Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (26 Photos)

  • Tyler

    #24-hipster? Wtf are you doing Mac?

  • Taylor Christianne Perkins

    #2 has a really pretty car. 🙂

  • Michael

    "Please, will you bring me to your country and marry me????"

  • absolutcarcrazy

    #3, #4 won

  • Dude22

    I'll take #14 …Im a sucker for a redhead

  • Gerry

    I'm in love with #12

  • amit

    I like 3, 16

  • Koonsie

    Where the fuck is the 'so you got wastes last night' thread!

  • hipsterbgone

    #21 and #26 wish i had that to bring home to my parents

  • Anon123

    These comments are getting faggier every day. Chive, get rid of the 'thumb' bullshit please. The comments have become a 'caption this photo' fest with morons trying to get the most thumbs. The comedy is dead.

  • kamal

    I love this

  • CarsonRosalyn

    demn. where can i find these girls?

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  • Ilyke Gayhed

    Way to go NY. Now homos can get married.

  • BMW

    Lookin good ladies… #6 #26

  • rodrocks

    #1 Hot, #3 Hot, #5 Hot, #10 Hot, #7 Cold, #22 Cold. #25 HOT!!!

  • BMW Babe

    #2 #7 VW Bugs suck. they get stuck everywhere.

  • tommy2X4

    #15 1970?!

  • MeisterMon

    #10 equals a shark attack waiting to happen! Who paints the bottom of their board black FOR FUCKS SAKE!! Geebuss, you are just asking to get eaten! Oh, and yes, I would eat her!

    #15 equals aliens that just landed!

    #20 is all about 'Merica for 'Mericans'. A straight up girl next door beauty!!

    That is all!

  • richd106

    find her #6

  • Sacramento CA

    #3 Find her and MOAR!!!

  • None

    #18 Courtney Stodden? Really Pedobear?

  • bigc78

    15 middle find her!!!!!!

  • ...

    I Think #3 is Melanie a Royal Flush Girl World Poker Tour

  • Alister

    #14 and #19 please. thanks chive. 😀


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

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