Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • TiminPhx


    She has had a run of bad luck. And my best wishes for her and hers are extended. But you Sir,having such a pretty, classy, and educated woman, shows you to have rather good luck.

  • patski

    #23 your fiance is very attractive. Sorry to hear the bad news, GL!

  • FtChive

    Bailey Jr, mascot of Syncrude.

    • ChiveMac

      Always rides shotgun.

  • DirtyChemist

    she is Hoyt and you guys will have an awesome life together. Cheers!

  • Rob M

    Ok, 45 is awesome.

  • Dan

    I could watch #42 for days at a time. Scratch that. I'll be watching #42 for the next few days.

  • DuzCo

    #42 MY GOD!!!! Best, sexiest gif ever! Jesus Christ CHIVE, you really made my day :$

  • MATT

    #11 #31 #39 #48 o so hot

  • Kris

    #1 I literally did not see that guy for 30 seconds.

    #3 Truthiness.

  • E1

    Beautiful smile, beautiful dress!…Good job dude!

  • david

    #23 Hang in there Leah! you two look great on DAR. Wedding pix? Maybe Chivers would dig some invites…

  • https://www.facebook.com/steve.reinert Steve Reinert

    #5 – Challenge accepted.

    • Emmie Ouderkirk

      Good. There's an ecstatic Chivette, a beer, a grilled cheese, some tomato soup, & a "double rainbow all the way" waiting downstairs for you. This is the greatest day ever.

  • Anthony

    #23 wishing you both some good fortune…it's right around the corner

  • Vega

    Could anyone explain #6? if it´s a joke, it´s a bad one, if it´s not, then that guy is a bear, because as far as I know, we humans don´t have a baculum..

    • Foco

      The penis can be bent in such a fashion that it ruptures blood vessels and causes internal bleeding and swelling (while erect). The broken vessels will pool blood and necessitates emergency care.

  • Alex

    You NEED TO FIND 39 & 48 ASAP.

  • Adam

    Paranoid parrot you're my only friend.

  • Dr. Giggles

    Is #22 supposed to be pointing out a “hot” girl or the chick from “The Ring”?

  • Baker

    Wow! Modern Warfare 3 Looks awesome!

  • Nathan

    seriously though… i skipped the whole thing just to say.. MOAR #11


  • MonkeyMadness

    #1 Ok, what are we looking at here?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dewaldjohan.olivier Dewald Olivier

    where is #2 ?

  • strangeperson

    Respect, to the both of you. Hope everything will work out in the end

  • http://www.facebook.com/august.say.ahuna August K Ahuna Jr.


  • Fred

    #42 just made my tour here in Iraq a little better. Thanks Chive… and yes it means exactly what you prudes are thinking. No shame in my game!!!

  • Steve

    #5 No thanks.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518641202 Emily Ouderkirk

      Good because you're the wrong Steve. That Steve has a sense of humor.

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