Russian mail order brides add theCHIVE to cart (29 Photos)

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We all have our hobbies. Some people like to collect stamps. I prefer to spend my free time drinking bourbon and fantasy shopping for Ukrainian mail order brides. I've linked to some of my favorites in the past. One site in particular has noticed.

Browsing has turned to buying for a few Chivers (I'm told) and with some of the talent that's out there, I don't really blame them. Russian women are spectacular.

  • chan

    #7 #28 Wow!!! BOOM!

  • SoCal4ThirtyYears

    MOST of These sites are a SCAM…I said most not all to give some guy hope that one of these girls will come to live with him in his mom's basement and they can play warcraft together forever

  • Tyno Gilme

    #17 #7 Marry me!

  • Scott

    ive always been confused with shipping?? return policies etc!

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