 Can I help you with that?

    • blond girl

      Yes keyser. please pick the corn from my shit and tell me how it tastes

    • GK-4

      i love it when that happens

  • metalcool36

    The should just stop making women's clothing all together… Force them to be nude, they barely wear any clothes anyways!

    • hMMMM

      I actually think that the reason why we're intrigued is b/c they're at least covering up. It's sort of like that Seinfeld episode…always nude sounds nice, but at the end of the day, I think the whole fun is that we're left to wonder.

    • whatever

      Think about what you'd have to witness. For every hottie, how many fat fucktards would you have to barf on?

      • metalcool36

        Well the "fat fucktards" actually wear some sort of clothing (parachute, drape, quilt, etc), whereas the hotties wear practically nothing so why not just take it all off

        • whatever

          If you could enforce that to babes only, I'm all over it. metalcool36 for president

          • Dena Long

            Parachute…drape…quilt…LOL that's funny

            • MMBNNB

              don't laugh at yourself.

  • B-Jammin

    #6 & #11 shorts shld be the new fad-standard!!!

    • ilovethechive

      Agreed! #22 wasnt bad either

      • Sterling Crawford

        Find a tush in Brazil that is.

        • Chazz_B

          true, south american tushes are first class

    • Jack Mehoff

      You're late Jammin, been a fad for years.

  • Ziplab


  • Firefighter23


    • Dr, STFU

      Isn't time for you to start a fire in san diego yet? Stop slleping with your coworkers and get to work.

  • Underbaker

    So that must mean they are making the Butts bigger, specially in Brazil #22

    • its_forge

      It's… Brazil. Are you not familiar with the Brazilian genome which apparently features the Awesome Ass Chromosome?

  • Craig b from ct

    #11 please. That will be all

    • Beece

      Nicole aka Coley aka Coley Moley from or This is pre-boob job and about 6 years old. Sad she game up camming….

  • hebrew_hammer

    Beware the Toe!!!! #6

    • Chuck Taylor

      Toe? What toe?

  • laxcat36

    #11 oh look what you've done to a perfectly good pair of shorts. Should have just donated them to goodwill and wore nothing.

  • @ADavis41

    Very nice.
    These would fit nicely as a prelude to hump day.

  • NebraskaGuy


    • ToldYaSo

      Mooseknuckle is a dude thing. That, my dear Cornhusker, is a camel toe. I understand though, you are from Nebraska, where everything is 10 years behind and backwards.

      • NebraskaGuy

        Oh my bad, kind sir, and thank you for pointing that out 🙂 You are a true aficionado of men's crotches and know all the correct terms. My Nebraska ball cap is off to you!

        • england

          Well played sir! Bully to you.

      • Ha.Ha.

        HA…just got shitted on by some dude from NEBRASKA

  • Vantastic

    #11 who wears short shorts?

    • ilovethechive


  • remix_

    #12 and #17 WIN!


    oh. my. god.

    • CHODE

      amia miley, check it out

    • jeff

      amia miley, porn star

    • squidward

      definitely not amia miley

      • Phlerm

        wrong. Amia, no doubt. She's nimble

    • That guy

      She goes by ileana on Your welcome!

    • Skinnypete5
  • Backslash

    #22 God I love brazil

    • GREG

      god i hate that rail

  • RoyceDa59

    luv i, tis should be a new weekly post, Short short saturdays, What do ya think Chivers, Back me up on this one!!!!! ;0

    • Guest

      Damn. You seem like a desparate little fuck.

      • whatever

        haha. indeed

    • DirtyArmySpecialist

      Kick a freestyle…

    • Ian

      If there were no comments like yours on the first page, I was going to hijack one to say that I think this is the greatest post theChive has ever done.

      • Flicka

        Thumbed, supported. You're a giant among gnomes.

  • Glitched

    #6 wow

    • Plunker

      Yeah. While I appreciate the look, I wonder how and why.
      Is she a hooker? Too good looking for a hooker. Just out to get a dude? Shouldn't have to work that hard.
      Just a "look at me" ? Well then we shall with pleasure.

    • Garrett7292

      The moose called, it wants it's knuckle back.

  • Chiv3On!


    Yer doin' it right.

  • crookedcrow5150

    #6 nice ninja boot
    #15 I just want to see how she gets them off

    • ????

      with my teeth

    • Vanxidar

      lol ninja boot.. i gotta remember that

    • sniggi

      seriously 15 is one hell of a dumper

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