High-res girls help the Cutter Eagle set sail (25 HQ Photos)

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  • t dangle


  • smeyotch

    19 Wow!

  • willimo27

    #7 is really cute

  • alec

    jesus, I don't know if the guys from the chive ever look at these comments, but they need to find #7 and #17

    • Rick

      we do

      • nate

        i remember #7 not sure if she was ever found

        • Rick

          funny, even before John (theChive/my roommate) saw the comment, we were talking about that photo and finding her

  • Swarley

    who r #5 #15 ?

    • newscot

      5 is September Corrino. Her name's on the picture.

  • james

    moar of #13

  • born2chive

    #19 dat ass…!!!!

    • big_hairy_si

      It's a good call, but the over-the-shoulder coquettish look of #11 seals it for me.

      • Bobsagetsays

        denise milani…your welcome from the chive

  • Sappercrg

    WTF is with the ship always in the way. Moar girls less ship.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #27 Just … WOW!

  • sheoncebelieved

    #1 and #11 I would love to see her from the front, those look like some huge melons…FLBP? I'd say so

  • Paul B

    Thanks from this retired Coastie. What an amazing ride it was back in the day, wind whistling through the taught rigging', the sounds, the smells. All hands on deck! What great memories.
    Paul B CPO USCG (ret)
    Oh, yeah, nice boat too.

  • Motis

    #15 cute as can be! #23 Lovely check out the nice Gap!!!


    I just did some research of the Eagle. Apparently she is a Gorch Fock-class barque, named Horst Wessel originally used as a training vessel for the German Navy. She was the second ship in the class to be built after the class namesake, Gorch Fock. Adolf Hitler and Rudolph Hess were present at the launch and christening. The name was given in tribute to Nazi party member Horst Wessel.

  • buffyspanties

    #7 was found before but i can't remember where… anyone have good memory?

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