First it was the ‘UP’ house, now it’s the ‘Simpsons’ house come to life (12 Photos)

  • Greywalker

    The house was a give-away for a contest winner. I love the idea and the interior is great, but the outside is a joke compared to the show's version. I would have rather some more authentic detail and proportion on the exterior than interior.

  • iflyu2

    Not real sure but looks almost exactly like the one they built in Las Vegas ( well, Henderson actually) about 10 years ago. That one also was given away as a prize however it was resold a year or so later as the winner couldn’t pay the taxes on it. Last I heard it had been turned into just another regular house.

  • Danny

    stupid flanders

  • Rick

    Some people have too much money!

  • Andrew Ward

    I'd rather have the Planet Express ship, but this is cool too. I remember when they first showed this house in a contest, and the Simpsons were still funny then.

  • Allenavw

    My god, you never really notice it when you're watching the show, but the colour scheme in this house is horrific!

  • MonkeyMadness

    #10 This reminds me of the Twilight Zone movie where the kid got everything he wished. And coincidentally, Nancy Cartwright starred in. Creepy!

  • RollerG

    Doesn`t even look remotely like the house from the outside ? Might as well post any random house pic ?
    Makes up for it inside tho.

  • GIngerLounge

    I remember when Mugg rootbeer was giving this house away in a contest too. I totally wanted to win it back then, although now I realize the colors inside would have made me nauseous all the time if I lived there.

  • waltgator



    Where is this house located???

  • WailingFungus

    I remember this!! Actually, it’s pretty terrifying. This remindes me of that time I was in an episode of The Simpsons. . . Salvia.

    I’m just waiting for the the blessed day when some awesome rich fellow builds the Planet Express building.

  • anom

    did i fall asleep and wake up in 2004?

  • fox jersey

    I like this your picture very much !

  • asdfg

    wow i never realised how fifties bomb shelter their house was!

  • Chesty Laroo

    To be fair to Bob, I think his work with readhead posts makes up for any half assery here.

  • @philly_jeff215

    Only a super nerd would build this.

  • AWeiner1989

    This is old. They built one of these things many years ago.

  • Worst Posting Ever

    HEY DIPSHIT HIPSTERS, this house was built for an a&w rootbeer contest giveaway in 1997!. It was build in Nevada and but the winner decided to take the cash prize instead. the house was restored look normal. It has then been sold. Any true simpsons fan remembers this.

  • Low

    Hurray! a repost.

  • IrishRob

    Apart from the wrong colours (or "colors" as you yanks say), the wrong types of windows, missing windows and a larger garage with a different door, then yeah, it's exactly like the Simpsons house *facepalm*

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