Borderline Genius (21 Photos)

  • Doug

    Whoever thought of #10 is quite possibly the smartest carpenter in the world.

    • panama99


    • ROK247

      the carpenter could have just squared off the countertop instead of having it come to a corner, and then the shelves could have been normal. fail.

      • Racer X

        you're a moron…1. it's the corner of a countertop…the only way to square it of is to make it straight…the rest of the house might have something to say about that. and 2…those are drawers, not shelves

        • ROK247

          i guess i could draw you a picture but i fear it would still be lost on you.

          ok look at the sides of the drawers. imagine the faces of the drawers are straight across instead of the retarded right angle. then imagine the countertop goes straight across (cuts across the corner) instead of the right angle. there you go – no wasted space with retarded drawers.

          • Racer X

            and you lose floor space because you have retarded 45 degree angles in your kitchen…where space is a premium to begin with…once again…you fail….but hey…cool story, bro

            • ROK247

              yeah because you are always stepping in that corner oh wait no you're not. derp.

              • Racer X

                can you make it any more obvious that you are ranking your own comments? and you're right…I wouldn't and don't stand there…that's where women stand….and the increased counter depth by making it a 45 degree angle means she won't reach the back effectively for cleaning…because my women, unlike yours, do NOT resemble orangutans.

                • Ehhh

                  People with ID profiles automatically get a +1 when they post. It's just a way to make the "special" people feel special!

                  • The_Dood

                    I find it sad that this has to be pointed out at least once a week.

                • ROK247

                  hey you are right – more counter space and more drawer storage space is easily trumped by a spot on the floor for your serving wench to be able to stand as shes cleaning the back of your countertop. my bad. also, your mother (also my cleaning lady) will have words with you about your comment when you get back to her basement.

                  (fyi when you have and intensedebate account you automatically get a +1 on your comment)

                  • Racer X

                    so my +7 doesn't have any ranking charity on it…cool…which would mean your zeros are…oh…sorry 'bout that….and I gave up mom jokes roughly around the time I got off yours…probably about 9 months before your birthday.

                    • ROK247

                      dad? cool. i always knew you were probably a prick.

                    • HayzeOne

                      Whoooaaaa guys, If you wanna fight, you do it on your own time. In a parking lot somewhere. Not in a school surrounded by books.

                    • Racer X

                      My parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be…I chose prick.

                    • ROK247

                      we are so much alike – i think we would be best friends if only we could get past this carpentry issue.

                    • Racer X

                      and the fact that you called drawers shelves

                    • Ennis Del Mar

                      phag fight

                    • dub

                      Everyone hug.

                • its_forge

                  Yes, my scullery maid Miranda Kerr is quite petite but she sure does look good stretching for the back corner of that counter.

          • j22

            It's a great idea tho for people who live in a house built in the 80s like me and have 2 cabinet doors on the corner. You have to open both to get anything, and when they are open I have like 5 inches in bw the doors to grab anything. This drawer idea, I will actually do.

          • its_forge

            The only problem I could see with that (other than you do lose a little floor space) is that creates a back corner of the counter that might be difficult for some people to reach. I'm 5'10" but the rest of my family isn't over 5'3" and they even have trouble reaching the toaster oven in the back corner of our 90-degree counter.

          • its_forge

            The other solution to this otherwise-dead-space issue is what we did in our kitchen – a three-level lazy susan behind a center-hinged door. You use nearly 100% of that space and you don't have to trip over the open drawers.

    • dingos dingue

      tell me your IQ and i'll tell you if its is genius or not…

    • craigarlen

      there is a lot of wasted space in that design…

      • Billy


      • rollover

        not if the adjacent cupboards extend into it

    • rollover

      jesus? he's back?

      • SkyVader

        He brought his lawyers, too.

    • spacemonkey

      Usually, you just do a "pie-shaped" lazy Susan. Pre-fab, inexpensive and no lost floor space.

    • psadna1

      As carpenter, and kitchen designer- the point of using up that area (that a 45 would use) of corner is a valid point. Bringing out the countertop to 45 instead of 90 degrees makes the back corner of the countertop virtually unusable. It would be about 42" from angled top to the back corner. Even tougher to reach if something is on the counter you have to reach over. That's why there is a 1/2 dozen different ways of dealing with corners, like the above idea (which incidentally is NOT new).

      • Randy Gallegos

        careful there, start sounding smart and you're gonna get your own troll. on that note… i concur

    • nathan

      Personally, I think lazy susans are cooler… you know, the ones that spin.

    • Jimmy Marsden

      I def agree that just seems impossible

    • todd kalanquin

      i worked for a menonite carpenter. that was his trade mark. pain to make

  • yo yo ma

    #1 Or you could just stand them up.

    • etc4779

      Or you could just get more beer….

    • Guest

      No, you can get more bottles if they are horizontal. The only way standing them would allow for more bottles is if you had the shelves spaced just right which rarely happens. If you want to stack the whole fridge full, gotta go horizontal. (that's what she said)

      • Bongzilla420

        Sorry but you are wrong. You cannot stack anymore bottle safely(maybe one) in the shown fridge area. However if you put them in the fridge vertically 9 would fit there easily in the same amount of area.

        • wkdfrog

          THis is a great idea for shelves that are too small vertically to stand bottles up in(not as in the picture) but for thse middle shelves in fridges

          • caleb

            Yup, nailed it.

        • The_Dood

          The best place is always the vegetable crisper… I mean seriously, who uses it for veggies? But personally, I have a fridge (with a little beer in it), and a beer fridge.

      • yo yo ma

        If you stack the whole fridge full horizontally then you don't need the clip anyway.

    • j22

      Still a great idea. much more convenient than standing bottles up one by one. I would do this if my fridge didn't have solid plastic shelves.

    • George1918

      Sideways is better for a few examples: 1)small fridges are too short to put the beers in vertically, 2)some fridges have very poor shelves and the vertical beers would just fall over

      • Brewer

        Real beer (Not bud light and swill like that) will have sediment which will gather on the side of the bottle if stored horizontal and now when you turn it back vertical you have to wait for it to settle back to the bottom again.

        • psadna1

          …and it doesn't have sediment if it's vertical, right?

          • TitoRigatoni

            reading comprehension fail – if it's vertical the sediment is at the bottom of the bottle instead of along the side.

            • Sterling Crawford

              So then where does this sediment go when you tip the bottle towards your mouth, regardless of it's storage technique?

              • Malecema

                you don't drink good beer out of the bottle so it's not a problem

                • HANK

                  Beer snobs are pussies!!!

        • dub

          and Real Men who drink Real Beer aren't too worried about drinking the sediment as part of the beer.

          I pee further and longer than you.

    • Ryan

      just means there is not enough beer!

    • RobTalk

      I think the point of the clip is because beers bottles don't stand well on grate-style shelves like the one shown. I don't have solid shelves in my fridge either and i always see myself laying them down horizontally if i don't have the box it came in anymore.

  • Major Rocker

    Thanks for making me feel dumb Chive.

    • hMMMM

      Pretty sure I'm ready to buy all of these on the next paycheck

  • Pat

    #4 Where can you get one of these?

    • Birdhaus32

      Brookstone maybe?

    • McFly

      $109 DOLLARS!?!?!?! For a pillow!?!?!?

    • hMMMM

      Personally, I put my arm underneath the pillow so that I can have a little elevation in the middle of the pillow (or wherever I want it). And what happens when you don't want to sleep with your arm in that position? Your head sinks down???

  • Major Rocker
    • Major Rocker

      Damnit…..well that's the link for the comment above mine.

    • Pat

      Thanks for the info! But at $109… I think I'll put two pillows in one case with a "Gap" in the middle… (mind the Gap).

  • urinetrouble

    #8 That better be your cooking outfit, get your ass back in the kitchen.

    • Kenneth Johannessen

      HAHAHA! epic!

    • steve powers

      The only thing missing is a stove!

  • MigraineBoy

    Call Of Duty scissors. Aim down the sight!

    • TheBAMFinater

      Don't know why the thumbs down, that is funny right there.

    • 6655321

      What sight?

  • Capt. Obvious

    #21 Playing "Slug Bug," JUST GOT REAL!!

    • disturbed

      Have one. Bought it for the wife!

      • DistractedIndividual

        Want one, where did you get it?

        • wuzzman16

          i saw one for sale in an outdoor catalog a while ago, it was only like $15 and the add said it could be used on bears.

        • DistractedIndividual
          • Factuary

            With these I can be a boreder-line superhero.

            • Factuary

              Borderline (stupid phone)

              • rodan303

                I'm glad to see you guys kicking ass and taking names. There's been a rash of beatings in my neighborhood and I can't help but think if everyone had something like this there'd be less of a rash and more of a tickle.

                • Hercules_Rockefeller


    • ykx55

      bro fist!

    • miles

      great, another "toy" for my idiot friends to bring to parties.

    • Why Not?

      trading punches would be a quick game

    • found it
    • had that

      been shocked by it many times aint to bad

  • chvlvr

    lots of good thoughts here

  • mhtf

    The Japanese are better


      Minamata disease, Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami, The Great Hanshin Earthquake, Hiroshima and Nagasaki… That is all

      • Ken

        But they do have hot Asian women!

        • DistractedIndividual

          Only half of them are really women……That is all

          • hghjj

            and you are another clueless caucasian slut

        • kjks2333333

          latin chicks are hotter

          • NYCLIPPER

            We can all agree to that

          • its_forge

            Latin chicks look like that because their ancestors are Native American who emigrated across the continent from…. Asia. = )

          • phideauxe

            Sheesh – Latin chicks are a major pain in the ass. No thanks.

  • Jerry Chelm

    #21 – NICE

  • sam

    I love #21 really want one

  • Owen Smithers

    Yeah, I see that thing getting grungy pretty quickly. Nice idea though.

    • Dave Gal

      It's likely removable and easily washable.

      • iSexyDude

        Come on, nobody wash their bathroom glass, why would anyone wash that?

        • Ehhh

          Just because you are disgusting doesn't mean everyone else is.

        • Buford_Justice

          nobody has a bathroom glass, everybody just puts their mouth under the flow.

      • its_forge

        And made from silicon so nothing sticks to it and you can throw it in your dishwasher and it can stand the 180-degree water no problem.

    • hMMMM

      How do you figure that thing will get grimy? It's just water passing through…

      • The_Dood

        Water, and lots and lots of little minerals, not mention chlorine and flouride (which I guess are also minerals).

        • ebits21

          And what do you think the inside of the pipes leading to your faucet are like anyway?

  • acoustrix

    #1 #10 #19 #21

    • TylerV

      can we put an end to this? Seriously. At least come up with something witty/funny.

      • JHL1

        Maybe they think we can't see the pictures in the post above?

  • steve

    #1 I saw somebody tried to invent something to do the same thing, but this is better.

    • the elusive

      and cheaper

    • dagnut

      Why not just get enough beer to fill the whole shelf?

      • Jen

        bc you will eventually drink it all!

    • j22

      I saw a similar idea of having a binder clip hold the end of a phone charger, preventing it from falling behind the desk when the charger was not connected to the phone.

  • newscot

    #5 looks like it'd be hell to get back on though.

    • Jeff Martincic

      nah, that's why the holes are beveled on the bottom, i thought the same thing at first…

    • Lowrent75

      I was thinking the same.

    • DistractedIndividual

      Anyone know where to get this?

      • Allenavw

        I'd like to know too! This shit would be brilliant.

      • Randy Gallegos

        found a few versions by googling "self cleaning hair brush" this exact one i couldnt find tho…

    • j22

      Much less time to just pull the hair out

    • Jobiwon

      They've had this for pet brushes for years… it's not new at all…

      • TitoRigatoni

        Yep. Mine is even better, the part with the holes is attached to a button on the back of the brush so it doesn't need to be put back on. Just push the button to remove hair, then retract it. Much better design.

    • phideauxe

      Freakin disgusting when all that oil comes spooging off.

  • the_junglist

    What's "Borderline" here? These are Genius! Possibly over the top, and definitely unnecessary —- EXCEPT #18 — I would find a place in the house for that guy.

    • @erinwillett

      I need this.

    • guest of honor

      I checked it out- 3k I could deal with, but no HD? What are they thinking? How much trouble could it be to change to a blu-ray and HD projector? Too bad- also has iPod dock, all kinds of digital media inputs, and Millennium Falcon remote control.

      • r2astromech

        I own one !!!

        I have had it since it came out a few years ago, I think I'm one of the very few in Canada that has one…

        Blue Ray through PS3 looks great, not HDMI, but DVI.

  • guest

    #7 – Those crackheads were on to something…

    • Kodos

      don't you mean the heroin junkies?

    • Mokuseitora

      There is no spoon

      • Fasteddy14

        Well played…

    • Affe

      Guess you guys all fail

    • JHL1

      You misspelled "on". There should not be a "to" at the end of it.

  • Captlazarus

    #11 kids is for these things us granpappys have. It helps us tune you the fuck out while you're listening to your snoop higgly frog music. Also, I really need those. Come on Chive, be better than the Berry and actually tell us where this crap can be acquired.

    • Catence

      Pretty sure I have this. And yes, it is that awesome.

      I got it at Borders.

      • Benton McGrath

        Borders is closed. 😦

    • Zombie Cyclist

      It's called a "Thumb Thing Page Holder and Bookmark" and you can order them in packs of 4 on Amazon for $3.99 or less.

  • ilovethechive

    #17 is just ridiculous

    • wbuthod

      They make hollow baseboards with removable segmented faceplates. Ugly, but nearly as ugly as this.

      • Randy Gallegos

        i wouldnt put these in a bachelor pad, but in a family home they could work depending on the house style.

  • Birdhaus32

    #1 lost all genius status with that awful choice of beers.

    • Randy Marsh

      The man can drink whatever he wants.

    • phideauxe

      Karl Strauss? Tecate? You shut your face!

  • NebraskaGuy

    I would use #21 on anyone who needs #2 to open their beer!

    • That Guy

      i know. any one who doesn't know how to choke up on the bottle opener to catch the cap, shouldn't be allowed to drink a beer.

  • guest

    #20 Laser guided scissors? How the hell would you ever keep the line straight?

    • Michael Ricketts

      was thinking the same thing. it wont stay straight if you hand moves lol

      • Paul

        I agree totally… Worst idea ever…at least top 5

        • geez

          but attach it to a shark

          • Affe

            At least someone in here is thinking!

    • guest

      got 'em – they suck. came in some promo package for home renovation stuff.

    • genius

      mark the other end and point to it. dumdasses 🙂

  • Bubba

    #1 I thought te invention of beer! That is pure genius! But the clip is pretty clever too…

  • disturbed

    #2 Where do I get one?

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