They’re not makin’ shorts any shorter these days (27 Photos)

  • ding ding

    #17 ileana from ftv

  • ImpressMe

    …..and they will pitch a bitch if you whistle at them….or stare at them…. or make any kind of comment at all…… all ass, no class.

  • chivetteluver

    #6 Is that painted on?

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  • Justin D.

    #2 – Jesus…that's a nice ass. Same for #12 and #22.

    #6 – That's some major camel toe. It's like her cooter is trying to eat her shorts.

  • JimI D.

    MOAR #17 and #24 !! The only ones who do not look like hookers hired to pase 4 pics !!!

  • Daniel

    #27 All white track team? Bet they are slow as fuck.

  • Laiho27

    Wow!!! Who is #14 & #22 I need to know. There amazing.

  • shon

    #2 that’s all

  • its_forge

    #6 Woman, you are an adult. Presumably you are not a prostitute. Yet you are walking around outdoors with your breasts and your twat in plain view of everyone. Do you not feel just a *little* silly? Because to me you look like a cartoon in Hustler magazine.

  • dees

    # 18 I wanna lick your toes.

  • dwedwdwe

    number 13 find her now!!!!1

  • Laura

    SWORE I knew two people in #27. Looked up on facebook, yup. My old school

  • viperbot

    #6 has the Trifecta. short shorts, no bra and a camel toe, she is perfect!

  • S13nobling

    #2 – what's it called when you want to motorboat a bodacious ass ??

  • bpowell

    #7 do it like its your job…. oh wait…..

  • somerandomguest

    #1 #11 #17 and #23 are beautiful, #7 is just a straight up whore

  • Anonymous

    i spy camel toe!

  • AdmiralObvious

    While all the short-short pics are certainly lovely, the type of expression used in the title actually implies that shorts are getting longer.
    Ie. "Real estate is not getting any cheaper" or "You're not getting any younger."

    I for one don't want any of these shorts to get longer.

  • @thejoker122

    I am looking for the twitter link does any one know where I can locate it?

  • anon

    I'm definitely an ass man…but #15 is just overwhelming…

  • hipsterbgone

    #6 must have a rape fantasy

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #13 #15 Fap all day

  • Yes_Indeed

    I think chive should start a section for Pawg's
    FYI: Pawg – Phat ass white girls

  • martinezfred

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