Bikini-clad girls of Facebook (29 photos) did not directly take any of the above photos from Facebook. All pics submitted by users and no guarantee any of these photos are actually on Facebook -but seriously, who cares if they are or not, they are hot as hell.
Do you have a hot Facebook friend? If so, it is a matter of national security that you upload your photos on our SUBMIT page or email all hot pics to: thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. Do it for your country.

  • Blindsided5

    #17 this should happen more often.

    • echogeo

      Except for the friggin' duck face in the middle. They almost made it too.

    • Hitesh

      Nice bikini

  • Kyle

    #6, #24, both very cute and very hot.

    • the elusive

      Yeah, #6 has a nice little cooter shot

    • Steve-o

      #6 looks kinda like a big tittied Phoebe Cates

  • konaehukai

    #3. Gawd I love Summer

    • Burb

      I think her name is actually Misty.

      • MadMansDad

        Misty??? You are making stalking her difficult

      • FunkyFunky

        No, her name is Cassandra

        • FunkyFunky

          oops Kassandra Brooks not Cassandra lol

    • Simba

      FIND HER

    • sheoncebelieved

      I like how she's eyeballing us out of the corner of her eye and you can see she has beautiful light blue eyes….mmmmm yummy

      • Scubasteve

        you are looking at her eyes!?!?!?!

        • sheoncebelieved

          I look at everything, I'm not a simpleton like you.

  • Doug

    You definitely wont find any of these on Google+

    • Burb

      What makes you say that?

      • Waylon

        He is implying that it seems Google+ is predominantly men.

        • Chris Scharff

          Actually he's saying that google+ is a fuggin ghosttown. You can hear the echoes of the key-clicks.

  • Anjin-San


    the one on the right…

    • Burb

    • MDOG31

      Left one for me.

      • @HarlemsFinest7

        The one on the left is awesome!!! I agree MDOG31

    • northerner

      Middle! Heck, all three!

  • @pezatsea

    #28 Yes please!

    • Ha!

      Is this Abbey Brooks?? Google her… I think that her…

    • Kahl Drogo


    • Lowrent75

      Unless that is super-duper shopped, I think not. I could be wrong but…

    • Murungi Dickson

      thanks for sending me nice chic

    • djswass

      Yep its Abbey Brooks if Google is not good enough for you there is always 4tube

  • b-ry

    MOAR of all of them please.

  • Chiz Niz

    Gotta go back and look at those again!

  • zighawk73

    #15 N-n-n-n-nipples!

    • @pezatsea

      #15 was my favorite until I got to #28

      • Ha.Ha.

        #15 is definitely one of the uglier girls on this post. Crazy what a centimeter of nipple can do…

        • Chazz_B

          she has a nice body and is not ugly at all sir, you have a weird perception of things 😛

          • its_forge

            From here she looks like she probably has a truly epic bottom.

            • Chazz_B

              which makes me demand for moarrrr

        • its_forge

          I dunno, she looks pretty cute to me. Don't have such a high standard. Plus direct overhead sunlight is a really crappy lighting angle for anything besides "wow, boobs."

      • Amused

        Holy Hanna, how did I miss those the first go???

    • the elusive


    • Steven

      TWO NIP PICS ON A MONDAY?!?!? Oh Chive, you know what I need all too well

  • Yuppp

    #3 and #5 GOOD GOD! Those boobies would get one hell of a bouncin!

  • Burb


  • yummy!



    • rohit87

      rohit says..
      newtons law of gravitation need to study agian…why the law is not …failing to apply……yummy

  • Stafferty

    #7 #17
    They are all wearin the same outfit. I think they should all get totally undressed to save themselves from the embarassment.

    • its_forge

      They all have identical tummies too, it's kind of creepy…

    • Marcus

      They're all wearing the same stuff because they're the same group of friends. They all went to UCSB and the outdoor pic is in Isla Vista. I remember them because they used to hang out with the guys on the baseball team.

  • Burb

    do you think we're fucking mind readers?

    • Anjin-San

      my bad,
      sorry bro

    • Zlander

      I'm bulimic!

  • born2chive

    lovin me some #28!!

    • echogeo


  • Burb

    Chivers are dumb, for the most part. Like, there are a couple of cool people here, but most of you are creeps, douchebags or tools. Yes, please feel free to thumb me down for the honesty.

    • absolutcarcrazy

      And which of the three categories would you fit into? Dick. You eat some now.

      • Burb

        Here's a perfect example of the kind of Chiver I was talking about.

        • absolutcarcrazy

          Breasts…… go enjoy them. And Chive on.

        • Zoom

          i know exactly what you're talking about.

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      Most of the times i just watch the pictures and dont add any comment, but when I do comment I like to troll

    • ChiveCentral

      You're right – most Chivers are 20-something and extremely immature. Here on the Chive you'll find name calling (yes, just like in Jr. High) for ridiculous reasons such as … asking a question, misspelling a name, posting a comment someone doesn't agree with, etc … the list goes on. Oh, and then there are those who thumb down simply for the sake of thumbing down.
      You see, the problem is they allow these children to post anonymously, so they feel safe from getting spanked by their moms and dads for poor conduct on public forums. When I was growing up, we were taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Simple!
      You won't find that Golden Rule here, that's for sure.
      Anyway, I thumbed you UP for your honesty. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

      • 123

        How in the hell are you going to make an anonymous comment about "children [who] post anonymously, so they feel safe from getting spanked by their moms and dads for poor conduct on public forums". I don't even know what that means. Are you saying they're not logging in because they're afraid their parent is scouring the comments sections of sites to be sure their children have good online etiquette? That is a strange world you're choosing to occupy there, fella.
        On top of that, you're heaping on to what the original douche said about this site being full of immature kids, then you use the screenname ChiveCentral. You are so full of WTF I can't even wrap my head around it.

    • 123

      And yet here you are spewing out your shitty opinion in the forums of this site. Great. Thanks for sharing. Please come back so you can contribute some more of your shittiness soon. We all care deeply about your opinion.

      • Foosbah

        apparantly the chivers hate justin bieber and twilight, yet there's something posted about(at least one of the two) every day for them to bitch about how much they hate them and wish they'd go away(LOL, WUT?). same thing.

    • ToldYaSo

      Who cares. If you missed he boobs, then you missed the point. And that's being honest.

      • Whatevs

        This site didn't used to be about just boobs.

        • WordsHurtMyHead

          But sex sells on the interwebs so boobs it is!

    • its_forge

      ::shrug:: I care what some random schmuck on the internet thinks.

      • Justin Bieber

        Yeah you do, old man, otherwise you wouldn't have a rated account. You're not fooling anyone.

        • its_forge

          LOL please. When this commenting system first started I didn't think there was any other way to keep my handle, I could give a fuck about the rating.

          • Freddy Mercury

            "you could give a fuck.."? you might want to do something uncharacteristic(from what i've seen from you so far) and think before you type.

            • its_forge

              Yes you definitely should go and look up the words "verbal irony." And Freddie spelled his name "Freddie" and the sneakers he wore onstage were far more awesome than you could ever aspire to be.

  • Gary

    #5 i think i have that belt…

    • Tc 2797

      Gary, Why U so gay!!!

    • crowebar360

      Do you wear it whilst drinking PBR and sporting ironically large sunglasses?

    • Byrd

      in my mouth….

  • @valorikx221

    I'll take #29 to go please.

    • asdfg

      so one find her plz

    • @valorikx221

      Almost forgot #1 on the far left and that great rack

    • Seth Michaels

      I'm pretty sure that you can get 15 to 20 for just LOOKING at this pic.

      • Fuzzy_wuzzy_buzzing

        and i'm pretty sure that you are a pussy

        • Patches

          Total pussy! Seth how dare you not want to bang a 12 year old girl! You must now be ridiculed!

  • I keeps it real!

    they all look well educated

  • absolutcarcrazy

    I'll take the normal, fun looking, ladies in #16 & #25.

  • Birdhaus32

    I can't just pick a couple for Find Her, sooooo FIND THEM ALL!!

  • Skedaddle

    #2 find the blondes on the outside. NOW!

  • hMMMM

    #20 – the anti-gravity tits RUINED this picture. What a face!

    • Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      I am still stuck on the bikini

      • Racist

        That's b/c you're Mexican.

    • its_forge

      ::shrug:: she's still very pretty.

      • HO11YWOOD303

        I know this chick, she's super hot. Here's her amazing hump <img src="; width="326" height="500" alt="l_76c9fabd9a4642d338370a5ac55f1781">

        • bloub0


          • HO11YWOOD303

            Names Sevasti , everyone calls her Sevi. Shes from Tampa, FL

        • its_forge

          ::nod:: You can definitely excuse not-ginormous plastic boobies for a keister like that.

  • Mikey

    Awwwwwe Summertime 🙂
    #18 On the left 🙂

  • Kodos

    Start breeding MOAR of her, and our species is saved!!

    • @valorikx221

      what ^ said

    • gfd334

      that's kind of a creepy thing to say

    • its_forge

      With that pelvis she could probably breed a whole race of attractive humans.

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