Borderline Genius (21 Photos)

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  • OldNads

    I want to buy all of these. Links please =]

  • Cecil

    #21 and #5 are so awesome, I just jizzed in my pants.

  • psadna1

    I've got something handy like this. It's called a cup.

  • funkrushing

    #5 yeah, have fun putting that back on.

  • Colin_

    #19 I used to have something like this that looked like Taz from Looney Toons

  • Benji800

    #8 is great when those weak looking stays give out you can see yourself lying on the floor with a scalding hot iron embedded in your skull.

  • Foreverwaiting

    #20 Now thats just silly

  • Bob

    #2…Am I the only person that has no problem with their beer caps?? Things like this seem frivoulus.
    #11…This thing does not work as well as you'd expect. The page still bends over in a breeze. Go digital bitches.

  • top dog

    #8 Is a pretty good idea, because every woman I've ever known love full mirrors…I can't say that about the ironing board though. One out of two ain't bad.

  • evrlozano



  • Coldzilla

    #2 so you replace a tiny bottle opener with one that takes up much more space cause youre too lazy to Police your own caps? 0_0

    #6 Oy…….

    #13 and how often would you use that?

    Some are interesting but some are just……….. really?

    • steve

      by the sounds of it you are/were in the military to "police" something

  • WickedTexan

    /shrug. I just save all my bottle caps til I have a few handfuls then throw them in my brothers lawn when I go over. Makes for good times when he mows.

  • CaptainInsano

    #14 Hello ladies..

  • David Terry

    Can some1 explain what #21 is, and why its so cool? Is that thing in the front a taser?

    • AbsolutDrunk

      It is brass knuckles with a taser on the end. Adds a little extra to that punching power then you get to zap the shit out of the person after for your own hilarity

  • JHL1

    I have one of these.
    I quite like it.
    It is extremely easy to clean. You can put it in a dishwasher, but I just wash it when I do dishes manually.
    It pops on and off very easy, but stays in place. It's takes less time to pop on or off than screwing the cap on your toothpaste. Fits various sizes of faucets too.

    • Hotdog Neck

      What is it called – and where did you get it? I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Humps

    #21, my buddy is a doorman and has a pair. Our other friend pulled the short straw and got put down pretty quick with a shoulder punch. Very cool

  • Anonymous

    omg i want that electro shocker knuckles soooo bad!! gimme gimme gimme!!

  • Rosebud

    21# I NEED those!!! Really bad totally awesome!

  • Richard Rice

    #21 don't need that but want that

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    […] Borderline Genius (21 Photos) (Chive) […]

  • NeilBrady

    #4 is a great idea.

  • steve

    Stumbled upon

  • miek

    where does one get some of the fantastic devices?

  • Wirelesstaco

    Anyone who wants #21 you can buy it here.

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