Celebrity throwback (30 photos)

  • meh


    • feh


      • Juan

        James Dean fell in love with and tried to/did fuck a 12 year old boy. no shit, look it up.

        • jamesdeanspenis

          let him have his fun. he's james fucking dean.

  • Apollos


    The Beatles…aka the most overrated band of all time.

    • joeyjojojr

      No, you're overrated.

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Zeppelin

      • hMMMM


        • Robert Plant

          shut the fuck up faggot. we were really goddamn overrated. we just stole a shit-load of riffs from old blues players. there's a reason only teenagers and college kids listened to us back in the day.

      • Bongzilla420

        You must listen to Nickelback.

        • Zoom

          oh for fuck sake, come up with something new other than "you don't like the same music as me, so you must like Nickelback/Justin Bieber". it's fucking old and makes no sense.

          • http://www.facebook.com/mickael.duncan1 Mickael Duncan

            Almost as old as the logic of "I don't like something that 95% of society does, therefore it must be overrated"

      • its_forge

        ^^ That's more fitting certainly. What about Van Halen? Def Leppard abso-damn-lutely.

      • yikes

        Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters

    • John

      go listen your Bieber's tunes

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Floyd

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Paula

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Kiss

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Skynard

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      No, that would be Nicklebag.

      – the one you love to hate

      • asdasd

        Such a troll, she even anti-trolls to troll!!
        It's troll-ception!!!

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Weezer

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Charley Daniels

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Aerosmith

      • its_forge


    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be GN'R

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Motley Crue

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Van Halen

    • Mahoney21

      fukc you

      • I keeps it real!

        No, that would be your mom

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Coldplay

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be The Rolling Stones

      • Rocks Off

        You can't be serious. Even if it's not your type of music you must certainly understand the importance of the Stones.

        • Bob

          which is what exactly?

          they had like 20 good songs in over 40 years of being a band

          • Max

            You've got a point, I see you have thumbs down but no one has been able to say why they were so important. They didn't do anything groundbreaking, they just followed whatever was going on in music (R&B, psychedelic, glam, even disco)

            • its_forge

              Still, they were a pretty good band nonetheless. And of those 40 big hit records they had, almost every one of them had the best first 30 seconds of anything in the history of anything.

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Green Day

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Bob Marley & The Whalers

      • M.Loaf

        Is that the cover band of the Wailers? Don't think Bob would associate with cetacean killers.

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Right Said Fred

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be OMC

      • Pwithc

        Don't be so bizzare

        • bigdeal

          beer-neer-neer neer.

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be The Beastie Boys

      • equalizermax

        No, that would be Kid Rock

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001007025361 John Silver

          No, that would be the beatles

          (what was this thread about again?)

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be Bon Jovi

    • Al Bondigas

      No, that would be def leppard

      • Earnest

        No, that would be Tupac Shaker.

        • bigdeal


    • Monk

      No, that would be {insert random band name}.

    • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

      No, that would be a combo breaker.

    • Ha.Ha.

      Werd. Finally glad to find people who share this opinion. Elementary music will be elementary forever.

      • panama99

        No, that would be the telli tubbies

    • Maynard G. Krebs

      Hey back off I like Right Said Fred !!!LOL

    • t dangle

      I herd that!

      • panama99

        Man, I can't stand Barney

    • Jed

      hahaha, couldn't agree more. backstreet boys of the 60's

    • Steve Webie

      like your face!!!

    • zym

      What might appear now to be simplistic and common place was invented by the Beatles in many cases. And if not by them directly, then in the studio under Brian Epstein's production techniques, many of which were groundbreaking at the time. Bands have been stealing their techniques since the 1960s, that's 50 years of inspiration, while most "groundbreaking" groups of the past few years have been forgotten.

      I guess what I'm saying is…fuck you and anyone who looks like you.

      • Sparky

        Agreed, but to be clear: Epstein was the band's manager, George Martin was the studio wizard

        • zym

          In my rage, I misspoke. Glad tidings upon you and anyone who looks like you.

      • Juan

        Most groundbreaking artist(in Rock history) was Little Richard. Bar-none. Beatles were just the most popular.

    • Akedz

      Quite possibly the most perfectly stated, fully accurate post of all time. I applaud you sir, and grant you a thumbs up, as many times as I can.

    • dcw

      they were certainly one of the most overrated. but the #1 most? eh, possibly…

      • phideauxe

        Has Iggy Pop ever worn a shirt in his life?

    • fggl

      just listen to the albums revolver and sgt peppers all the way through, you will change your mind.
      notable songs: a day in the life, fixing a hole, eleanor rigby, tomorrow never knows, with a little help from my friends.

      • Zoom

        I was there when they originally came out. Haven't changed my mind about The Beatles in the last 44 and 45 years(respectively).

    • blibli

      Apollos- The most Underracter douch ever!

    • crazydog

      No that would be U2, I mean coldplay, I mean U, oh screw it

    • Name

      No, that would be justin beiber, though he's not really a band. Even with all of the people who dislike him, he is still way too overrated.

  • Guest Commenter

    #20 LIKE A M.F'in BOSS!

    • Burb


  • Z_b

    #11 Damn, he was awesome

    • dub

      He still is. He goes by the name Darian Wu now and he serves egg rolls at the Chinese Palace.

      Super quick..

    • MrMister

      he owns Chuck Norris.

      • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

        true story, like it or not xD

        (although REAL true story is far more interesting 🙂 )

      • Spivias

        he was actually chuck norris master
        he taught chuck norris some moves back in the days

    • griffbeats

      Yes he WAS the man. But he would get his A** kicked nowadays in a cage fight

      • Smuggler

        No, he would adapt as he always did. He would wreck shit in the cage.

        • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

          I support this. His jet kune do principles could easily apply to a cage

          • Floopa_Joopa

            He is actually considered the forefather of MMA, because he drew from so many arts to form Jeet Kune Do into what it is today. Who knows how far he would have gone had he lived.

        • PTesla

          Umm…Enter the Dragon opening scene he makes a guy submit in an arm bar. I know it was a movie but I hope you get the point.

  • http://www.facebook.com/babybluealliecat Allie Howard

    Hey! More names, please…recognize most, but foggy on a few ; )

  • OGMrWhite


    Best Bond Ever. Connery is a true boss.

    • hMMMM

      I know he's the newest one and has yet to prove himself, but Daniel Craig had a couple good Bond flicks as well – he's past Brosnan in my book…

      • CapnMFingPlanet

        Yeah Craig is a bad ass, he's the only one since Connery that looks like he really could kick your ass. Not to mention Brosnan looks like firing a gun would break his wrist 😛

      • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

        they clearly show the difference in times 🙂 Connery was way better suited for those "classical" years, Craig kicks ass in our generation environment.

        Just a thought, i can't really decide which one is better

        • OGMrWhite

          Connery is by far the better bond. Casino Royale was unreal good and Craig killed the role, but Connery's untouchable. Connery is OG status

    • BMW Babe

      That's not Connery. It's Mr. Bean.

    • bigdeal

      suchhck it trebek!

      —-stolen from another poster on a diff post of connery but had to do it.
      snl connery is a wonder.

    • VforBatman

      I dont think thats Connery guys. I believe Connery is the picture above this one.

  • t money

    #1 jonney looks like he is getting cock blocked

    • GreyGhost9

      If you get cock blocked by Iggy Pop its time to give up.

      • BloodScrubber

        ^^ that comment wins 1000 internets.

      • Susan James

        i don't give a damn what people magazine(or whoever else) has to say, Iggy Pop > Johnny Depp in every way.

        • Just Sayin'

          A skinny douche who stars in car insurance adverts < The man who re-invented the pirate!

          • KKKKDKDK

            You can't compare someone who's most well known for cheesy Disney films with someone well known for innovating a new medium of Rock n' Roll. In short, Depp ain't half the icon Iggy Pop is.

    • http://www.theanisette.com Daris

      by David Carradine…

      …slow and steady won the race on that one John.

      • Tony

        That's Iggy Pop!

    • its_forge

      Well it's only Kate Moss so it's not like it's any great loss…

  • http://theflintskinny.blogspot.com/ TheFlintSkinny

    #15 Pop quiz, hotshot!

    • Darryl

      Dennis Hopper

  • Donna_Romper

    #30 I've been periodically crying over the last 2 days over this one. God I'm a wuss. RIP

    • llano2

      Oh, I assumed it was Lady Gaga. Forgot about Amy.

      • Burb


      • Mike.

        Everyone forgets about… whatever her name was.

      • Zoom

        it's time to forget about Gaga too. way past time.

    • Kaars

      You're not crying as hard as her Coke dealer… 99 weeks of unemployment, here he comes.


    • Meh......

      Wait…you didn't see this coming? Really though?

    • I keeps it real!

      good riddance, sorry but i'm not one to pity those that destroy their own lives….

      • august west

        seriously, who the fuck cares.

      • Jaives

        except for Kurt Cobain… and maybe Jimmy Hendrix… and Janis Joplin…

        • Delli

          and apparently all died at age 27…

        • I keeps it real!

          no, they can go fuck themselves too. as i said "i'm not one to pity those that destroy their own lives".

          • Zach

            Say that to someone who is struggling with addiction or knows someone who is.

      • nemesis

        I guess that makes you a bit of an arsehole then, doesn't it?

    • renlok

      Someone should have tried harder to make her go to rehab…
      but she said no no no

      In all seriousness she had it coming I'm surprised she lastest this long.

    • Martin

      All the mourners outside her house should form a line. That what she would've wanted.

      • Kane

        I see what you did there

        • gocubsgo!

          …and I like it.

          • bigdeal

            as did i.

      • CapnMFingPlanet

        and I award you two interwebs

    • dub

      They try to make me go to rehab, I say no no no.

    • Marmor

      Please don't be ridiculous, she was a drunk, drug addicted singer, if you are going to cry for something, cry for all the people who died in the Oslo massacre

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1692362887 Fiona O Donovan

      cryin…? no pity for her… her poor parents my heart goes out to

      • 123

        No pity for a fellow human who died as a result of losing their personal battles with drug addiction? Wow, you sound like a great person. I bet you call yourself a Christian too.

      • CapnMFingPlanet

        her parents kept her in the spotlight and tried to profit. fuck them.

    • WhiteVanMan

      Oh no, as if we didnt see that one coming…..

    • That Guy

      when i first heard about this i said it was hilarious. then my wife gave me a look so i lessened it to ironic. so that's my stance now. i feel bad for the parents though.

      • Raymond

        I think that even her parents expected it.

      • NBNBN

        a pussy-whipped dick. you got it goin' on. lulz. and it's "sarcastic", not "ironic".

    • steve

      i'm surprised at you chivers. i wasn't a huge fan, and yes Oslo is bigger news, but still she was a talented human being. Were we this hard on heath when he overdosed? This isn't miley cyrus or heidi montag, she was a respected musician.

      • SffS_MC

        talented? is this a fucking joke?

    • Darkside

      I bet you cried over Ryan Dunn too…..

    • BigDirty

      Junkies gonna junk

  • xxs

    okay i guesss

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Edward


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000919558207 Tommy Jones

    #26 define awesome coolness

    • Klobber

      Paul the Newman…….heard he was a complete ashhole……but yes cool as shit….. which usually means youre a complete asshole.

      • Problem

        james dean

  • Waylon

    #30 is pretty sad. Such a waste.

    • Randy Marsh

      I guess she should have stayed in rehab, but she said no no no

      • ????

        wow, how origonal

    • Kane

      Yeah. A waste of a cemetery plot

    • Darryl

      Amy Winehouse was a waste of skin. The very air she breathed was defiled. Humanity gained a reprieve when she took herself out of the gene pool! The most redeeming thing about her ran down her mother's leg at birth. Good riddance.

      • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

        You disgrace humanity. I didn't care for her music but she was still a fucking human being.. I suggest you pay a visit to a therapist or better yet a psych ward…

    • bigdeal

      whatever else, the bitch could sing. i first heard of her on gossip websites, knew nothing about her..
      we were out once and i head this good song, i look at the screens on the walls and it was her! totally shocked. she could seriously sing.

      her level of addiction is shared by alot of celebrities and were all kowtowing to them. why?
      only because we have the most shit on her from the pics and the videos of her dumbass behavior.

      lets all forget about roman polanski raping a 13 yr old at jack nicholsons house please. lets give him another movie!

    • Reason

      I feel it was a waste as some one so talented throw it all away, and all the ppl which gave a negative comment could only dream of having a singing voice like Amy, out of her depth in the 27 Club, but Amy had SOUL!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000487051689 David Wood

      the 92 people who died in norway , are much, much more tragic than a drug riddled floozie anytime!!!

      • Klobber

        I dont think anyone was making a comparison between Winehouse and Oslo. That would be rather idiotic. The idea being conveyed is that a loss of someone is tragic especially at a young age.

      • McBeastie

        So what's your point? Sure, that's a horribly tragic situation in Norway. But it also has no relevance to the post or the pic on this site. I'm glad you want everyone to know how bad you feel about the tragedy in Norway by dismissing the loss of another human life. Seems real genuine.

  • Bite me

    #3 What a talent…..

    • lame'o

      meh… overrated douche that pussied out

      • drui41

        If talent is to play the same song with different lyrics

        • Juan


    • Chiveroni

      If by talent you mean the guy on the left, and not the whiny douche who killed himself when he was at the top of the world.

      • ush

        my thoughts exactly..

        • Rocks Off

          My thoughts exactly too.

    • Donna_Romper

      Double standard.

    • 99Dug

      Is it just me or does Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) kinda look like Chris?

      • CapnMFingPlanet

        I thought that also

    • its_forge

      Well he didn't care if no one liked his music and he never wanted to be famous. So, y'know, whatever the hell.

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #10 who was Mick Jaggers wife there?

    – the one you love to hate

    • t money

      bro, thats stephen tyler

      • winfields

        don't call me bro, bro

        • t money

          sorry bro

          • JPV

            2 things:
            no self respecting bro would call themselves t money
            paula is a troll, she knew it was tyler, just wanted to get a rise out of fellow chivers

    • NebraskaGuy

      That's Steven Tylor, sweetheart!

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Ah, love it when they take the bait ❤

        – the one you love to hate

        • GreyGhost9

          it cant really be that easy to bait people in. Its easier to be a troll then i previously thought.

          • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

            No no no, it takes years of neglect, having a cat, mental abuse, choir practice etc..

            – the one you love to hate

            • GreyGhost9

              well i am kinda with you until the cat thing. Cats *bleeping* suck, most useless animal ever and the choir practice (the broken nose effects my ability to be able to sing very well)

        • Kane

          Normally I hate your sorry ass, but well fished this time.

        • walrus349


    • Becca

      That's Bebe Buell, his girlfriend at the time, also Liv Tyler's mom.

    • EdWood

      Paula wins again.
      Just too easy.

    • Kirk

      mick jagger???? look at the lips again.

    • Dimitris

      He is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith

  • Doug

    #21 Looks like it would be fun to get wasted with Colonel Sanders.

    • lolol

      hey, if alice cooper's doing it, it's gotta be fun

      • Juan

        he's hung around with lady gaga. you may want to rethink your initial statement.

        • its_forge

          Er, that really fails to invalidate his argument there Skippy.

          • snowbird

            *sigh* forge, just…just be quiet.

            • its_forge

              You're saying hanging around with Gaga wouldn't be as downright odd as hanging around with Lemuel Sanders. I certainly think it would. Remember we're talking about Alice Freakin' Cooper here as well.

    • Bill

      There was a time where both had a lot of chicks

    • Kirk

      you wouldn't go hungry if you got high with him either..LOL

  • Brad

    #20 "Ok LBJ, if I make this shot the civil rights bill passes?"

    • dub

      He looks like he has both feet off the floor, which is against regulation.

      Also, it was a different shot that secured the civil rights of minorities.

      • KitShopGuy


  • EdWood

    That's some old stuff, right there.

  • born2chive

    less Amy Winehouse pics and more "keep calm and chive on" t-shirts plz

  • Irishstephen

    These are always so cool…

  • Blindsided5

    The 27 club needs to stop taking on new members.

    • aleXTC

      For sure

  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 Needs more cowbell!

    • dub

      You're talkin' to my guy all wrong… you do it again, I'm gonna stab you in the face with a soldering iron.

      • griffbeats

        im a chris walken ADDICT!!!

        • CapnMFingPlanet

          you're welcome

    • Zoom

      oy. and people say Borat jokes are old…….

    • jakubwrobel

      And his own Chive shirt!! Let's get this one done Chive!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #3 #6 Curt Cobaine, FTW – RIP!!!!

    • DV8

      It's Kurt Cobain

      • NebraskaGuy

        Oops! My bad – Kurt Cobain (well at least I didn't call Steven Tylor 'Mick Jagger', like Paula did lol.

        • Mike

          And you weren't trolling like he was either.

  • b-ry

    what's the opposite of Christopher Reeves?


    • http://www.facebook.com/denalong Dena Long

      Ohhhh…that was cold. But funny…. 😉

    • fgg


  • Ryan

    Was the last one Amy Whinehouse?
    I needed some headlines for a few of these lol

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