Hot girls from really far away (31 Photos)

  • Pete_Mitchell

    Must. Get. Closer.

    • brett

      God damnit Maverick, get in there!

      • Pete_Mitchell

        Too far for guns… i'm switching to missiles.

        • drew

          That was the second quote I thought of.

          The first was Lando Calrissian… "Yes I said closer!"

    • Rapist

      Where are these places where the women are alllllll alone?????

    • Bill

      Mac you so dumb………………….

  • tyler


  • fobss


  • b-ry

    my eyes hurt from squinting at my screen

    • b-ry

      because my sex-change turned me into an asian woman.

      • b-ry

        hahaha…love it.

  • RhodeIslandChiver

    #10 not too far…but still want closer

    • b-ry

      CTRL +

  • zoolander


    • DV8

      This post has to be at least….3 times larger!

      • theoceanbeauty

        Hes absolutely right!

    • Jason Ciotti

      Excellent reference.

    • Rememo

      Good one!

    • @panamex512


  • Alex Segura Balderas

    Haaa I get it far away..Nice one

    • Shiny


  • yo yo ma

    Chive…don't even think of making this a weekly feature.

    • hMMMM

      Actually, I think this should replace the You Should Get Away posts. Image of a hot girl from afar is better than none at all…

      • Captnjack

        Exept the scenery is much cooler in the you should get away posts, and they're in HQ. Also, as much as i like the hot girl posts, i do like to look at other stuff aswell. Another sidenote to that is 75% of the time the girls are so far away you can't appreciate the hotness…

  • larry

    Worst Idea Ever……I would rather see Hot Girls Really Really close up.

    • Yo Mamma

      They must all be 50yrd fake outs

    • JDub

      I completly agree. although does sound kinda greedy since we get FLBP, SC, and Hump Day every week… thank you Chive

  • VinnyJ12190

    #13 That restraining order wasn't going to stop him…

  • AsciiAdam


  • busted

    #30 Smokeshow.

    • ouch


    • Paul

      Find HER!!!! *points

  • ISU Birds

    #30 I think I see nipple.

    • absolutcarcrazy

      That may be a guys nipple……

    • equalizermax

      This is NSFW

    • woot

      Illinois State FTW

    • Lex

      I think I see it, too! Upper right corner, right?

    • Brad Stevens

      I think that's my GF….wait no it's my old gym teacher Mr. Frank……oh good lord

  • Dapper_Dave

    Thanks but no thanks…..I see hot girls from afar every day in real life….I come here for close ups.

  • HillBilly Bone

    Optical Illusion….it's not 3 hot chicks on a rock. It's just one big Paula on a rock. #1

    • Ajay Da Costa

      its 3 chicks on a paula


    This is unacceptable, there can be a duck face in there somewhere


    moar of #7 gap please. preferably, uhhhh, close up you bastards!

  • Dan


    Also, #23 is a really cool pic.

  • Larry

    This post makes me feel right at home. Creepily leering at hot girls from an appreciable distance….

  • kshell25

    #15 Triple Fall in Dupont State Forest, NC?

    • Ryman

      Yessir, I was wondering the same thing.

      • 5minutes

        Good guess. It's High Falls at Dupont State Forest in NC, about 1/2 mile upstream from Triple Falls.


        • WAKESLAYER

          A group of us were there last year and my buddy slipped off the ledge in the middle and was stuck by the tree for over an hour till we cut down a small tree, made a human chain, and hoisted him back up! haha! It was getting dark and cold too.

  • bubba_earl

    #30 Find her! That one…over there. No, the blonde. Yeah, that's the one. Find her!

    • fed

      are you kidding me? the brunette next to her is smoking!

    • Todd

      I was on my way here to say just that…

      Well played.

  • Bless1

    ummmmmmmmm. togtfo.

  • Tomas

    #30 FIND HER!!! xD

  • beeline

    Chive, Y U NO ZOOM IN???

  • EZEE

    How about super close up – like, close enough to see the fuzz on their lower back, or goose bumps on underboob…?

    • too much?

      or fallopian tubes….errr wait a minute.

    • theoceanbeauty

      Thought that was a brilliant idea until Mr. "too much" had to comment 😛

      • too much?

        others seem to disagree!

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