Blonde hits just about every car you never wanna hit (10 Photos)

  • k.l.

    someone's sugar-daddy gonna be pissed

    • Gutterville

      Im sure if the sugar daddy can afford that car, I think the inurance won't be a problem

    • nice driving barbie

      and guys insurance is higher because??

  • Pat

    Blondie, Why you drive like Asian??

    • Kuba Wrobel

      That's just adding insult to injury hah

    • yu sak

      Pat ,why do you suck dick ?

    • Pat is a loser

      Ham racism. Very clever.

      • hardcoreparkour

        Yea. No kidding. As much as I like the Chive, a lot of the commenters are racist, or at the very least approve of such comments. I guarantee that I get thumbs down like the above comment, but just saying the truth. Get over it.

        • snowbird

          Not racist… just funny motherfuckers… chive on!

        • anonnnnn

          maybe you should go to another website if it offends you or you dont like it. And i really dont think its racist to point out asians are bad drivers. Were i live they are terrible. You move from another country and the roads, cars, driving styles, and traffic rules are different your are gonna have a hard time driving. point of the story is some stereotypes are true

          • hardcoreparkour

            And that's how racism and stereotypes are perpetuated. By people saying, if you don't like it, go somewhere else. Do you have statistics to back up that Asians are worse drivers than Hispanics, African Americans, or Caucasians. Just because you remember Asians as being worse drivers doesn't make it so. And if you wan to go from personal experience, Caucasians are hands down the worst drivers on the road. Every accident I've been in, had been the fault of a Caucasian.

            • Tyrone Shulaces

              Good point, we black people suck at driving too. Especially the sistas always doin 90 weaving from middle to slow lane and back.

            • Them

              So you caused every accident you've ever been in? Props, man.

          • Jaives

            not Filipinos though. 😀 we're the only asian country that drives on the right side like americans.

            • tjk

              Koreans do too.

            • Jack

              You really haven't been around Asia much, have you?

        • Pat

          It was a frickin Joke… How the hell do you know that I am not Asian myself.

          • OC Asian

            Man, I AM Asian and for the most part it's true. It saddens me, but it's true. *buries face in hands*

        • dOOb

          quit being such a bitch. I'm afraid to even look at someone of another race for fear of being called a "racist".

          Are ALL Asians shitty drivers? NO… but a very large number ARE shitty drivers. That doesn't make me racist… just makes me observant.

          That's like calling me racist for saying more black people end up in prison for shooting up other blacks in "the hood" (am I racist for not calling them African Americans)?

          I'm a white dude, and let me tell you… in my experience watching/reading the news, the most fucked up, child molesting serial killers tend to be WHITE trailer trash. Does that make me racist??? I don't think so…

      • Ass Grease

        You are lame.

      • Its a joke

        Same thing as claiming this girl crashed because she is blonde and shouldn't have left the kitchen…

    • SKEWED

      ***Brondie, Y U Drive rike a Me?*** FIXED!

      • bigdeal


    • japa-nice

      we invented drifting. you're welcome

      • randy

        drifting is just controlled crashing

  • Crazylegz

    she shouldn't have left the kitchen!

    • Elbie


      • dave


      • Mister H.

        or under the desk…

    • Mister H.

      best uo to now…

    • Zach

      She was going to the store to get more eggs, milk and bread.

  • Jay

    Details of the incident?

    • Krzysztof Romot


      • DistractedIndividual

        Damn, must have been a good comment if it was deleted by the admin…

        • Travis gremillion

          Fuckin gestapo up in here

          • OGMrWhite

            Damn 143p 20 thumbs up and deleted by an administrator. wtf did he say?

            I'm in just in case Chive screen shots it

      • superpooper

        Comment so epic it gets deleted! ontherun1989 wins today.

    • @bunkerpunkk

      Damn, those cars combined cost is roughly $1,059,000. That is a whole new level of pissed off.

      • BamBam

        Insurance Company: You have just been dropped!

      • Paul

        That’s one expensive BJ

  • Patrick Wichert

    please god tell me there is a video of this!

  • DCV

    That honey badger just doesnt give a shit.

    • Randy

      I lol'd, but how is this related?

      • Gremilsis

    • GDel

      haha honey badger, everyone loves the honey badger

  • Screwdriver

    Ok…..who gave her a drivers license?

    • Bryan

      The guy she slept with at the DMV

    • dave


  • Verbal_Kint

    A Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin and a Ferrari. The insurance companies are gonna have fun with this one. Not to mention the she'll likely be sued for the depreciation on the value of the cars. Holy shit…

    • Beerad

      Exactly — insurance will "fix" the damage, but the car is now recorded as having been in an accident — in effect killing it's resale value. That's $100K in depreciation for the cars she wasn't driving… I hope she loses her license and whoever is keeping her finds a gold-digger that can drive…

    • IronM

      and the white Benz!

      • hMMMM

        not really worth mentioning with all the other cars on that list.

    • mith

      She dosen't care. Hell she has no clue what she has just done. All she's going to do is get down on her knees and do what she does best and have someone else pay for it all.

    • sha

      Mostly just going to be sued, most cars like that aren't insured as within 1-2 years the premiums would cost more than the car. Granted the lawyers involved probably charge more per hour than the cars will be worth. Suga daddy going to be pissed

  • disturbed

    Blonde woman that's also a bad driver? Scandal!

  • gongshow04

    #10 "is the valet gonna come out soon to get the keys?"

  • Tuttified

    This hurts my heart. Being a hottie makes up for most things – this NOT being one of them.

    • truth

      think SHE is worthy of being a Chivette?

  • shaka

    #9 I would like to see a front view, but from what I can see from behind………….

    • Kevin

      I like that girl from behind too

    • zym

      Seriously. Add her to the find list.

    • waltgator

      yeah! thats what im thinking too!

  • jakubwrobel

    Someone should just kill her…

    • keepinitreal

      I know just the method I'd use…I'd let her pick the position though because I'm merciful like that.

    • justsomedude

      what? hell no, why would you do that? It's just money… license rebuking would work (I wonder how in the world did she get a license in the first place…) everyone makes mistakes, I'm sure you wouldn't want to get killed because of yours.

  • Andrew

    Nailed it!

    • Firefighter23

      Just like every car on the street.

  • ACC


    • Pat Overton

      and then punch her in the cooter.

  • snoobs89

    #9 i wouldnt mind a gallery of her getting rear ended.

    • the_junglist

      +1 The girl in black – – Find Her!

  • CarTuned

    Why am I not that surprised?

  • JKM

    I wanna hit her, not the cars.

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    #10 am i clear on the left side???

    • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

      i have failed the chive with the double post

    • GreyGhost9

      Like A Glove-a B)

  • JohnnyRugby

    I want to laugh, cry, bang her and kill her.

    Where was this?

  • olfisheye

    bumper cars…you're doing it wrong

  • grrregg

    Hurts just to look at this.

  • TSM

    #3 #4 #6 Where the hell are they? Looks like fucking chaos

    • dac

      Looks like Rodeo Dr. to me.

      • Brad

        I think it's Monaco…

    • Michael

      monaco.. in front of the casinò

      • dom

        yea, Monte Carlo Casino.

  • acoustrix

    "Did I just get a text? I thought I felt my phone vibrate."

  • Michael Calvillo

    Your doing it right ?

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