• Jeff

    love it

    • Krusherx

      Imagine this as a half time show at the superbowl instead of the piles of crap we get each year…

  • Josh Gorter

    No matter how cool this vid may be, being lead trombone in a college band doesn't impress the chicks.

    • theederv

      I agree from first hand experience, I played trumpet though. Only drummers get chicks and they get the ugly ones!

      • BentWrenches

        Yes,but the ugly ones are more fun.

        Snare line..

    • Jeremy

      Also, NO ONE uses the term 'lead trombone' or even knows what that means unless you've actually played it.

      Sorry to point you out, bro… just sayin'.

      Lead trumpet in my case, anyways…

      • Fasteddy14

        I know what a rusty trombone is. Your mom plays it well;)

    • Ac33k1

      Your using the wrong pick up lines. Try "You wanna come lube my slide?" Or my personal favorite, " I'm not the greatest man in the world but I can lift a volkswagen with my tongue." Haha by the way baritone saxophone one and only.

    • LIJay

      I used to agree, but a buddy of mine was in the marching band, and, brother, all those people do is practice playing and fuck. He cleaned house.

      • ZachBob

        one of my best friends in high school had bitches left and right. [he played trumpet, i play sax]

    • trumBONE

      One time, at band camp…

  • Lower


  • nick339123

    And just when you thought being in a marching band couldn't get nerdier… Awesome. Represent!

  • jimmy

    somewhere, john madden just fapped to this.

    • drew

      fap fap fap … POW!

      • Spivias

        literal def. of nerdgasm…..

  • jimmy


  • Anjin-San

    The did all this stuff while playing instruments?
    that is impressive… and a little too much nerdy..

    • NonBrit

      The marching music part of it is familiar (been going on for over a hundred years). It's the video game music and drill that is the novelty.

  • Twilightfan


  • Phox

    i have the biggest smile on my face right now!

  • Captain Sahib

    Awesome! Finally some love for Cal! Chive On and Go Bears!

  • Dodge

    Wasn't that Super Mario World not Yoshi's Island?

    • Will

      I think that it's the music you hear in the Yoshi's Island levels of SMW.

  • Bill57

    needs more cowbell

  • John Best

    Pure Awesomeness

  • Russ

    that might be old, but it's the first time i've seen it. that was pretty damn awesome. band geeks ftw.

  • LesterFreeman

    Makes me want to play Mario – but I have to get ready for work….those burgers aren't going to flip themselves!

    • snoobs89

      i read all your comments in clevelands voice.

  • illeazy

    ..Then they all lost their virginitys

  • NothingToSeeHere

    Chills at 3:38 (nerdgasm!!!!!)

  • gaz

    that is moving art right their

  • Zmills


  • Doctah

    i might have just the game after that. this too much awesome

  • Paul

    These are the type of people we need leading our country! Someone give those people a job in DC!

  • glendale

    only at cal lol

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    i could have guessed all of them without the notes because they did such a good job. that band director needs a raise and a cold beer!!

  • Fasteddy14

    I would definitely pay attention to the half-time show if it were always that awesome!!!! Tetris, MK, and Zelda were the best.

  • idj_subs

    i have the weirdest boner right now

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