Blonde hits just about every car you never wanna hit (10 Photos)

  • olfisheye

    someone should have never unchained her from the stove!

  • sam

    what in the good fuck is wrong with that heifer?

  • Jay

    I feel like this is okay. She was rushing to get back to the kitchen.

  • theonehodge


    I think we're overlooking dat ass on the girl standing…Find her 😉

  • Demon_Cleaner


  • Brad

    Looks like Monaco, in front of the casino. They always park super cars out front of it…

    • jpp407

      now they just park super banged up cars out the front

      • gocubsgo!

        Yes, I recognized Monaco from all of my international gambling junkets…lol.
        If I had a girlfriend that did this to my JEEP, I'd be pissed. A Bentley?
        If my girlfriend did this in a dream, she better wake up and apologize!!!

    • Senor Cameltoe

      It is… That is the Hotel de Paris off to the side in the Place du Casino. I once pulled up there in my Citroen rental car and the valet refused to take it, even as a hotel guest. I was told where the public garages were to park myself instead.

  • Major Rocker

    Blonde? There's your problem….

  • brent

    I'd hit it?

  • HardCoreMike

    Holy shit… what's the story this?

  • born2chive

    y u have no red-headed flbp friends?

  • Spil

    That'd be a Superfecta.

  • PAul


  • Mokuseitora

    #9 – CHIVE – FIND HER (not the one driving)

  • Oscar

    I died a little inside, looking at these pictures.

  • @ADavis41

    Russian mail order bride attempts driving?

  • JarJar

    women drivers no survives

  • tronjeremy

    y u drive? y u no make sandwich and babies?

  • @MrChAndy

    I really hope this was staged…

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  • okawesome

    She looks drunk

  • brian

    y u no get license suspended?!?!

  • Lolz

    Women drivers, no survivors.

  • jaredallas

    So many people act like this is painful to see. It's painful to see some dude smash up his '88 Taurus. Man, last time I was in a car wreck it took me three years to get a new car. Fuck these cars, I say. Fuck them all.

    • Ctr

      Nah that's called being poor and a bad driver.

      • gocubsgo!

        And being rich and a bad driver is different how so?
        I totally agree, I cringe seeing car accidents, so this one is over the top.
        But, its almost worse to see someone bang up a beater – since it might mean that person is walking for the next several YEARS. Rich people should have to walk too, and deal with the insurance companies and car repair places directly…but, seeing as the vehicle is a Bentley, I am sure that will not be an issue. Fuckers.

  • Dan

    Funny! If you've ever been to Europe, it's a wonder this doesn't happen every day. Assholes can't drive.

  • mith

    Stupid bitch…. it appears she's only good at 2 things and driving is not one of them.

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