Sports GIFS full of WTF (11 GIFS)

  • Paula_


    Did anyone else find the Chive meetup easter egg on the front page yet? Subtle, shows just a photo (won't spoil it!), of someone who I suppose will be there august 4th…? If so: pretty awesome!!

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG –

    • Bill57

      are you trying to tell us you were hatched from that egg?

      • Paula_

        Ah at least someone found it. Thought this would be all over the comment section by now.

        – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
        — LG –

  • Random

    #4 find her ?

    • MOAR

      Good swing. Just keep that head down, honey.

      • Rory McIlroy

        the fuck outta here….what you know about golf???

        • Tiger (in the) Woods

          Enough, nice women 🙂

    • NebraskaGuy

      Yes, find her please 🙂

    • sixdeadelves


    • Graham


    • MonkeyMadness

      Why? What would you do with her?

    • Valentine Tolhurst

      yes, find her! and that bloke is brave also!

  • kindlin

    #2 #3 #8

    • Zach

      Why is #8 funny? Bad ass, if not edited.

      • ronnie

        #3 what happens when DAR is late

    • Rick


  • Keith Piscitelli

    #4, need I say it? Find her…

    • Grammar Ninja

      Actually, no – you need not say it. Random beat you to the punch a few comments above.

      • Keith Piscitelli

        sorry, was too busy staring, will try harder next time…

  • kingwebster

    That is what you get for planking you idiot. #12

    • ChiveATL

      Planking done right.

    • Ha.Ha.

      Would've been even better if the cart rolled over him after the fall

      • Nicnac

        Her… I think that's a her.

        • panama99

          doesn't matter, dumbass either way!

    • non-planker or fat

      Yes…Yes it is

  • PieceofMind

    #4 & #8 vs. #7 & #11

    Opposites of coolery

    (and just to to say thank you theChive, for being)

  • Cro^/5150

    #12 is what should be done to all planking plankers!

    • Jared

      was that supposed to be puny?

  • Capt. Obvious

    #11 Hope it was worth getting ass rammed by Jabba the Hut to make an ass of yourself in public.

  • menace

    #5 yeah, that's the first thing you want to do with someone who has a potential neck injury is jump on them

  • Dan

    I love #4's little shimmy action.

  • mattythegooch

    #11 – What do you expect on $9 beer night??

    • Ruffestneckaround

      I would expect less drunk people at that price

  • Pat Overton

    #9 – Can anyone see the strike that knocked down the guy on the right? I swear I don't see it! 😮

    • max

      It was a ninja…

    • guest

      the kick before he threw the punch..

    • elbruces

      Dontcha love it when the guy who was paid to take a dive accidentally knocks the other guy out so now he has to pretend he was knocked out at the same time?

  • Urban

    #12 reminds me of the movie Jackass.


      Ryan Dunn?

    • Brad Stevens

      Except Jackass is much better.

  • Capt. Obvious

    #2 This is….SPARTAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

    • nope

      I still can't imagine what were they thinking when they invented those skinny, gay swords…

  • Zach

    #4 Now swing it back to the kitchen.

    • mikr

      oh lucky her it landed in the kitchen! thats where she was headed anyway!

  • Gary

    #5 and thats what spotters are for.

  • Truth

    Pretty much every single one of these has already been posted… here on the Chive….

    • Ha.Ha.

      Stop complaining. You see all the old people on this site? They're just grateful to have internet.

    • Bri

      umm, so what? they are FUNNY! quit being humorless.

  • john

    Lol. What is the guy trying to do in #3?

    • Eddie Olazaran

      Epic Parkour

  • drew

    #6 That keeper's world just got rocked by physics…

    • bree1912

      Keeper? This is hockey and they are called goalies.

      • Mickael Duncan

        Actually, they're goalkeepers, short form is either goalie, or keeper. So lets all just get along

        • bree1912

          No they are goaltenders, nice try though.

    • hMMMM

      First done in America, at the college level. AND it looked sweeter.

      <iframe width="425" height="349" src="; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

      • hMMMM
      • Finn FTW

        Well, this was done in a WC semifinal against russia. AND he has also done it earlier, but never in a such important time and place.

    • Faceh

      This is why Hockey is the world's greatest spectator sport.

      Screw Football, Soccer, and Basketball.

      • ROK247

        if you like to take naps. but you are right it is better than soccer.

    • Vegeta

      I don't know…I said this when I saw the game….while the puck was never above the crossbar, That stick is above the crossbar….thus, it wasn't a legal goal

      • Phil

        Yeah, looks like high sticking to me

    • Dino


  • derka

    #10 you think you have skills, then you see this!

  • jeffurry

    #6 michigan move, i do this sometimes in pick up hockey…goalies get really pissed :-p

  • clenis

    Nice pre-shot hip shake. #4 I want to see more of her.

  • ultimate55

    #6 Medveščak Zagreb, Croatia 🙂

    • Rastapappan

      Err no. Thats is Granlund on the Russia – Finland match 2011.

    • Coldzilla

      Rasta is correct

      • ultimate55

        Blah, then i'm wrong..I remember i saw goal like this one, so here it is..Aaron Fox

  • WTF_burn_bra

    WTF – where is burn your bra for this tuesday? I am missing an important part

    • Chris

      For reals

  • Matthew Rose

    i wish he would of gotten run over, this is the kind of planking videos/pics thechive should show. painful failures

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