Miami’s Fashion week makes me appreciate our Chivettes… (24 photos)

...but I will say, some of these girls are off the charts.

  • chef

  • Adrian Williams

    These girls don't have SHIT on the Chivettes!!!!!!

  • Jason

    Not bad but i will take the Chivettes any day…
    Thank you Chivettes for being so effing hot!!!
    Oh and deciding to share your hotness with us lol…

  • Luis Espinoza Zuloaga

    we have hotter chivettes…


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #17 Yes please

  • Rommy

    Not Good..Chivettes are better.

    bad…really bad to see that pathetic thus..

    bad..please remove this page.. :((

  • Cougar

    Chivettes are much hotter than any of these sickly looking women. Keep minding the gap CHivettes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Penny

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