Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • sheoncebelieved

    #23 just spent 1/2 hour watching that…..

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Moar of the pumpin' hump on the right please!

      • Ali Aboard

        Agree, all very nice, but she takes the cake and had the best synchronicity!

        • de ja vu

          It would be awsome to see Lauren, Erin and Willow do that together.

          • thepikeypio

            ^ this guy has the right idea!

  • Finster172

    #23 this is has to be breaking some laws of physics, right?

  • Yessirr

    #28.. I've heard of this… No good, this penis breaking business…

  • HillBilly Bone

    Dude….I don't know if I'll ever sleep again. #28

  • obscure canadian


  • lando

    I've seen me some good DARs in my day, but this ranks up there

    #1, #47, #48

  • Long Island

    #5 Find her!

  • sheoncebelieved

    #44 stupid fake pictures

  • acoustrix

    #23 ❤ the right!

    • HillBilly Bone

      She definitely takes the cake in this pic.

      • joben

        Alexis Texas

    • Hank Scorpio

      The middle for me.

      • whatever

        Tori Black

  • Yessirr

    #46 Hey Dylan, you and my wife have the same taste in panties. In fact, she has most of those.. Y'all should hook up and go panty shopping together…

    • ANR

      They all look like they are from Pink (Victoria's Secret).

  • https://www.facebook.com/CUtigers530 Matthew Rose

    #26 triple fail, the hello kitty camera, the fact he had to prop his arm up to take the picture, and his flabby arms

    • Yessirr

      You're missing the point here, Matthew. There is only one fail involved and that is the fact that this gentleman even chose to take this picture. They ways in which he chose to do it are unfortunate, but merely icing on the proverbial douche cake.

      • HonestChiver

        Nice response!

        Kudos to you, my friend, for not only pointing out the true details of this unfortunate photo, but you did so without trolling and calling Matthew a douchebag, thus becoming the same yourself.

        You set the example I wish everyone else would follow!

        Chive ON!!

  • Kawz

    #40 "to celebrate, she hiked up her skirt and told me to DAR it."

    I have so many questions about the lead up to this photo, but your wife has a terrific ass all the same.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      And she's in the fuckin' kitchen!!!

    • Tony

      I call BS on this one. On many levels. I'm betting this a photo that he snagged somewhere on the Nets and tried to make up a story to match.

      • tineye

        well, let TIneye tell the story

      • scooter

        Nope, I'd almost agree with you but I get to crawl in bed with her every night. She's great… we'll post more. M&M

    • scooter

      Thanks for the compliment. I guess I would have questions too if I saw this. I don't know, I just find her the sexiest when we are doing stuff around the house. She will be 39 in Nov! Our new neighbors (before they met her) kept mentioning that they saw my "daughter" outside of the house. It took me awhile to realize that they were talking about my wife! I'm 3 years younger than her. Anyway, i'm greattful that I have such a super cool, fun, and sexy wife. We will post more soon. M&M

  • EdWood

    I dare anyone to complain about DAR today.
    #39. Just as I pictured it.
    #46. Awesome, thanks Dylan.

  • Tillman

    #23 is hypnotic… must.. work.. ah, the hell with it.

  • Biz02

    #46 – She's going to have a lot of laundry to do….

    • LineHog

      I'll be happy to volunteer to do her laundry anytime

  • Kevin

    #28 It hurts to even think about that happening

    • Lotus

      I bet it looks like a snake swallowing a golf ball.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chance11or Jeff Chancellor-Neely

    #31 that is all

  • McFly

    There is a picture I have been thinking about all day since I first saw it on another site…..


    Please Please Please add this to the "Please Find Her" post on Monday. I MUST know where to get this!

    • Hank Scorpio

      In prior response on page 1, Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle.

  • P90

    #43 #48 Sexy.
    #23 Hypnotic sexy.

  • Dominican

    kobe's reaction in #3 is priceless!!

  • not a clue

    what were they actually watching #3

    • lamar kardashian

      shannon brown dunking

      • Louie

        Do u have the link on youtube that shows why they're reacting to it? I wanna see

      • Damon

        Close. It was Shannon Brown robbing Mario West in mid-air.

    • DrGarnicus

      The Kardashians without makeup!

      • LineHog

        DAMN thats funny!



    • RAS


  • Yessirr

    #6 HA. Group teabagging. Polar Bear FTW.

    • DrGarnicus

      That's AWESOME!

  • Tooch

    Pretty funny you dudes posted Benchmark… Great bar in Chicago. Chive On!

    • John Travoltron

      It's because they're having the next chive meetup there, you jacktard.

  • BMW

    Sexy #7 #23
    True & sexy #36

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