Vote for Playboy Miss Social July 2011

The contest is on Facebook so it’s SFW -Click HERE to vote for the winner!

  • cherylbirch

    Christ. Thank God for Sexy Chivers. Shame on you, Playboy.

  • Cecil

    Given that none of them seem to feel the need to bring more than their T&A to the table, I vote for the nerdy, worthwhile, non oxygen thieving girl not seen here.

  • Stephen


  • Beldar

    #23 gets my vote, but I can only say that here. The link you provided is on facebook and that's all I need, everyone in the world knowing I'm looking at Playboy. Come on Chive, can't you give us some kind of indiscreet package like voting system?

  • Brod

    Playboy is pulling the piss! These chicks are the rejects! Absolute slappers as we say here in Oz!

  • Steph


  • Guy

    Sluts. Love em!

  • Randell
  • someone

    Definatly #23

  • steeb


  • mishway

    # 11 Casper the ugly ghost. Hefs losing his sight……

  • TheGuy

    #9 #12 or #23 , the rest are failures

  • Anonymous

    lot of 5/10s

  • Zach D.

    #7 #21 #23 are my 3 favorites. Now to chose one to vote for. Hummmm?

  • Aleksandra Mandic

    Here is a girls point of view…#1 and #12.

  • p1ll

    #3 is a MILF

  • Daniel

    Chivettes please!

  • Bob

    Are they all pre-op?

  • strangeperson

    #23 and or #7

  • Eric

    #7 or #23
    Hands down!!

  • OneillGabriel

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  • War

    It’s a great selection if it’s playboy’s best looking crackhead…

  • Steve


  • tyler


  • MITH


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