More mugshots of people in T-shirts that foreshadowed the arrest (36 Photos)

  • Tuttified

    #27 shirt still has price tags on it.

    • Genni

      ehk should still be one!

  • JAFitC

    #4. Paula?

    • jimmy

      too attractive

    • equalizermax

      I'm waiting for someone wearing a chive tshirt…. that will be funny!

    • GreyGhost9

      #27 or #28 are my best guesses for Paula

    • cincy o

      Actually I was thinking more like #21 for Paula

    • b-ry

      must be photos from the last Chive get together.

  • Pat

    #4 Your're doing it wrong!

    • r@f

      #36 ABOUT TO BE. HAHAHA.

  • doodle cakes


    uhhhhhhh, na-na-na-nahhhhhhhhh

    • wordy

      you should get thumbs up for the comma

    • Nicholas Pompilio Paz

      You are literally to stupid to insult…

  • panama99


    I hope!

    • panama99



      • Who Cares?



  • captain obvious

    #2. well duh

  • b-ry

    with the exception of like 3 of these pictures….how do we know they're mugshots?
    they look like pictures of fucked up people…with funny t-shirts on.

    • Major Rocker

      My guess is that most of them were taken by Wal-Mart security.

      • b-ry

        of course it was at Wal-Mart. they're chivers.

        • b-ry

          not me ^

  • DemonDan

    #17 i think he ate the ninja and stole his shirt…

    • huh?

      If you are able to kill and eat a ninja you are NOT going to hear me arguing if you start calling yourself a ninja too.

    • Dr. Gonzo

      Looks more like he molested the ninja and stole his shirt…

  • Brewdy

    #33 made me laugh out loud. I hope he is put in the cells with that shirt on, haha

    • ilovethechive

      prolly in jail cell with #36

    • equalizermax

      Inmates loves shave balls

    • Rob

      He's hot…damn

      • testmemofo

        I agree, I'd hit it

  • dalexmu

    #4 cant even follow some simple instructions

    • Major Rocker

      Typical female…

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #18: I'm never getting a job

    • Save Ferris

      Die you random son of a bitch

  • Daris

    Guy or girl?

    • Fasteddy14

      Reminds me of Bob from Fight Club.

      …Bob had bitch tits….

  • tsk

    laughed at #33

  • Verbal_Kint

    #4 too bad she couldn't outrun the pastry chef…

    • Major Rocker

      But I bet she could catch him.

  • Brian King

    #2 is awesome…

  • Tuttified

    #9 I see nothing wrong with that.

  • Tean_Zu

    #18 Has Neither

    • cincy o

      Judging by her looks, no need of the second …

  • sheoncebelieved

    #34 upside down = dood….yeah, cool.

    • Truth

      Umm… upside down it would be "boob", but nice try,

      • Not Truthful

        LOL nice fail… next time you wanna correct someone at least test it out on a piece of paper or something.

        • rico suave

          both right.. mirrored or rotated to be upside down? anyway why in the hell are his eyeballs so f*ing close together???

          • Mokuseitora

            Its the pressure of the poop on his brain squeezing his eyes together

    • QWERTY

      I'm more surprised at the TM thingy.

  • bclark

    #33 I wonder if he had to pay his cleaning lady $200 for that shirt?

    I hope some of you got that.

    • DannyP

      Best show on TV

    • Major Rocker


      • ijoy07

        What a frittata ( oh, i got it)

  • therain

    I used to believe in freedom of speech. Now I think we should jail people based on what shirts they wear.

    • SkyVader

      Starting with the shirt and tie types on Wall Street.

      • GroundWalker

        How about the Hollywood types/celebrity. They make the big bucks and don't contribute to society.

        I'm not white collar but whoever thinks that white-collar workers are the most evil people on the planet needs to grow up.

        No offense SkyVader.

        • SkyVader

          So, who caused the economic recession/job market decline/dollar value drop/trillion dollar debt, etc? The Hollywood types? Those that caused the Wall Street issues in the past, were brough in by the current administration to "help" run our country's finances. Maybe you should "grow up" and take a look at what's going on the US right now.

      • Truth

        How about communists, like SkyVader?

        • SkyVader

          How about go fuck yourself?

  • Jason

    #20 is the guy from gladiator

    • boozehound

      and blood diamond LOL

      • rico suave


      • Ryan

        He doesn't look like any of those people

    • Adriana BattleRam Garcia

      ….would that count as being racist?

      • I <3 White

        On the chive nothing is racist. Its like the 1950's here.

  • Larry

    #27 – Doesn't matter how old it is, it will always be true.

    • funkrushing

      god i hope it's true

      • Adriana BattleRam Garcia

        Hey, now. Fat ladies need lovin' too. There's some dude out there who really loves the extra cushioning and sticks it to her, no doubt.

  • Dan

    #36 That's gonna change!


    I don't know why, but #17 really cracked me up.

  • captain obvious

    hahaha…nah just another guilty black guy.

    • Republicans2012

      True, all black guys are guilty of something!!!

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