Ahh to be a kid again… (27 photos)

  • Cristi_P

    #6 – instant karma. Little bastard deserved it.

  • http://twitter.com/Poopy_McPoop @Poopy_McPoop


    Ice cream, apply directly to the forehead
    Ice cream, apply directly to the forehead
    Ice cream, apply directly to the forehead

  • panama99

    good kitty….


    All the adults thought it was funny until the cat had its turn with the little bastard.

  • thom

    This belongs in the Sunday post of "Soooo…you got wasted last night."

    WTH is that kid doing at that sort of event. This is why I don't bring my kids to festivals in Seattle anymore, freaks everywhere.

  • That Guy

    #14 i think the dad is trying to stretch out childhood as long as possible.

    • Ozzy

      Your average gamer is in their late 20s, early 30s. He’s just enjoying his hobby. It’s fortunately easy to do with a sleeping kid on ya.

  • Why Not?

    #18 why yes, i did search for this on Tin Eye.

  • swede

    I'd toss that kid in upside down first. WTF were the parents thinking!

    • Ken

      Those parents are lucky that their kid didn't get bit by the panicked cat. Filming your toddler doing stupid shit doesn't qualify as adult supervision.

  • Alison


    It's dynomiiiiiiiiite!

  • Pablo3520

    If there were more #24 these days, we wouldn't have goof-tards like #25.

  • Vinny

    #12 I think that's Stymie from the Little Rascals? #25 BAD parents….BAD!

    • Sn can

      Yup on Stymie

  • None

    #27 Pete!

  • dOOb

    #6 fucking cats…

  • thetaoofamy

    #1 is kinda mean…just sayin', that's one terrified little boy. 😦 GET IT AWAY FROM HIM, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    The definition of awesome right there ladies & gentlemen.

  • BILL

    #1 wtf that would make me cry–they are among us after all

  • NotBillF'inMurray

    Some things can't be unseen

  • Coldzilla

    #18 "Hmmmmmmmm those look familiar………"

  • http://twitter.com/YoungCosby @YoungCosby

    #27 One of the best shows ever!!!

  • Motofoxe

    Used to love Peter. Kid of few words, but cracked me up everytime.
    "Peter was in the hamper, holding a slice of bread, covered in grape jelly saying "I didn't do it"".

  • moeshere foxdale

    #25 Now thats just fucked up lol

  • Chivette B

    # 25
    Who doesn't love a little intolerance in children.

  • RingoKostello

    #12 The Our Gang movie wherein Spanky babysits the gang's baby brothers and sisters!

  • BadHillbili

    #6 Lesson learned their yungster? Now you just have to decide whether to hate them for the rest of your life or become their bitch. There will be no middle ground.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DettaVen Dana Xu

    #1 WTF

  • Anonymous

    #11 Caption this Pic

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