More mugshots of people in T-shirts that foreshadowed the arrest (36 Photos)

  • Drea619

    #13 winnn just look at his face

  • EdWood

    #25. Damn.
    Never really thought of it like that.
    Good idea though.

  • Edward

    #34 Ha!

  • hMMMM

    #19, #20 (among others) – seen a few shops in my time…

  • Colin_

    #34 Classy!

  • Andrea

    #4 Clearly she ate the doughnuts instead of throwing them in front of the cops

  • El Jefe

    #36 yeah you will be my friend. Enjoy your time along with #33. You too will be in for a treat haha WINNING

  • Coldzilla

    Tshirts – telling the truth since 1974

  • poops mcgee

    Where do you find pics of mugshots online? I want to get one of my friend from the weekend

  • William Richardson

    #13 you might not get that courtesy in there…

  • AAO

    #23 Did John Rocker get arrested before his moron moment in NY?

  • t dangle

    stop with the freaking pop ups chive. If i wanted pop up ads i would look at porn.

  • Big McLarge Huge

    meth is a hell of a drug

  • chive sux

    fucking stupidest post ever. you guys really suck lately. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING HQ POKIES???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Raaandy

    #30 illogical shirt

  • Sweden

    #27 LIES, oh the lies!

  • konaehukai

    #29. Wasn't that douche arrested for being a pedophile?

  • Big C

    #15 And probably a dick.

  • qteam3d

    #30 Makes a Wheel of Fortune t-shirt, doesn't know how Wheel of Fortune works.

  • qteam3d

    Also, #24 : anyone know what corner she works? I've got $35 burning a hole in my pocket.

  • franksnstein

    I have been a chiver for quite sometime. I have never seen so many black folk. Not surprising its negativity.

  • Chris Arabian

    #33 don't worry, your manscaping will be very well appreciated where you are going …
    #34 poop, your cellmate doesn't need directions to your pooper, he'll find it … maybe 33 and 34 can bunk together?

    #36 there's always a first time for everything…

  • olfisheye

    these people are all doing it wrong…makes for a great laugh though!

  • GK-4

    the facial expression sells it

  • ben

    Anyone else see the problem with the shirt on #30?

    • Motofoxe

      Yup… Vanna forgot to turn a letter.

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