Blonde hits just about every car you never wanna hit (10 Photos)

  • aaa

    they should bang her to pay for the price

  • asdfg

    noooooooooooo why would anyone let her drive

  • Acl


  • Sean

    does anyone need more proof that women shouldn't drive???

  • Daniel

    Dont care how.hoy.she is, I would never date her.

    • richard


  • Manuboisdu

    Is this Ecclestone???

  • Coldzilla

    #9 Find her?

  • Pani Booyah

    I look at that and think to myself that that is the only time a man can slap his woman with good reason

  • Stephen

    Never shoulda left the kitchen

  • raff

    Looks like Maria Bello

  • guy

    #7 she could back into me anytime!!!!

  • guy

    #9 I mean…..FAIL!

  • dexxon
    • gocubsgo!

      Link is wack!
      Do not visit.
      Piss off Dexxon. Must be the guy responsible for the BP Gulf oil spill – BOO this man!

      • Matt Mulford


  • Birdhaus32

    So she managed to run her Bentley into an Aston Martin and a Ferrari, which hit a Porsche and a Benz. Good job lady, the look shows it all, "What happened?" #10 But I'd love to be the one to punish her. Bend over and take your swats!

  • Edward


  • Critic

    No American cars were harmed in the posting of this post m/

  • Stu

    That'll buff out.

  • Ro'

    I'd of just reached in and took her keys whether my car was there or not as a public service.

  • Koolzguy

    I kinda feel bad that she messed up so many nice cars but man she and paris hilton and all those famous Blondes lreally prove the theory of all blondes just being hot but plain dum

  • Anonymous


  • downfall616

    i don't think a driver improvement program will help her, at all.

  • VIG92

    What an Idiot

  • Patrick Adamczuk

    good job 😀

  • IamWhoIam

    not helping the stereotype(both women and blond stereotypes)

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