Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.c.rice Richard Rice

    shirt would have looked even better without the skirt

  • putnam120

    In the spirit of #30 I think TheChive should have a post dedicated to people who make their own logo tees. I'm sure there are some good ones out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/damonaco Daniel Angelo Monaco

    #36….does it matter?

  • gels

    #48 wow

  • Jono

    #35 you motorboating son of a bitch.

  • schango

    The prince put pine tar on the steps to catch her, but he only caught her golden slipper.

  • Nathan

    #40 She is not 38. no more than 25.
    If she is seriously 38, then I'm going to stop looking at women my age, and look for women older than me.

    • scooter

      Yep, 38. She'll be 39 in November. She is 3 years older than me! Our new neighbors thought she was my daughter when we moved in! Thanks for the compliment. She loves that!

      • Deans22

        I’d give you a high five if I could, hot damn…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sirboss37 John Orvis

    Where is #6?

  • Anonymous

    Impossible…it’s not a bone

  • MrTNZ

    #30 Bravo

  • Colin_

    #12 #46 The only two things any man needs to be happy.

  • Ian

    #8 No, it's not a very good show, but I'm not watching it for the storylines and the reasons for which I watch will be great in 3D.
    #36 That's a tough one.
    #39 Fuck abbreviations. I laughed out loud at this one.

  • Pants

    #28 any and all complaints about life are invalid as soon as this picture is viewed.

  • Nerd herd 5

    Numbah 5 give us MMOOAARR!!!! & STAT!!!!

  • Deathsoldier11

    #10 "I want to join! I'll just hop in the back if you don't mind."

  • bobby

    #11; i'd do him!

  • mtpuckhead

    I ❤ Dylan.

  • Abrasive_Jay

    #43 MOAR! Damn that's nice!

  • grrregg

    I never get tired of seeing more Dylan. Actually I think we need alot more of her. Thank you very much Dylan, AWESOME. #46 FTW.#46 CHIVE on, your spectacular.

  • Mucaro

    I thought I could watch 23 all day, but then 46 happened

  • p1ll

    #30 #40 Chive on !

  • ross

    I'm at work this DAR was so tough to view with all my colleagues passing behind my back all the time. So many great bottoms I'll have to see tonight. I wanna see this boat gif so badbly right now :p

  • Seldi84

    Genius T-shirts are Genius.

    #1 I've never thought she was cute untill now, i can't put my finger on what's made her more attractive.

  • Richard

    #23 is the freaking best thing I have ever seen on the chive, I could watch that forever.

  • naked

    Really. I mean, just REALLY! WTF?

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