Celebrity throwback (30 photos)

  • wkdfrog

    #14 crowd looks excited!

  • Chad

    #7 and #15 Loved the scene they had together in "TRUE ROMANCE" RIP Dennis.

    Vincenzo Coccotti: Sicilians are great liars. The best in the world. I'm Sicilian. My father was the world heavy-weight champion of Sicilian liars. From growing up with him I learned the pantomime. There are seventeen different things a guy can do when he lies to give himself away. A guys got seventeen pantomimes. A woman's got twenty, but a guy's got seventeen… but, if you know them, like you know your own face, they beat lie detectors all to hell. Now, what we got here is a little game of show and tell. You don't wanna show me nothin', but you're tellin me everything. I know you know where they are, so tell me before I do some damage you won't walk away from.
    Coccotti: I haven't killed anybody since 1984.
    <img src="http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f211/evilvedder/trueromance.jpg&quot; border="0" alt="True Romance Pictures, Images and Photos"/>

    • Mutt

      You sir, for bringing up the memory of that movie, have made my day!

      • MrMister

        how do you put an image in the comment?? thanks

  • Badbike

    #16 is Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin

  • John

    #16 Don Johnson and Jodie Foster. How cool is that.

  • bobbyrobby

    Apollos……..Don't know if troll or really stupid.

  • Lia

    Is Alice Cooper still cool if he plays the West Virginia State fair? 😉

    • jasgat

      I would say yes… But all of my favorite bands are now doing the state fair thing so it's kind of sad.. Either that or I'm getting old… Holy shit I'm contridicting myself big time… ahhh fuck it

  • Dan

    #23 "Bitch left the kitchen."

  • Coldzilla

    #21 oddest couple ever!

  • Jonesy from Wawa

    FYI, #10 isn't Mick J., it's Steven Tyler (Aerosmith).

  • ven

    # 30 ive seen the amazing amounts of compassion that pour out of chivers and it sucks to read the comments about Amy. we have seen what addiction can do to people and whether or not you like her, a person has passed. being anonymous on here doesn't mean you should lose your human compassion.

  • Jimmy

    #30 MOAR! Find her! Oh wait…… sorry

  • P90

    #20 Did you know that they found some blood in her bloodstream.

  • Busternut

    2 pictures of the interior decorator Kurt Cobain? Why???

  • Julieann

    #10 🙂 yay I love Steven Tyler. I think that’s his first wife, Cyrinda Fox.

    • chivchivcheroo

      Even Steven Tyler is trying to figure out who she is …

  • Nick

    #30 IS LADY GAGA, look closer

    • Jack Mehoff

      Not Lady Ga Ga, guess again.

    • its_forge

      Nope, Stefani's face isn't quite as interesting as Amy Winehouse's.

      • http://www.twitter.com/slagger5000 John Publius

        Look at Mr. FancyPants cracking some egg of knowledge saying Stefani instead of Lady Gaga like everyone else would.

        • its_forge

          Not that *she* likes that; she wants to be known as only Lady Gaga and nothing else. She's Stefani Germanotta from the Upper East Side, nice Catholic girl from NYC.

  • Al Money

    #21 I'm too drunk to taste this chicken…

  • Laurie

    Would be much cooler with names!

  • jakubwrobel

    #7 – For sure needs his own Chive shirt!

  • vector1960

    Great post!

  • Tony


    So either this one is completely obvious, or everyone is just acting like they know who it is, because nobody has given a name.

    • Sweet

      James Dean !

  • MOvieman

    #26 is James Dean on the set of Shane.

    • Movieman

      Oops… I mean Giant. Not Shane.

  • MOvieman

    Wow, did I say “Shane”? I meant “Giant”. Darn auto-correct.

  • Movieman

    Wow… Did I say Shane? I meant Giant. Darn you auotcorrect…

  • Autocorrect

    Not Shane. Giant.

  • HipHopHead

    #4 Lauryn Fucking Hill = GBOAT!

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