Comic-Con 2011 had it all (53 Photos)

Via ComicVine
Via Ugo

  • fox jersey

    Awesome pictures!


    some more incredible photos
    thank you

  • Rick

    These are some really great photos, nice job!

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #4 #6 #21 #39 #43 Nerd FAP Dream Team

  • rodolfo

    #43 POW!

  • fadsf

    #11 Bitch please. I do what I want.

  • its_forge

    Holy moley, #21 on the right looks EXACTLY like the woman she's portraying. #32 Jesus Christ there are only about twelve women on Earth that could get away with that outfit and she's one of them. #47 That is a terrific costume.

  • Jesus

    First one is Jenny Lorenzo. Google Geekgasm for videos.

  • ASSman

    #8 Do you think her carpet matches her drapes?

  • rent


    Comic-Con 2011 Photo Gallery : theCHIVE

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